Sunday, August 9, 2009

Procrastination Is Always Here to Stay

Finally worked up my assignment mood for the pass few days and the only reason to that is also because the dateline is a week ahead and i have one have not touched before assignment(now half way) and one more small part that i have to readd/redo, what is the difference anyway,right?

Loved my last Saturday! The house was so quiet and the only sound that can be heard clearly is the sound of myself typing quite vigorously on the laptop,rushing my assignments and the occasional sound of water cause mom was house cleaning. She cleans the house every Saturday, by the way. Just that it is a little bit dreamy and quiet for the last Saturday. Reason is, my brother wasn't at home. He went for a one day one night camp trip organized by the Moral organization of his school to some other school. The weird thing is, he never ever bother to even care a wiggy about all this but he was so hyped up to go and paid the next day. The only reason i could think of is that, the event would only be having the chinese and indian attendees so the opportunity to see and make new girl friends are on large ratio scale.
True enough when my brother who came back in the afternoon today saying that it was boring and "So many Indians lo~" Tsk tsk~ I am not racist here and was just telling the intention of my brother who would suddenly be willing to pay to go to some lousy camp! LOL what turf..

Follow suit, Sunday rolls in without invitation the next morning. Was a warm morning i remembered waking up to. Feels kinda weird to not have to fight for the bathroom to get ready, to fight for who use the heater first, to fight who should close the lights after using, to fight for who should open the gate and then close it.. things like that.
I know i would not and it would be damn awkward to hear this from me, but, i think i MISS MY BROTHER.
I just said that!
Now he is back. Sitting here right beside me surfing and gaming and listening to some irritating chinese mandarin song that i can never recognize who the singer was. Everything just falls back to how it should be for the past 19 years. I think a little changes makes people think a lot. People that has already had a lot in mind would think even more with changes ahead of them. I don't like changes. Cant anything stay the way they are for the next ten years, for the next 30 years, can remained the same forever or not?? LOL

Yeayea~ Kinda drifted off to what i have been feeling and thinking for the past few days and neglected my story on my procrastination. Though it is not something gung ho to let everyone know but i still want to slap myself hard on the face with the fact that, though something looks perfect upfront, it doesn't mean that they are perfect.
*nods head rubbing face*
My assignment mode lasted for only a good two day and the amount of hour could probably sum up to 10 hours only. Though you see me online for like 24/7 but i think that is the only amount of time i spend on assignments! Shit case. I seriously don't know what i did the rest of the time. Facebook and surfing around discovering new things and then learning what they are cant really take so much of my time, right people?? Tell me i am right please~

Another factor of delayed assignments from me is obstacles. Yes! The big O! Whenever i have no enough resource to continue lets say, my reports, i would just ditch it one side and then thinks hard and prays hard to God that when the next time i double click on the Microsoft Word icon on my desktop, the page would be opened to a full-and-all-done report. Aww~ How blissful life would be if someone could invent something, some chip or some small brain to be embeded to our PC and laptop and all we have to do is just to insert the criteria needed for the report and a few clicks to insert the pictures, and TADA! ALL DONE! More rest and sleep for me then! Haha~ Lazy? I SO AGREE!xD

Okay okay~ Long post! Omgawd! I have so much more to say! On things like how i finally like my course but i am coming to an end, things like how i treasure friendship to the brim but people just don't understand how much i value it, things like how much i want to do in near future in return to my mum's hardwork for bringing me and brother up all these years, my since young aspiring-to-be writer and how it did not work out and now have to change to aspiring-to-be web designer, how i love summer more than the other season, and how much i long to do my passport so that i can go travel!
I have so much to do but i feel like i have so little time omgawd! Am i like dying to feel such? LOL~
Anyways, if you all would please notice, if you all did read my this long post and reached here*phew*finally, please scroll back up again and you will find "VOX'S WARDROBE" tab right below my Digi To Save campaign(which is probably over but i still have not take down what turf)and you all could click it! Cause according to Spec, i am now tauke nio of my own blogshop! LOLxD

That will lead you all to my blogshop and if you want to go back to my main blog page, there will be a "VOX'S HOME" tab right above my blogshop's header. See how my course help me much, this noob of the cyber world! So yeah! Now i can proudly promote my course to the whole world! Really useful seriously for those like me who can understand nuts at what they teach and tutor us through online at W3chools website! LOL

Okay~ too long already. Have to type-off and have a great week ahead people!


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