Sunday, August 9, 2009

TFS (Ready Stock)

TFS(ready stock) will be posting products that i have in hand now and you will get the items 3 days after your payments with no extra charge of postage fees. No COD for this TFS(ready stock) and purchase per person must be 2 or more pieces.

Now Enjoy and Help Boost My Economy! Lol xD

Swify White

Swify Pink

Swify Black

(A1513 White Pink Black)
*no postage money needed*
Material | elastic cotton
Size | Free Size
Bust | 66-90 Length | 86

Here below are tops. ONLY TOPS.

Suave Black

Suave Grey

Suave Pink

Suave White

(a2204 Black Grey Pink White)
RM 39
Material | Elastic Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 76CM Length | 45CM

That is all for today and method of ordering is the same as stated before. Thank You


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