Friday, August 28, 2009

I Still Prefer Studying

Busy busy busy busy is all i ever experience for this pass whole week but i am not ranting hard on this cause i love being busy. Despite my business to have to juggle studies and work, i still do find time to go to college today and yes, had a quite pleasant time being around with friends again. I ought to say, i miss their ways of communicating with each other, their super blurness of organizing something for example the event of where to eat.. I just miss being with them cause i think my life would be in total darkness if it was not for them.

At KFC while waiting for them to order food and yes i did not eat cause i diet like that wtf! Lol and working has really made me lose a few kilograms, all thanks to the standing for 12 hours and i have to smile all the time, the jokes that we pulled with each other causing us to laugh like crazy people where customers got attracted to us cause we laughed so loud they must be wondering what SaSa has that made them such happy folks wtf folks~ xD

Finals are around the corner, the next week corner precisely and all i see my friends doing are going out with each other having the bestest time together and the number one thing that i always see them doing is play cards. Not any ordinary cards but the kind that chinese used to gamble. All i did was join in the crowd! Lolwtff~

Hey there~ this is the two upcoming birthday babies of September and we both ruled the month lolwtf cause she is 1st and i am 2nd(why me 2nd wtf!!) and why must all finals and exam be on the month of September wtf!

And here is me bidding you goodbye with a tired and sleepy face and messy like after sex hair wtf at the chair of kfc. Have a good day now you all~


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