Thursday, August 6, 2009

Class Canceled

Never have i got this habit of checking my messages as soon as i wake up but i learnt a lesson weeks back. I was suppose to have an early class at 8AM and when it is as such, i will leave the house like 30minutes earlier than the usual timing and that would be around 630AM to beat the traffic of course. And then on that incident, i suddenly have the urge to check my message and only to found out that i have got one message from the class representative informing us that the super duper morning class got canceled. I was already half way to the station and all that i could ever uttered is a WHAT TURF. Checked the time i got the message, it was 3.22AM, vividly i could remember cause i think that is like the super super odd hour to still be awake. what turf can!

And it happened again today! That same urge again to check my inbox, and there, true enough.. my main screen read "One Message: Kenneth". Before even proceed on to clicking on the "Read" button, i was already yelling what turf and to even yell more when i read it. It say "Today's class will be cancel due to the appointment i have with the doctor in regards of my leg. Sorry and thanks. From Mr Leong"
*shows middle finger*
Lucky enough this time around, this class isn't the morning class. It was an afternoon one but still, this particular teacher wasted my time and money to travel all the way from Cheras to where my college is.
The happy is that i manages to finish up all my assignments today and my plan of having one whole month to study is still something that can be made into reality. I really thank God for managing time for me. At very unexpected ways too, its just aws me so much that i want to jump scream and shout MERCI BEAUCOUP.

Today was a damn gloomy day and it rained the whole day. No. Mr Sunshine don't have the chance to shine it's hot bright shining light and heat on me today and no, i did not sweat a bead at all today! Loves!
But was too damn cold. Hahaa~ typical human, ranting on things tha are not given to us and we rant even more when it is given to us. Typical la right!*hehe*
I got caught in the rain for quite abit and i was betting with myself to get sick, oh wells,*touches forehead* no sign of highed body temperature, it did not work this time i guess! Lol~

Another loong looonnngg day to do tomorrow. Early class till late evenings and when i do reach home, i am as tired as a wasted shit and as flat as one too, i am sure!
Nights all!<3


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