Monday, August 10, 2009


I so can't think of another title but to this song that i am listening to(oh wait now is Can I Have This Dance)and i can't stop thinking how much has changed! From the first time that i laid my eyes on you, you looked so demure and sweet and, easy to say, unevil wtf. But as time pass, true colors of you revealed. Colors that i still persevered on for many many reasons and one of the many many reason is the simple reason of "i still want to be your friend."

Okay wait, got two, or should i say rephrase, "I still treat you as my friend". Rephrase again,"You're still my friend".

See! How many times of rephrasing and rechanging the order of the sentences, it still brings the same meaning, the meaning of I CHERISH YOU. Sincerely, i had never ever like they way you act. After much going head heel with us, i somewhat feel that you're trying way too hard to be like us. To be someone that you're not. To be someone that it turns out to be the type that i dislike. Not hate, just dislike cause everyone is different and i so don't have the power to hate this and hate that.

BattleField. Yes. Is what i am feeling right now! It's everywhere. Be it in relationship, studies, spiritual field, with parents and even with siblings. All i heard this days are "Damn hate lo~", "Dulan him/her la", "Boh suang la!!" and yada yada the list goes on. Not that i bother much about who you hate and whatnot, but when you want to come to me to release anger, i will always be willing to lend a hearing ear. I am not kepoh okay wtf.
But question is, who listens to me?

Another day ahead. Another challenges awaits for me to break through.

ps::butt and leg damn pain! T-T


fluotone said...

Life is a battle.. But we're born to succeed and not to fail no? :)

have a great day

Victoria said...

Yes! and i shall be the one that succeeds! YESHH!! ^^

You too floutone!

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