Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rumours and About

The lack of updates are all due to the 12 assignments that are needed of us to finish all up and by this point of the time, i am very sure that all of you is thinking " Go do your assignments, bitch! Stop updating the same thing!"
Meh~ I will still update cause blogging and mostly writing is still my thing, my love, my passion.

One thing I know for sure is that this semester really really come and go at lightning speed. You know people say that, "Happy moments happens in a blink of an eye, so cherish it!". Okay~ No one said this but Victoria Poh alone. LOL~
All thanks to wonderful classmates that brings some of the assignment stress off but joking around real wild, just the way i used too. Loving every moment of it, okay~

I realized that i have been sleeping way too lil and i became a binge and am despo-ing to be as thin as possible, which leads to me not eating at all. Am seeing result though, so heck, i am still going to continue this.
Was looking through cuzzie's Facebook and realized that they take alot of pictures together and i think that our class should start optioning Vanity and cam-ho more! For memories la kan~

I wanted to talk about the rumors but heck, tired already, eyes wna close~ till then~


TheJessicat said...

*bighugss to mui*

fluotone said...

You got that right yo! Go rest and do your assignments !@!@%!@#%! :D
jia you!

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