Monday, August 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I am now blogging at the place where my guilt are turned into pleasure which only last for at most a day. And then i would be crying river up and down mountains for the weight gained(i feel that i gained la)the very next day. Simple to say, I feel fat the next day. Someone always say that last time and that would instantly make me stop turning my guilt into pleasure and let it stay as guilt's guilt! Lol if you know what i mean!

Okay~ I am at MacDonalds now and i think i am like the frequent visitor cause the server boy also smile at me every time they pass by my table wtf. Been here way too regular and at times i feel like puking when i see anything yellow or fried or when ever i pass by a burger stall. That super melodramatic you know! Phobia itu macam wtf.
The very reason that i would go to MacDonald every Monday is because of assignments and the public transportation. Assignments are way too overloaded and me doing it at home seemed to be very the impossible with televisions and sofas around, temptations occur. Plus, the super good internet connection at home enables me to game. Gaming online that is. Plus point to procrastination right! Yes, i am so damn right and i know you know that i know you really know that i am right!

Public transportation is just another pms bitch that wouldn't come on time and sometimes this pms bitch picks places that they want to go and don't want to go! Tell me how to use this bitch la?! I tried once when it doesn't want to stop at my place! And i am left there at the station waiting for the next train or at least i waited for the announcer to finally say "Train to Seremban will be stopping at bla bla bla bla SERDANG(my station) bla bla bla". Pathetic not! Sometimes it's just annoying and most of the time bitchy! Never ever i met such a bitch before! Lol~ And most of the time, all i can be is just hopeless. sigh~ So i opt to stay here and go online to finish up things meanwhile waiting for mummy to go back.

*safes money too* *snickers*

Saw a friend here that has to repeat his course, which is my course. Damn happy that i can meet him weh! It's been so so long! So very long since we talk. He got thinner and why the hell that i feel everyone around me is losing the fats and i feel like i am pounding on it?! Then MacD almost every Monday some more! what turf can! I want to eat Auntie Anne next week! Lol~ xD

By the way, damn hate rude, noisy, stupid looking, act cute, overly active kids wtf.
Back to assignmenting! Love the alone-feel! I weird, i know!
*can anyone shut the fucking kid up?!*


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