Saturday, August 8, 2009

OH hey!

Hey there bloggie!

I know i should not be here and i should stuff my face back to studies and two assignments. Oh yes, i said i am done right.. I actually am till someone screwed it up so badly that WE ALL have to REDO. More like adding new stuffs for us and REDO for the screwed up person.

Don't know whether have you all seen this phenomenon where people hangs small little soft keychain toy under their car and there are even some jokers that hangs a hugable soft toy under the car and lets the poor fella being dragged on the floor, till it gets so dirty and fugly, and you thought that WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT!

stole this picture from Adelene's blog and to realise that HEY! THIS IS THE SAME TAXI THAT I SAW OKAY!

you saw at Genting Klang is it? I saw this taxi fetching someone to TARC.
Mad funny! See how big the soft toy is!

It din't took me awhile to finally finalize what i see with what i think it was in my mind, and then it took me awhile more to finally accept the truth that THAT IS A SOFT TOY! Under a car. Being dragged on the road. Till it is so dark. And fugly. My pet toy all trauma already! LOL

I saw and read it somewhere, it says that by doing so, this could help you prevent car accident.*slaps forehead* How in the world that dragged supposingly-cute-but-now-ugly soft toy helps in preventing car accident?! Is there any sense in that? It seems to me that if the toy has some loose string, a big one i might add, then i think it will get tangled to you car's rim and then accident will happen okay!

My two cents point of view that is.

Oh~ and to my previous post, you would see that there is a comment but when you click into it, it is stated that it has been deleted. I delete it. Cause there is this coward who come with the name Anonymous and gave me IT'S anonymously two cent point of view in which i can accept it. Freedom of speech baby! And i got my freedom of speech too. And this is my blog. And don't you all think that all this anonymous people don't have a life? They stalk people's blog, with the ANONYMOUS name being used unappropriately, and make a hell comment on certain things that they think they know it all but actually they know nothing at all, and then dare to scold people FUCK when they are the farktard themselves and pinned themselves in the head with a note that says "Hate Voice of Expression".

Like i care. Hate me Love me Whatever, you read what i wrote. Oh~ so you CAME ACROSS my blog, but still YOU READ IT. And it ups my counter. Come back more for your nasty comments cause i love it so much.

Back to assignments now.


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