Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lo Que Soy

Which means "this is me" in Espanol.

What intrigued me to do a post as late as tonight is due to what i read just now. And here is just me expressing what i feel as to what you has expressed how you feel. If you have the feeling that i am talking about you, then bear that in mind, cause i ain't going to say it twice and i ain't going to change who i am just because you dislike it and just because i dislike her, that i have to change.

I have changed a lot and by the means of a lot, it is really that that fucking hell loads! And due to what? Due to "all" of you! I know you feel weird and hard to do in between of us but like i said, i can't just plain blardy ignore her. But i can't blame it all on you cause, c'mon, how long have you known me?! A year right? and that isn't enough to know the real me. I do show it sometimes and honestly i showed most of my real me in front of you and you just don't get the drift, don't cha?

I once remember that you said blogging shouldn't be a place to name names and i follow suit and hasn't been naming names since then. But sadly, after looking at your post, you don't do what you preach huh? On the same issue, you naming others hypocrite, aren't you one either? And a very big one too~ Sorry to say but i really feel sad, like super duper sad that i saw that post of yours. I knew how you felt about all those all this while but hell, do you really has the needs to post it out? Our secrets? Our blardy hell secrets that i told you so much just because of one word, TRUST..

Surely, you can say and post and feel or think whatever you like, i have no say on that. You said that i made you gossip, did i use a gun and aimed it at your head sueing you to gossip? NO! I obviously did not right? I think that i know you more than you know me seriously..
You think i did not see your face the other day? The day when survey forms are needed to fill out? C'mon, you expect me to do all the shame things like walking up to strangers and asked for surveys?! And you just laid back there and chillax?! HELL NO! You got a thin skin and i can swear to God i have thinner skin then both of yours piled up together.
Hell! This has been long in my heart. All the shit things that you all don't want to do, you all chuck it to me and then claim credits for it! You think i am what?! Your damn blardy foc maid ar?!

Seriously, this flaming back to back is really aiming to no where and is just a blardy waste of time. So i shall stop here cause it hurts, hurts so much to be betrayed so to say by someone that i trusted so much and to all the time i thought that she will be by my side 100%. Conclusion, she sits on the fence and i hate that.



amelia said...

i have been sitting on the fence since very long ago i tot u already know cuz when did u hear that i really hate 1 of u before and i always say i wan to be good back with en that is already large hint that i have been trying to tell u. AND IM NOT SAYING U HYPOCRITE. in the whole blog im apologizing to u both and admitting that i am becoming a hypocrite cuz i really feel bad, i always leek out secret of u and en, means i did gossip of u sometimes and feel GUILTY of gossiping u and leaking some of ur secret. and u say u understand me??? haiz... i tot u will understand what im trying to express but in the end u get angry like what i have expected in 1 side of my mind and the other side is really hopping this wont happen cuz i really wish u will be able can understand me. and i write in my blog cuz i know, no 1 will read my blog other then u and en, and that's the purpose why i write there. u should know my character and u know u cannot aspect me to confess in front of u and say sorry in front of u type of person, so i tot of writing it out. that's all i wan to say just hope u can understand but if can then i cannot do anything also since its already done

fluotone said...

firstly, the dude up there doesn't have very good england leek/aspect/yadda-yadda... I have to say, I almost died.. T__T

and I personally don't think one needs to change just because of others. Just be yourself dawg!

lastly, vent vent.. let it all go then remember to take deep breaths and calm down or else u going to shit green again..(which would be weird) LOLx :)


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