Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I Am Beauty Consultant??

Hey there people! To those that had been wondering where the hell did vox go? She MIA?? No and yes. Lol because i am now on a one week part time job which needs me to be confined in a building with no laptop to go online and the best of all is to be indulged and has all the privilege to
test all new parfume, totally FOC.

Why you asked??

Cause this is the annual Sasa Fragrance Fair. To those that like to take photograph and do abit of coverage, you all are welcomed to Midvalley's Centre Atrium. Today they had a Celebrity Day and some of the celebritys that came are Xandria Ooi(totally awesome gorgeous lady), Sazzy Falak, Belinda Chee(gorgeous hair) and many many more.
I will upload soon, when i am just not that tired cause i am so tired now wtf after standing the whole day!

Met and befriended this cute, young and aspiring-to-be-model girl named Koen and yes she is mix. And yes, she is chinese christian. she is so damn bubbly and reflects the total me. Just that awesome! Ok i Sasa frenzy la~*snickers*


fluotone said...

holla vp.. omg! testing new parfume! totally haven :> me wants to join the fun too..

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

floutone:: hahahahaha!!

anonymous:: what funny?

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