Saturday, August 22, 2009

My WTF Rationale

People has been asking me and even to the extend of scolding me on my excessive usage of the word wtf in which i say it in the long form and that is what the fark. And that has lead me into frustration and thus i shall post my wtf rationale here. wtf.

I used to use what turf and i think that is a bit too long to type when all i can type is wtf and why would i want to worry myself by typing 8 alphabets instead of 3 cause i am lazy like that. My type of wtf isn't really cursing like "WTF! You can just go f*ck off and die la" that kind of vulgarity but is the kind like when i said or in this case here, typed something i feel that it is stupid/something that makes you all think that i am some retard like this rationale post here wtf.
*there! the meaning of my wtf*

wtf. i am already feeling all stupid and retard now.tsk tsk.. can i use another wtf?! LOL

Below are some of the examples i simply created to explain my wtf propaganda(now got propaganda samo wtf!)and this are the usual things that i crap at my facebook via tweeting or just straight to my facebook.

* Going out for swimming now and i only need to pay MYR3 to get my hair "natural lighten/bleach" LOLWTF! xD (latest on facebook)

I really look like Lok Tong Kai (turun bunuh ayam) just now wtf. Stupid heavy rain that i should be thankful for cause it kinda help cleanse the air that i breathe.*snickers*

Am watching Artificial Intelligent and it's so so awesome! I cried wtf

Those really are from the very recent Facebook say and tweet and i just realized that i really used wtf a lot and at times over used it till i feel that it is kinda annoying! Hahaha~
Some of the things that i might use wtf too are like "hey i think that's andy wtf"(when obviously it is andy), "the train just went pass lo wtf". okay i think that is more than enough and i think that is all that you all can bare.

You all get it? NO? ok i give you all a full situation wtf.

"I had this idea that i want to do a post of my wtf rationale and i got it all planned on how to tell you all but i ended up typing a lot of crap wtf and at the end of the day you all might just think that this bitch can really do vulgarity and mis understood all the things that i just say and worst of all you all might think that i am just some retard trying to do a post just so that this blog don't look dead wtf (actually quite true la wtf)."

End of wtf rationale and if you all still don't get it, drop me a comment and replies assured! And there would be a long speech again lolwtf.

I emailed Cheesie today regarding something that i would want to know and obviously i did not expect that she will emailed me back right that instant. Really that fast you know, its like here i pressed SEND and i went to take a look at my Facebook and then i went to check my inbox again, and wala~ SHE REPLIED! Efficient boh?!

And she is really sweet to tell me all that i want to know and all that i do not know and also some things that i had no interest to know and all i got to know that she is a really busy person unlike me who is suppose to study but ended of Facebooking and msning all day long wtf. Actually i got a lot to catch up seriously but i procrastinate WAYY TOO MUCH! sigh~

Ok~ end of story bye. Such low mediocrate way of saying that's all wtf. xD


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