Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things For Sale (TFS)

Decided to put TFS here in my main blog cause no one really knows the existence of my blogshop and people are directed to here. So yea, every weekend or twice a week, i will post TFS that i sell here. And yes, of course, you could get your hands on it. But you would have to wait cause this is a preorder system and i need time to get it from the suppliers. So here goes, all new items.

All Aboard!

(a2221 Blue)
RM 37
Material | Jeans
Size | free size

White Escape

(a2217 white)
RM 35
Material | Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 90CM Length | 60CM

Black Escape

Red Escape

Blue Escape

Green Escape

La' Boheme Green
(front view)

(back view)

Material | Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 95CM Length | 70CM

Comes in blue and red

La' Boheme Blue

La' Boheme Red

Polka Brown

Material | Elastic Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 80-95CM Waist | 70CM Length | 80CM

comes in Purple,Blue,Red and White

Polka Purple

Polka Blue

Polka Red

Polka Dots

That's all for now~ Hurry up and place your orders by leaving in the comment box below. Not in the cbox. Preferably leave your email too so that i could mail to you the details. Thank You


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