Thursday, August 6, 2009


Woke up to the coldest side of my bed this morning and when i pee my morning pee, the pee just don't want to come out and my brother say that it is frozen inside due to the morning cold! Lol what turf! xD

Early class today but we went out extra earlier today cause mummy ditch exercising for the day and prepared earlier to go out, too make up and get ready, she needs 45 minutes! So beh tahan! I wonder how long would she take if she ever had the chance to be Beauty Queen of The Day. But i can forsee that the management will tell her that she can just pack and go back cause she is wasting their time, ALOT.
Half way down the road, traffic was so heavy that no car moved and stayed at its place for the next 5 minutes or so. Yes, it is that that very bad! Fearing that i will be late for class, Mummy kept asking whether will i be late or not, and that is annoying, knowing that she care but somewhere deep down under it is damn annoying can!
Imagine some one keep asking you the same darn thing every 2 minutes after you had given your answer, for pass 10 minutes~ fanh lo~

But i reached college on time thank God! Turns out that there were two accidents. Happened on the same day! Jia lat not!?
Blahblah blahblah~
Too tired sorry~ Goodnights all!

ps:: why guys like girls with long hair??! WHY?!


yinkoon said...


at least you reached the destination. =)

and depends on what long hair you were saying. how long is long?

but definitely not many girls can take the style of short hair... it makes them look like guys...

imagine guys kissing his girl thinking it was another guy... yuck!

DISCLAIMER: but it was just me... maybe other guy different point of view...

Victoria said...

LOL Yin Koon!

Anonymous said...

O.o haha a guy kissing another guy..... Vic means i pro le. I can take the style of short hair hahaha and still look okok ^.^ *perasan*

Victoria said...

LOL!! yeala! perasan siut!

fluotone said...

I was drinking tea when I read the first two lines. You can guess what happened next :p

Victoria said...

LOL!! opps floutone! hahaha

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