Friday, August 7, 2009

Do You Know!

Do you know how much i hate assignments? To top up of that, do you know how much hatred i feel for group work assignments? Easier said then done, you will never ever know how much hatred i could emit from the compilation of both.

Woke up not feeling that good this morning with a slight headache and nausea feel, that could be due to "no dinner night" the night before and i dose off and slept like a pig all the way to the monorail where i will start my everyday journey to college which is situated at Setapak. *sidetracked* Never did i notice that a year has gone pass and i have been using the same road for the pass one year and yet i still can't notice certain things that had had been there for ages! Paiseh~*back to the topic* And the platform was so full of human beings that the rest of us aren't allowed to go up as there are no more place for you to even sniff.
Remember me being nausea? Well, under this condition, doesn't make me feel all the better at all, made me feel worst actually. Thus the already-gained-temper feeling and i brought it all the way to college. Like i give a damn la right~

As soon as i reached college, i was reminded of another coursework, which is the last one and would be the one that is wasting my time and i can't study or revise. That has already boiled my blood. Then i was told that someone is thoughtless enough to have the plans that i should go up all the way to Kepong just to do the goddamn assignment on a Saturday! Hello~ Go get a life okay~ Even so you think that your life only revolves in studying and coursework and you think that's life, well, not me okay! I got family and other friends and definitely i got a life on my own that i have to live with and make each day a better day, so hell you to drag me into your nerd life. To leave that aside, what makes me boil even more is that I have to be the one that has to go all the way there to finally sit in the hall with one don't know what the hell she does with her laptop and one being all fumed up due to the first one. Ended up fighting and not getting a single hell thing done. Money wasted and most importantly my time wasted. I too have 24 hours a day just like you, you know! I don't blardy have 25 or 28 hour a day and if i do, then i don't mind sparing that few hour for you and go all the way there for coursework okay~ Matter of fact is, I DON'T HAVE!

read this
E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E T.I.M.E!

I could quite forgive and forget that, but there are just two more things that boils my blood to over 100 degree celcius!
Remember confession night? Confession then sorry then change to a better person? Hell, did you even keep to your promise? Hell no! Blardy Hell NO!
Maybe this traitor character is a something that is born in to you and we can't just dig our fingers in and pluck it out that instant through the what you so called "Confession Night". Nabeh fcuk you!

Yes, all thanks to you, you screwed and made a great ending of my already-screwed day! Around of applause people! 'round of applause~
Din't you notice that we had never ever asked for or needed your opinio on ANY SINGLE THING?? And it is also the fcuk kau blur you that come and suddenly ask non related question?



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