Sunday, August 16, 2009

To Compensate (People I Love)

okay so i got something to blog! yeay! As i was growing through my facebook pictures and was having a zen moment there looking back what i had been through with the new peeps and thinking back what a hell time i had one year back and that was just so not me. I hate being ignored, i hate the feeling that people betrayed me and obviously i hate people that betrayed me to bits. I hate even more people that befriends me for a reason, what ever that would be, you ain't going to get any from me. Cause i am smart to know that wtf.

Obviously the people that i love a lot and cherish and am going to post in photos later on are not in order as in who i love more to the who i love less, nonsense, no such thing. All equal cause all also equal good to me like that. Love as in friendship love ok wtf people don't get the wrong idea and i am going to make sure people that are posted here get to see this post. Hehehe~ to pscyho them! LOL.. Now~ here goes and i did not watermarked all the picture cause i don't want la and so people who i caught steal my pictures(except my that own circle of friend)are going to court with me wtf. LOL


This is my besttie, Amelia.
Yes, she made a lot of my days! Be it from a happy day to an angry day to a crazy day to a silent day or to a day when i kept humming on how fat i am and the things that i want to do to lose weight but seemed like not working and i still hummed on it non-stop,(catches breathe) she is still there for me!

This is Choong Wai.
The most vain and at times self-emo guys i had ever ever came across. He changes mode way too fast, he will emo within this hour and he will turn into some vain pot that keeps saying "I am very man" and does the erhm and he then talks in his most manliest voice ever. Oh~ he also owns the title Sleeping King. He sleeps most of the time, well, when he is not in the mood to talk to me that is. BUT! He gets better results than me wtf.
Did i mention that he is SINGLE? LOL xD

Below two picture are people that you had seen and i just want to post cause we are like the camwhore besttie like that wtf
(and i look stupid)

hahah stupid right??! I cock my head one side wtf

Must post this cause i look pretty like that wtf!

The another guy that you all had not see before is Lim and the another girl is En.

I kinda hate Lim cause he always call me stupid and called me WTF for no apparent reason but what the heck, his stupidity and his china looks usually cracks me up, even when i am having the shittiest day, usually also because of him la cause he calls me stupid. T-T

This is Joyselin.
This girl is uber fun and and i used to hate her cause i used to hate her then boyfriend but that was then which means now it is called her ex boyfriend which also means that she is single and that also mean you all guys have chance la wtf.
She cam-hos way way too much and i think i have to give her the title Camho Queen and i have to retire! LOL
(me loves this high angled photo!!)

Then the following pictures are the very first outing that i had with them and that is to celebrate my besttie's birthday!! I love my besttie lo~ now aka my bisexual boyfriend wtf! LOL~ xD


This is Wei Gen.
Another guy who cam-hos a lot! Aiya give you title Camho King la~ Lol
And he like to brush my hair and say my hair soft but actually not soft la so people, you all not allowed to do so okay cause i am quite sensitive with people touching my head. hehe~
(we cant bend legs cause we were having skates on and i look retard so shut up)

This is Yee Xuen.
Super besttie with Wei Gen and yes, cam ho alot also. She is sweet and i had the hardest time remembering her name and i usually messed it up with Wei Gen's name at first but now no more! And although this picture looks like we had something, yes, the friendship something and i am straight ok wtf. She like to do the " hee hee" face like me! xD

The Camwhore Quads~!!

US at the end of the SKATING DAY!

Us and many more outings to come!


Lyle Gogh said...

amelia looks like your twin

superwilson said...

how come u look so diff!

it must be the hair..

Victoria said...

serge::hahahahha~~~ she got nicer body weh!

superwilson:: i looked different?? you saw me in real before meh? or i look different in some pix??

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