Saturday, July 4, 2009

MSN DickHeads

I know that i don't blog as often as i do last time and i shouldn't make my small comeback with a rant but WITHOUT this incident, thus i wouldn't be blogging today. You can either choose to read or just shut up and not read. Yes, will be filled with all words cause i don't want to disgust myself to my own blog if i post this dickhead's pictures here.

My MSN isn't that confidential at all since i post it at my Facebook. Ok~ ONLY at facebook. And maybe Friendster? Yes, i once Friendster-ed, but i gave up on it now cause it's just so boring. Adding and got added by people that i don't know. Fond memories were built there with a Sabah chic that i have not met before.
So yea. Long ago, think it was two years back when i still Friendster, someone that goes by the name Toro88 added me up. I am the kind of person that i will just approve and i don't stream friends, cause if i do stream then what is the purpose of me having a Friendster account if i were to mix back with the people that i know, right?

Then this Toro88 added me on msn. Now remembering that i HAD NEVER EVER posted my MSN there before, so how the heck he know my MSN shall remain as a mystery even to myself. I am all obliged for new people to add me up just for a chat or you just want to pour your heart out to a total stranger you do not know, then that is fine with me as long as i am free to hear your heart out. Cause i treat my MSN as a platform to stay in contact with friends that i made all this 19 years that i live and i heart them ALL. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of rooms for new mates, maybe i could find my soulmate too. Lol what turf, back to the story.
Toro88 started his very first conversation by saying "HI" to me and i replied in the same manner, thinking that this must be someone that i know cause he did not put a picture and all i see was the old msn's blue man.

The conversation for the day went on and on aimlessly and quite useless, to me, which was about how sad he was not having any girlfriends till this day. I assume he is 19 years old too at that time cause he said he know some of the people that i know but i pretended that i did not know them when i was talking to Toro88. Then got quite fed up with his whining of the same topic after 3 days(yes he chat with me for 3 days continously), i then asked to have a look at his picture. Here, i have to note that i don't make friends by looks, i made friends with ALL that i feel that i can click with. So, he told me that he actually added me on Friendster and so i went and checked. Terrible, fugly looking, trying to be goth but failed boy. Instantly the word "DESPO" and "INSANE" filled my mind, but i continued convos with him through MSN for a week, daily that is, on the same fucking NO-GF topic! Mahai! Not my business!

Suddenly he said that he actually seen me in real life before! Then i went like "what turf! since when I see you before! ninaubu, don't pretend close lo" in my heart la. What shocked me most is that, he CLAIMS to be my first love, Teck Yuan's cousin!! *shows middle finger* You think i wouldn't know my then bf's family members ar?! I was with him for blardy 2 years ok! I have seen and know everyone in the family ok excluding those that had passed away that is.
Trying to play along, i said "No way! I don't believe, ok then you tell me what is Teck Yuan's surname, then i might believe..", and knowing that wouldn't solve the mystery, he KNOWS Teck Yuan's surname. Predictable. If Toro88 were in the same high school with me then he would SURELY know me and my then bf, cause we were like the two most popular person that who happens to love then be with each other, we were like the Super Couples then. xD *slaps self out of memories*

Not enough with the claimings, he even "screwed" my mind by saying MY surname! Yes! My blardy no-one-knows-or-remember-surname cause it was said to be "unique" then. I was so awestruck that i feel it is creepy so i stopped talking to him since then. But he kept "HI" me everyday without fail and all i did was just scroll my mouse to the top corner right and press X. End of story.
Weeks later when i went out for outings with my babes, the high school babes, one of them asked me whether i know Toro88 or not! Whether you believe it or no, i felt like i was in some horror film entitled "Invisible Stalker" something like that the moment she mentioned the name. Then i also cuak and tell her all about it, which then she told me almost the same thing. The part where Toro88 knows and is Teck Yuan's cousin. This babe of mine was closer to Teck Yuan than me to him cause they were schoolmates since kindergarten, so i asked her whether the "cousin thing" is true or a make up. She blardy hell said NO ok~


After a year, he still continued to "HI" me till today where i have made up my mind to give him a piece of my mind. Though a single "HI" on the MSN would not cost me money and all i can do is just a scroll and a click but hell, you messed with the wrong side of Victoria today. I think i am PMS-ing, fyi.
He "HI"-ed as usual. Then i replied, "Can you stop msn-ing me?! I don't even know you and it is annoying ok." *shows middle finger* He then replied, "LCLY. Fuck" -_________________-
My patients has it's limitations! He was the one harassing me with all the MSN spams for all this years and now just a piece of my mind then say i LCLY and fucked me!!?


*ps: my replies ahead would be a very offensive one, so please be ready heart soul and mind and feet and hand and whatever if you wish to continue. thank you.*

My replies was::

"What turf! suddenly say i LCLY! C'mon, i don't even know who the hell are you and you have been a spammer to me for all this years. Don't you get tired of it? Hell! Ni nau bu ar, come here and talk na sai with me about Teck Yuan all, you think a give a two shit piece about you ar?! Ma chow hai! Go fuck your own pussy la, oh wait, should be dick but OH WAIT, you don't have one right cause you cry not getting a gf for all this years! I pity you. Have you ever thought of surgery done to your thick and fugly looking face?? That might help you know, not towards me but for chicks and ah gua at chow kit. Ni nau bu ar, don't ever MSN me again else i asked Teck Yuan and his gang to beat you up. Nabeh chow lan jiau ar~"

The moral is, never ever made Victoria Poh angry on her coincidently PMS-ing day. I AM a nice person ok~ Don't judge me according to how i replied to Toro88, that i just blardy pissed off even when i HAVE to type his name. Ok, to safe my own arse, i have decided to paste his picture here!


*after half an hour find and three friend's pages*



Nigel Tee said...

woots! yes dont pissed my lover off! LOLZ!

and he is ugleh. =_=

Victoria said...


Unknown said...

pardon me vic! *vomit*..damn ugly sial

CWKen said...

wah i scared of voxy liow.... dunno whether i shud meet her, is cared she'll kill me LOL

Chester Chin said...

the pic spooked me out...

Unknown said...

r u sure that same person?

Victoria said...

Jackie:: I know!! but if he sikap ok then never mind la right~

Ken::Puhlease~why would i wanna kill you?! You're not annoying kan!? At least not to me right~

Chester::lol! ok you're comment made my day! I shall post other post real soon so that you have something not so spooky to see!

Spectre::YES! I shall never ever forget that face! why yea? you know him? Tell him that i hate him!

metalpanda said...

ouch, when i first scroll to the bottom of the page and c the pic, i dont even know is a SHE or HE ler. hahaha

Duanloves said...

Isn't that a girl?

Victoria said...

MetalPanda::*high5* now that you mentioned it *looks at the picture* *pukes* NEITHER DO I NOE! lol~ but it's boy la~

DuanLoves::Duan, ROFLMAO! It's a boy.

Shuuu said...

wow hes ugly. Sort of looks like an ugly girl as well LOL. damn fail. good job scolding him, he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

walau.. stalker... -.-
face also like one kind.. lol =P

Anonymous said...

What the fuck?! Fucking ugly man. Yeah,precisely he have no gf to kacau then come and kacau you. Good reply to him!!

Victoria said...

Shuu::don't you think i am abit over with the words~feel abit bad now but i was irritated thats why.

Kenwooi::LOL exactly! if not how to stalk! LOL~

YingZi::hehehe~ sigh~ prays tht he will stop it!

Evelyn G. said...




omg, his emo look so fail la...

Linda Chantelle N. said...

dai seiii...
no wonder he got no girlfriend. :P

Josh said...

This kind of look... I think only blind girl will fall for him lo

kim said...

awwww vox! he is fugly lor. chill girl ~

michleong said...

I think you should have just blocked him. haha. that's what I do. lol. and he's ugly alright. is he even a guy? looks like a girl to me. lol

aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~ said...

what the heck!!! reminds me of my past experiences too. he deserves being portrayed as a stalker. and yes he's f***ing fugly.

Unknown said...

damn! that picture scared me abit... yikes!

michaelkon said...

oh my gooosh...hahah...what a person...

Victoria said...

YennieDoll::YES! FUGLY is the right word.

OnLyda: hahahaha! you got a point there! weird face + weird attitude = SINGLE FOR LIFE! xD


aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~:: O.o so i am not the only one!!!! Goodness! I feel for you! I meant i know how you feel *huggies*

Dylan::sorry for scaring you but i tot it would be so boring if i talked 3 pages of him and you all can't imagine how fugly he is!


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