Sunday, July 12, 2009

"I'm Not Going To Buy You Anything Even If You Asked, When I Grow Up"

When i had finally take break of my Guitar Geek and finally resorted to my studies, i just can't concentrate. Moreover, i had cover ALL the things that were taught and also things that has NOT been teach, technically, I am more knowledgeable than the rest! Lol what turf, joking only peeps.

Looking down at my feet, i count the days that went by from the last day that i trimmed my toe nails and I cant think when was the last time, should be awesomely long ago cause my nails are fugly in shape but it has regained it's pinky color cause i have not been using polish on it for quite some time now. While i was trimming it, i remember how last time when i was in my primary days, without fail, on every Sunday night, it will be our "Pack Everything Nicely" night in preparation for school the next day. My brother and I will take turns, from sharpening pencils to sit in front of the timetable stuffing books into our bags to trimming nails.

Mummy was a very particular lady and she doesn't want us to shame her and obviously she does not want us to shame ourselves too. No doubt, we are not rich but she'd make us prim and proper in anyway she could and would. I used to hate to pack our books for the next day cause i have to pack mine(obviously)and also pack my brother's as well, cause he can't read the timetable. He was two years younger than me.
I remember very well that i used to love end year, where mummy will drive us to Kajang's Czip Lee bookstore to buy our new semester books. Being a book lover, i would be extra thrilled! Though it is only textbooks. Mummy knew that i love books, not really the reading part, but she never stinge on getting me ANY books that i wanted. Then there were the wrapping book part and YES, mummy hand wrapped ALL BOTH of our books all by herself when we were in primary but the duty was handed over to me when i went into secondary. LOVE IT!! I love the feeling when i wrapped the books, i know that the books will be in super good condition eventhough till the end of my semester.

I love my childhood in certain ways and hate it in certain ways too.

Last Saturday, i went to Econsave to do some grocery shopping with mummy and i saw the cutest wanderer ever! I was standing by the sidewalk with the overloaded trolley waiting for mummy to select whatever she wanted and i saw the cutest most comical boy ever. What drew my attention onto the boy and his mother who was pushing the trolley was because the boy, should be at an age of 6 y.o, was sitting in the trolley ONTOP of a bag of rice! I remembered how mummy used to scold me for even walking over the food laid on the floor and now~ this boy sits on it!? what turf can! Lol~
He was comical cause he was chattering a lot! I can't really make it out what he was saying at first cause it was in Mandarin but later on i get what he said i cant help it but to burst out with laughters, ajorned with the laughters of his mum too.

"Teng wo da liau, ni jiau wo mai seme wo dou bu yau mai kei ni"
"when i grew up, i wouldn't buy anything for you eventhough you ask for it"

was what they boy said to his mother!!! I was surprised that the mother was not in rage but was laughing her heart out! LOL~ Cute aint' it!?
If i were to say like that to my mum, i would have got canning instead of laughters though i feel that laughters are worst than canning cause mocking is more hurtful than getting canned.

Awhile ago, i told my mum about this little cute incident and she burst out laughing too! FYI, she hate small retard kurang ajar kids like that but SHE LAUGHED?!
And she said, both of us, me and my brother, had never ever behaved in such a way before! SEE~ I am a good kid ok~

Can i not grow up??!

p/s: i already did and that was a stupid question, i know.


Evelyn G. said...

haha, the boy is cute la.

Hmm, i never say like that to my parents before too. =x

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