Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 P.M

August 11, 2009

I did not go online for one whole day yesterday and this is not something i planned like, "hey i want to study so i won't go online", no it is not. Seriously, i am so so attached to the internet and the cyber space that at times i really feel like i can go online everywhere i go without having the ma fan-ness to have to carry my heavy laptop. I know i know, got iPhone right?! But i got no money. LOL wtf~ Besides, screen smaller than 14 inch is so wtf can! I just don't get how people can chat, surf the web, fb through the small screen of iPhone. I just plainly cant cause i got small eye(wtf)so i need big big screen like that wtf. xD

On the date stated, and based on the title, i really went to sleep at 8 p.m, 11/08/09. Thus the absense from the cyber space. Was as tired as.. no words to describe. For no approriate reason i tell you! Sometimes i think that i got some secret sickness that has no symptoms whatsoever and i am the type that i dread to go to doctors, so in any way, i will no get to know that i am sick. If i am la~ which i am not. Because, when i have things to do or rush, i can just sit here for the whole entire day and not feeling a tiny wit of tiredness at all. But it is vice versa when i have practically nothing to do. I would be nodding off every single minute till i feel asleep eventhough i just woke up, eg: early in the morning, i will still feel sleepy after bathing. Fml or not?! Sure got sickness one right like that?

*pst, don't tell me is the LAZY SICKNESS OKAY~ wtf*

It was actually quite a happy and then stress day for me due to many many reason, so shall we get started with the happy moments ey?

Happy Moments!!

Cause i finally found my favorite, my all time favorite tee! I know, lame but what the heck! I thought this tee got lost some where in my "Lost- and - Found" part of my wardrobe and i usually don't dig clothes that are stored there anymore. Either it just way too kiddy, it does not fit me anymore or i just grew tired of it, then it will be at the "Lost - and - Found". I named it as such cause i still do find something interesting there, usually when mummy threatens to not buy me anymore new clothes if i don't wear any from there! Lol~
Lo and behold, i found my STILL favorite tee there! Mummy put it there cause she thinks the tee is too old and not nice wtf. Nice okay!*snuggles into the tee*
Yes, i am a big big fan of Mickey Mouse. Only Mickey Mouse and not Minnie Mouse.

Woke up with nice nice nice super muthafucking nice hair today and that is rare! I amm now practicing the habit of conditionising my hair every morning even though i super hate morning bathes but for the sake of my hair, i would now bathe in the morning! xD
Then it turns out nicer than ever! Chio not! I mean the hair okay~ Lol~
Been kinda stress with the hair lately cause i am now at the stage of growing it out cause i am kinda tired with short bob and people say that girls still looks best with a long hair, and i want to look my very best and not some tomboy(people thinks la wtf).
Wait a month or so, surely i will have a much much longer hair than now! ^^

My happy moments so lil only wtf. So ahead are boring pictures of not me cause i am not boring one wtf! Hahaha~

Sad Case la~

A picture of the computer lab where Web Design for Marketing assignments presentation are taking place. Looks like okay nothing to be angry about right?
Rewind back to one hour ago.
I kinda finished up my report but i did not bring it to college cause i did not know that today was the submission day for the report/proposal too. What to do? Have to resort to the CIT in my college and this is like the second place i hate to go. I just hate the fact that i have to leave my bag somewhere else at some stupid unsafe rack outside and i have to go use the super duper slow internet connection at my college. The first place i hate in my college is the library. Not that i hate libraries, i just hate it that i have to put my bag outside. My college library got those detectors at the entrance and all the books are tagged. So why do we still need to leave the bags outside? Not that the guards there guard them anyway, all they do is sit there and day dream wtf.

Bla bla bla~ rushed through the assignment report and finally all done. Only to realize that i overdo. what turf! So i have to redo again. Easy thing, yes, luckily! Or else i have turned into an active volcano the other day. Pity my besttie too! She did almost the whole web site herself wtf.
Speechless. but am not going to say another word or comment no more.

camwhorer of the century detected wtf!

The computer lab's main control room and i hate this room as well! Lol~ cause this is where they put password to the other computer there and unallowed us to get access to the internet. Usually there is a guy here sitting there and monitoring god knows what and he gets to online wtf. And it seemed like he has got no class to attend like that, if he is a student la~

Sigh~ a great hectic and full of drama day for me today and i just realized that i can really get my arse work up on things that i tend to procrastinate over and get it all done in just mere two hours! When i had been spending weeks on one single assignment.
Any how any who, i still end the day with a great big big grin! I still love my life you know even though i hate so many things. Hate in a play play way la ok~(in case the anonymous reads again and thought i am some pychotic girl hating my life)



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