Thursday, July 9, 2009

It Is That Time of The Year


Which i hated so much and a tiny fear? I don't know whether should i fear or should i be really annoyed cause people will keep talking about it, humming on it, walking the walks on it and even sleeping the sheets on the same blardy topic for the whole entire month.


It's the Ghost Festival. =.= which is also my birthday for the lunar calendar and also my english birthday as how the chinese says it. This time around, both of the two different era falls on one same fated day and happens to be my birthday. No worries, i don't jinx people and i do count myself lucky at most of the time.


  • I have loads of friend and thank god i am born with a cheerful personality, thus the easier it is to make friends. Bottom line is, i am not a nerd that reads all day long day and night which i think people like that are totally lifeless and they are better of dead that staying alove and feels boring all the time then wandering why people ignore them and doesn't even want to be friends with them. Mirror yourself hunn~
  • Even so i don't have a very good and rich to start with background, my mum has also single handedly worked and pay of debts and also to support me and brother to where we are now. I am now doing my Year 2 of TARC and i will be graduating very soon. All thanks to my mum and definitely god who placed such strong and persistent woman in my life and that has helped me through.
  • Here is the best part, so i gambled in college today and hell yes, we can gamble publicly in college. i still remember those days when i was in high school, we gambled too but we used to swipe down all our cards whenever there is ANYONE that walked past our class cause if we were caught gambling, we would have consequences to bear with. Then i played with the besttie and we get to win in all sorts and kinds of weird and farking funny situation. we really laughed our ass off for today. REALLY.

Ok~ so that has got nothing to do with me being lucky. blueks~ Anyway, i love Ghost Festival cause it is my birthday and i hate it too cause i will be flooded with ghost stories through the whole month, maybe ghost emails too and to begin with i saw "Michael Jackson's Ghost" in YouTube! what turf can!!


fluotone said...

happy birthday VP :D
where's the party at? hehe..

Victoria said...

Floutone::Not yet la~ and it shall be at graveyards! Lolwtf wna come?

fluotone said...

For a friend, I wouldn't think twice :)

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