Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sasa Surprise

Hate waking up to the feeling that they whole entire day would not be a good and exciting one. I feel so bored waking up to that feel and this can be due to the class till 6.30p.m schedule. Tiring one, so even when i was just thinking about it, it just tires me out.

Going to do a super short update today cause i can barely keep my eyes open now and even though i had not been facing the computer for the whole day, i still can barely make my eyes face this rays contributor for long.
Received an anonymous call today during class and was lucky enough that i decided to check my phone. Surprisingly, it was a call from Sasa congratulating me on the occasion that i had been selected to be one of their worker. Nothing huu haa i know but i got s job secured! Yeay!
Okay~ Tired already wtf so i am going to go sleep now. Did not even manage to do even a lil' of my assignments wtf. Nights all!


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