Sunday, August 2, 2009

So I Did Went To

KLCC PC Fair of course! Ha ha~ because my initial plan is to sit at home, trying my very best to finish up all my assignments. Ended up having the greatest time ass to ass with people and seeing people shouting "KASPERSKY!!" like it is some cheap old dirt things sold at the morning wet market.

Reached there super early, right after church to be exact cause my church is near the Wangsa Maju lrt station. And there, lo and behold, there were so many people which are all heading towards KLCC for the main event and most of them are doing roadshows. Which made me kinda dulan cause i was suppose to work too but heck, got con what turf. Nevertheless, i had a great time at KLCC and i did not even sulk once and actually forgotten all about the conman shit.
Headed straight away to the Maxis centre cause i wanted to change my number to the Youth Club promotion, but sadly, i was late! The conditon to change now needs us to buy a new non existing number and activates it so that we will be in the club. Which also means that i will be using two Maxis number and i would have to reload two! HELL NO!

Bored and tired of waiting.

Then my friend arrived an hour ++ later -_- what turf.
The search for two mouse, a micro sg 2gb and external hard disk 320gb begun!! At the end of the day, i realized that Pc Fair is just that so much fun! I learned that they have only one big hall just for gamers like me to go and get my hands on demo vcds and also try on the games first hand there. Awesome right?!

I saw some Anime freaks too and hell loads of photographers there just to take pictures on those effortlessly pretty looking girls in the skimpiest uniform ever, trust me when i pair skimpy with the word ever. But they are pretty lur~ really pretty. I even saw two girl got paid by just sitting there wearing a nurse uniform-like but the sexay version, just sitting on top of the podium and get their photos snap snap! What sales gimic! Loves! To think that i will be in such situation too in a few months time, hm~ so gotta squeeze my brain juice now!

After two hours of walking and finally got the pinch of pain due to the heels that i wore, we finally end our search cause we got what we want what! And i have my reason for wearing heels, first, i went to church earlier on and i need to dress and wear nice nice okay. Secondly, wearing high heels is a need for short girls like me so that i would not get lost or suffocates at places with so many people like the PC Fair today.
So chun right! I think very the long ahead one! Hahaha~ stupid english sorry~

the platform heels that i wore.
4inch meh! Huat ar!!
*sorry that you have to see my big fat elephant legs*
*size 5 btw xD*

Up to this stage, you must have been wondering, why no pictures of the fair??
This is because they are way too many people and by the time i want to flash out my camera and at the same time i have to take care of my own ass from getting molested, i think it is better that i just walk ahead and no camho-ing. sad? I KNOW!

Had a great day today no doubt. Tired like hell now. Till then bye!


umanamadana said...

upload the pics of the cosplay girls~ xD

Victoria said...

and i don't have ler~ i did not take any pix~

umanamadana said...

aww man... you had my hopes up ><

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