Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today Marks

The first day of August! Hey there August! Finally the most hated month past, in which i don't know why i still hate July though the thing that i hate is on my birthday itself this year what turf.
Let's see how i spend my day today welcoming the first day of August.. Well well, i woke up to find that my mask is no longer on my face but was lying on the floor with the whole face feature mask there and scared the shit outta me, thinking who the fuck is that, only to realize that HEY! MY FACE!

Yes, i feel so so clean this morning when i woke up! Don't you all LOVE mask!! I love them to bits! How wonderful those awful to touch mask could do to your face! I am now an inch whiter cause i slept through out the night with it which is prohibit. Then i went to the early wet market accompanying mummy and my face got DIRTY! what turf! All those stupid motor-ians! Can't they just blardy get down and walk?! If they really cant, then can they just change their blardy pipe to something smaller and to something that does not exit so much of fumes??! Nabeh! I hate going to THAT morning wet market now cause people are getting more and more lazy to walk and they are even more and more lazy to even to bargain for cheaper price! what turf sia~

Went back and slept again! Lol~
Nevertheless, 1st of August also welcomes the birth of my dear besttie! So going to celebrate with her next Monday with a bunch of hell crazy peeps, i just hope that everything goes well and ends well. Hell scared of World War 7 ler~

*olded* LOL


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