Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Touch My ...

Went for a mini shopping today with mummy after dinner and she agreed to do so cause she made me damn mad at her this morning. She intensively tried waking me up of my much needed beauty sleep, to help her clean the house. FML or not! Not that I don't do any, just that I don't do the weekly spring cleaning la.. Yes, she spring cleans WEEKLY, okay can call WEEK cleaning already not SPRING. My mum is such a Spring Lady LOL.

I dashed to Watson as soon as I reached Jusco today cause it's Watson sales! Yes, I don't dash to clothing shops one every time in a mall.
And I grabbed like a stash of MASK! Shame on myself I know! LOL.


Yea! All for myself! So, don't touch my maskkkkkk~ =))
How much ar? LOL
Secret wtf cause this is enough to pay your Astro fee and your Internet fee wtf. =(
Mum paid! LOL

Actually I bought more than just mask =x
I bought 건강 식품.. sigh~ Getting older so need to "bou" myself LOL.
Thing is, I have not bought so much,should I say used so much money in a day and now I feel ashamed for such loots.=x
Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday was the last day of my exams! Yeay!.

The paper was so so as this time around, there were no tips of any such given to us by the teacher, all I heard was "Study All" FHL but I did not study all obviously and I left the last three chapters untouched. I wasn't even in her lecture for the last few papers, I remembered being lazy and I went back and the another time was Mad Monkey with the peeps. =) When is the next round yo? I really want to try out Camp5!

Sat in the hall for 2 and a half hour and I called it a day off cause I was so kap lui and I did not want to waste my time going down two floors just to take a piss and then up again two floors, which by now I think I will start to pant cause stamina not good already wtf. By then, I think I got no mood for the paper already. So I tahaned the pee for 2 and a half hour, yes, I forgot to pee before entering the hall -__-


First thing first, took a picture of me tired face and OMG see those eyebags?! Results of sleeping
only three hours everyday for two whole weeks. Then no afternoon nap, and straight hours of FB and
study. LOL I have never seen myself so chan before, not till now.


And yes, you guessed it right. Was in the toilet and why do I look like I am pissed off? I am not! Was
so happy actually but the weather was a bit too hot! And oh, this toilet, the first cubicle, always got
shit one. As in faeces that people don't flush. But why only the first cubicle? Don't tell me people
cannot tahan then as soon as they reach the toilet, they hit the first cubicle wtf.

Met up with the bestie on the bus and this girl went out earlier than me and I thought she damn geng,
she knows how to do it all! But I was wrong LOL, same case as me, tembak saja wtf xD
And and TARC is wasting their or I should say OUR MONEY by building things that they are not sure
of what to build wtf. Cause we saw that the put more stone path for us to walk the other day and
yesterday, they were digging it out, revealing the fresh earth ground.
And they forced us to walk on the damn field where the grasses aren't green and luckily for the hot
weather, it's not muddy! Else I will surely bising like hell and give them a piece of my mind.

Lucky you TARC guards which I have no respect for, else you will get flamed by me(and the weather)
yesterday. Always catch me for wearing skirts and disallow me to go into the library with shorts la..
Well, fark your life! The damn security muthafarking two storey building that they are building now
funds from our college fee okay farktards! So treat us like Kings and Queens la, not some
unworthy students okay. Else you all will be sitting in the hot sun and rain being our dog, guarding
the damn college.

As for me, I am just mad happy to be walking out of the college and yes, the other side of the fence
is totally greener! And the other side of the world too, I am just so damn sure of it =)

Three weeks holidays if I am not mistaken and I will wanna do everything that I had planned, be it
with friends, myself or with him(plan soon to be wtf). I don't wanna stay at house woohoo!
But the weather so hot right? So I think I wanna think twice now LOL.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did You All Know?!

That today is my last paper!
Which is also my last 7 hours of getting all worried!
Which is also my last day of college Year 2 Semester 2!
(damn! How time flies)

Then it would be college Year 2 Semester 3!
(short semester)
Then it would be "olded Vic" wtf.
And can you see what evil twitter has had impact on mankind?!
People now can't type more than 144 words in a sentence!
Seriously, even in messaging, I seldom type more than one page now.
Its like accustomed to 144 words.
One word more,then this fear of "Message not sent" arises wtf.

Okay I am getting quite annoyed with this half page post.
And with the "Enter" button.
And with the fact that I am procrastinating in my last 7 hours to study.
SERIOUSLY, Please count the words on each line.
Not more than 144 words, not alphabet ar wtf.

After my great last stress moment day whatever, I am gonna go have afternoon noms with bloggers that I know and don't know of. Actually I know them cause they famous and they don't know me cause I am not famous? LOL Self denial is such awesome God gifted attitude, and I think God gave me an extra dosage of it! xD
Oh, I think God gave me an extra dosage of positiveness too.
Cause there were times that I would just wanna think NEGATIVE, and EMO, and just SHUT myself out of the world, sits in a CORNER, and CRY...
But I end up thinking POSITIVE, LAUGHED like hell, JOINED friend's outing like nobody's business, definitely sitting with the CROWD and I was the one trying to make people feel all HAPPY.

Truth is, deep deep deeep damn deep within my heart, I am NEGATIVE, EMO and I CRY silently.

Whee~ "Studies" label for this again and I SHOULD go back to my books.
I got all outings lined up properly for me to go to!
I like myself a lot when I am study-free, exam-free and stress-free!
Even my skin likes itself! LOL
Monday, January 25, 2010


Annyeonghaseyo! It has been a week of exams and stress and fun at the same time. And I did not blog for so long mainly cause I am lazy to blog what I do daily as what my blog's purpose is all about, plus my rants and the nice little F words that you will very much see a lot here.

Now now! You miss those dumb little rants don't you!
I know you do cause I am awesome Ha ha ha wtf..

Exams are so far so good, all thanks to tips that teacher gave us and yes, this time around I manage to fulfill my resolution to study super last minute. I study 11 hours before exam. And that 11 hours, you would need to fill in my 3 hours of sleep and the occasional 5 minute breaks in between. Which usually ended up sticking in front of the computer either chatting, tweeting or watching 2NE1 tv!
Yes, I live an awesome carefree life and then I live a miserable stressful life when the results are out.FML.
Today is the third last paper and I am down with fever, cough and a runny nose. Whee! Double the FML moments. Luckily, cough isnt as bad as runny nose cause I am sure I do not want to distract the whole damn 7 quiet hall with my coughing s and teacher might just ask me to go out and cough finish first then continue wtf.

Arrghh! It's gonna be at the Sports Complex too!
And it is the damn 7 cold there and I think sitting in a 0 degree celcius room for 3 hours do contribute to how I am now. Oh I wear short skirt samo. Cause I hero like that.
Seriously, who the fark knows how will the condition of the hall be right? Then I would have to mafan myself to bring the damn jacket. And Malaysia is hot, so what if the hall is not 0 degree cold? Then I don't use jacket and would need to leave it outside right? Leave outside but the security damn 7 lazy one, and what if people see "Eh nice jacket" then decides to lari with it?
Who to blame then?

Okay, I complain too much but I am entitled to cause I AM SICK ha ha ha...
And bro brought back DURIANS! My favorite fruit! But I am having sore throat!
*sniff sniff*
*blink blink*
Sigh~ I shall have to resist and go without it this time. Besides, Durians are fattening!

And oh, I have been watching so much 2NE1 tv, I am so inspired to live their way of healthy lifestyle. Yes, I am determined to. No more snacks. No more breads. No more corns. No more disorderly and non nutritious food intakes.
I predict that to last... A week. sigh.
Yes yes i shall label this under "studies" again so that I can reread what I blog at times of stressfulness like this, and laughing back at how dumb I am, doing a dejavu moment of my future and I should get back to studying.

Its 2am here on this date, and I got 3 more chapters to cover and can someone remind me whytf I need to study how to do a research and "What is hypothesis?"! Go get a dictionary people!

p/s:: Went out with BieBie on a Saturday, 23rd January 2010. 4 more days to go! *hearts*
Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exam Meme

1) What time do you wake up everyday?
Oh, it depends actually. Would wake up as early as 6am if there are test on that particular day,period. As for days when I am free, I wake up when I want to wake up. Which is never =p

2)What is the first thing you do when you're awake?
Oh, this also depends on my mood. Also depends on my body's "nature call", depends on which day, oh did I mentioned the things I do also differ with the presence of my mom in the house. Usually,I would climbed down two flights of stair to my living room, grabbed my laptop on the way down. Plug in the charger, switch on WiFi, sigh a relief sigh and online the whole day.
When my mom is around, two flights of stairs down, grabs a book on the way, opens up the book, sigh a stressful sigh and studies the whole day.
Now I wish my mom is at home everyday.

3)Do you breakfast first then bathe or vice versa?
-when mom is not around-"Oh what is breakfast and bathing?I only know Facebook and Twitter and the occasional Youtube."
-when mom is around-"Oh! Lovely bacon smell! *noms*" and I proceed to cleaning up my plates, climbed up two flights of stairs, looks at the room in confusion, stretch a bit, plops onto bed..."What is Facebook again?"
Can my mom be at home always?!

4)Study week.Usually how long would you spend on revising?
*laughs* What is revising again?
*clock strikes 12am, 9 hours before exam* "Fuck this shit! Where is my notes?! &$*#@!!"
*@ 2am* *yawns* "Fuck it's 2am,*thinks* I deserve to sleep now" and goes to sleep.FML,period.

5)Which of the following describes you during the exam period?Allowed to choose more than one.
a- Geeky, with specs on, hair tied into a mini/large palm tree
b- Books all over the floor. You cant even see you dog there and steps on it.
c- You ate doggie biscuit/non edible for humans stuffs thinking that it was your cookies.
d- You decline all outings, sits at house, ended up not studying but on the Internet the whole day and then regret that you declined the outing and then gan cheong when the clock strikes 12am.
6)Do you think of your love ones during this stressful moments?
YES! Eh says who I am stress huh?*continues Cafe World*

7)Your blogging inspiration?
Yes, still very inspired! Neh, this meme.

Was studying for tomorrow and suddenly I have this urge to do a meme like post just to let all of you know how Vox studies during her exam period. You are all allowed to take and reuse this useless(actually)meme. LOL
Shall go back to studying now.

Eh fuck, I am inspired to blog about LG Chocolate phone! LOL
*yea rightttt~*
Monday, January 18, 2010

I Can Not

I seriously think that I really really can not like some of my friends, who will totally disconnect themselves from the "world" and go hide inside their house, on their bed and studies the whole day, only taking breaks to eat bathe and shit.

That does not make me a geek just because I stare at the computer more than I pick up my books to read. Well, if I do the otherwise, then that will make me a book geek then right?! Life is just so hard to please,no?
I am actually at my resting moment as I have been studying for two hours straight, now now I do deserve a 30 minutes break(at least)and just to update me blog right righht righhht? Anyhow, you would just have to say RIGHT! LOL

People do ask me, "What the hell do you do being in front of your computer the whole day?"
Well, people, I have a "life" here where I get myself closer with friends that I do not get to see, such as friends from Singapore, Australia... Now we shouldn't go that far, friends from Sabah? I don't even get to chat with them EVERYDAY.=(
I think I am just too attached with the "world". I will definitely feel soo left out if I go MIA for one dumb day, scrolling back (maybe) thousands of tweets just to see what happened on the one MIA day, checks my thousands(for shure one)of Yahoo mails from Facebook and feel awfully left out and pain in the arse to reply them all. Not forgetting my Hotmail. And I check Yahoo and Hotmail every 5 seconds, surely there will be at least 20 notification wtf.

Point is I just can not go MIA from the world even if it is just for one day and I am pretty proud and amazed at how some Tarc-ians can do so. Can teach me how ar? Cause due to this great GREAT addiction, I am still not asleep now cause I had just finish half of my revising and I have like 5 more chapters to masuk into my brains for the 9a.m exam tomorrow. I have blurry eyes now but my mind is just isn't tired yet, maybe cause I woke up at 12p.m yesterday LOL.


And yes, I cam-whore with my webcam too cause I am awesome like that =)
Shall continues back to my studies now. I like my China phone's flash LOL
Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Was so tempted to add another "S" behind the word "DAY"! Now now, isn't it great if every day were to be Valentine's Day?! The girls would go "ohh" and the guys go "shat!" cause they have to spend us nice "atas" dining everyday then! LOL

2010's February 14th will be my very first Valentine's Day with him


Sadly, he would be away for the special day. Means I am open for dates LOL. People, call me at
017-now you wish-i'd give you right?. LOL

Cause I already have my own date besides him, and that date would be Patrick Dempsey!


See! Omgawd so suave in the doctor's coat and tell me, who can resist his nice bedroom hair! His
sideway smile just melts heart okay~ Okay, I have a thing fer elder guys fml.
Since he is so sexy, shall show you another manly side of him!


Yeah, he is married and has three children. BUT STILL SEXY!*defensive* See his blissful face LOL.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't date married man. But if i were to choose,I'd still choose Patrick.


I am a freak/nerd/geek/sucker.. For movies where you are legal to take a knife and cut people into
halves and even if they die, you will not get sue for it. No, I am not sadistic wtf. I hate hospitals but i
think I am willing to live in one fer life if the docs there were all as handsome as Patrick! LOL
So yea, I will be dating Patrick Dempsey for my 2010 Valentine's Day if i were given a chance and
our conversation would mainly be:
"So how do you feel when you see people filled with blood?"
"What does the brain feels like? Is it pulsating? Is it gooey?"
"Oh I forgot, is there any possibility that you can unblock the aorta once some fat, unself conscious
people block it with fats by consuming chicken fats everyday??"
"Do you even have a Diploma in Doctoring cause you lookey pro in the show!"

Lol okay lame but yea, I amma geek for science. So my Valentine's Day date will definitely bored him
to death and he would wanna run back to his wife and hold his childrens. Hahaha...
Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is another sad post, the whole world would have know about this now. And i felt compelled to voice out my thoughts a bit cause I feel very sad for this to happen and never in my mind I thought of seeing this happen.

A week ago, I received a message that makes me even more the racist that I am known to be previously. Someone informed me cause I don't read newspaper like that, that my church Metro Tabernacle was burnt down. I thought it was a plain good joke cause like I said, NEVER ever thought that this would happen to my church.
I went "WTF" and it is hard to write this post now, cause I am holding in all my angers, trying my best to not be racist here, trying hard to not curse AT ALL, and no I am not holy at all but this church is something VERY dear to me. Too many fond memories, too many things that this church provided for me as i grew up from a reckless, non-God fearing kid to what I am today... which is much better cause I still curse,yes I know wtf.
They say,


But I am not Jesus, so can I not forgive and forget? Cause how can I?!

Imagine this is your house, you wake up early in the morning thanking God that this lovely house is yours. You step on to the parquet floor and your thoughts runs to the homeless and you thank God again. You go get dress and cook yourself a nice hot meal, and you thank God again. Out you go, turning back to look at your lovely home again, bidding it "Goodbye, I shall see you again this afternoon".
And when you're back in the afternoon, shit happens. Your house got burnt down! To the state of the above... Not sad enough? Well.. there's more..

You then run into your supposingly lovely house, checking out all your loses, run your fingers across the walls that were white and clean this morning but now all ashed. You kitchen don't even seemed like one anymore, your beloved chair, burnt to a state nearly unrecognizable, pictures you had now all ashed.

You see unknown people or people you hate lingering around your house, poking and thrusting anything they can get their hands on, just being all nosy or to investigate what happened.
It blardy burnt down la wtf still poke here and there!

Now that illustration is how I feel for my church. It's like my second home, a place where I go to chill out and rest and er suck in "new air".
Now, this is all it's left.

I still remember that I used to stand at the corner on the other side of the fake-cotton-made wall, all giggly talking to my friends and my Pastor will sneakisly eavesdropped on us.. And when he thought he had got the BEST scoop of our gossip, he would open the door beside him and say "OHHH!!!!", all this revealing himself and to the fact that he eavesdropped LOL.
Wah, fond memories.


New church, yes. But no fond memories. That new one feels like.. er.. castle made out of thick brick walls which have like gazillion flights of stairs, super big empty hallway, yes, very much like the castles you see on Disney channels where the Princess will be left alone at "home" with all the servants busying on with their chores.

We had our service last Sunday at the MCA. Mummy got interviewed by this really poor and i think she is a newbie, Star journalist. Mummy talks crap and was in her cocky face and tone anyways, so luckily she wasn't some great well known journalist.
If not, I will be shamed to death fml.

Most of the people in church thinks that this is a new start and all this happened for a purpose. Which the purpose for this to happen is quite obvious, yes, I am pretty happy about that... the funds and all. But I still want my old, memory-filled church.
Yea, I very sentimental one wtf.


Well, shit happens I know, you all can forgive and forget. I think it will be hard for me. I will still be as racist as ever! Or more.

p/s:Pictures credits to the owner.
Monday, January 11, 2010

My Muse


Because finals is in 3 days and I think I spend more tweeting and going online compared to sit down and study sigh. Soo! I shall stop procrastinating now, like NOW and go study! Yes yes yes that is what I will do. But i don't want people to log in here every time and be reminded that "Vox is lazy, see laa, all her pictures take people one!" wtf.

For that sake *erhem*
I shall post up what I am listening to this days.

Fuah this song is my motivation to study and end finals at a rate in which i cant make ammendments and then ITS PARTEEEY TIME BABEH!!!! *shake shake boom boom fag fag* LOL

Hm~ Cause I miss my baby like that =) And though I can't see him everyday,, we shall plan after finals la LOL.

My baby even piano-fied one fer me! Loveeee you!! *hugs*

Okay bye! Will not blog till 27th I THINK!!! Muahaha! *hugs*
Friday, January 8, 2010

MadMonkeyz In Town

This is the real deal of monkeys from a mixture of many countries, there are monkeys from Japan, Australia, Indonesia, India etc and obviously there are local monkeys.

Okay wtf, the monkeys are us and we finally BOULDER-ED! I said finally because when MadMonkeyz finally had a branch which operates near my college, they had made their presence known by promoting with a 16 feet high wall, set in the middle of my college where my bestie climbed and succeeded to the top! Woots!
*okay that was damn long ago like months so i lazy go find the picture LOL*

This is at the top level where it should be one storey height or so, and it scared me shit so i did not climb this..


I sexist like that cause i only post girls who actually climbed that! LOL Cause i scaredy cat like that la FML to the max.

Samantha is so damn cute can! Must post this picture and here they are chilling out and Samuel totally kaplonked..

Oh hey Jeffro, nice socks! LOL

I can haz upside down cause i Chidia like that lol
*inside joke*

A group picture of us before we call it a day off! Mad awesome!

The fees are very reasonable too. RM8 perentry(that is if you can show that you're a student), RM5 for the shoe rental and RM3 for the chalk which can be share by three person or finally all the bags got mix up, you can start to curi other people's chalk lolwtf xD

Conclusion is, I am damn lazy to do post nowadays, thus I did not upload this to Photobucket cause it lags like that la and I would want to post now. Cause its now or never one,fer shure! So bear with the small pictures kay~ You can refer to other blogger's blog fer this cause they all did it already and you should know em all la cause they fehmous mur~ LOL

Kthxbye, I ez very lazy and hand shoulder armpit butt leg stomach muscles pain.
*psst, i lack of exercise teehee*

Photo credits to Xiang cause i took it all from his blog. I told cha that i was lazy! LOL Thanks "sistah"*inside joke too* *hugs*
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of Miss Dior and Clinique

This two little thing really made me in the mood to be extra chio and girl minded for the year 2010 onwards and we shall see how long the girlishness can last in me. I bet with myself, one month max fml xD

Two weeks before Christmas, June*to her blog* held her weekly Christmas GiftAway and since i have got nothing to do and only minimum requirements needed, decided to join in the fun and hey, might win myself some new goodies. Was what i then thought.
Now~ Tralalala~

My Miss Dior came in a small yet cute package with a light pink bottle and a small lil' ribbon
*omfg Ribbon fetish can!*

Not only that, she even sent me a Clinique lipgloss causeimawesomelikethat xD

Which is in pink too! *rawwr*

Used both and it is MAD AWESOME CAN!! I am soo gonna get a Miss Dior 100ml fml if they has it in that size that is teehee. Sasa here i come LOL.

Below is a vain picture of me! Rawr!


勤勉に働く!! =)
Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Before 2010

There will be no 2010 resolution from me this year cause like every year, I won't be able to fulfill at least half of it. No point of making a list or at least one of them this year(hehe).
This would be a down the memory lane of 2009 post instead because there are somethings i would love to jot down here on my online diary, somethings that I want to share and to be forever unerasable =)

I think 2009 is the year where i attended a lot of events and this is the year where i seldom study at all fml. Getting lazier by the year =(

#1) Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash

Attended Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash which does not concern my birthday la! LOL

It was held at Barcelona (teehee xD) and celebrated it with Singaporean bloggers too

All this event did during 2009 was not in order as i cant really remember the sequences and I am taking pictures people tagged me in Facebook from previous. And i assumed it is the older pictures then its the older event hehe..

#2) Attended Maybelline Simply Fabulous event and my fav gurl won! whee~

Me and Jess being all fabulous heh~

Finally meet Henry Golding in person *screamsss* and Sarah Lian(duno who) as the co host of the event.

#3) Satay Session with em Blogger friends

HOW CAN I FORGET THIS! Picture paints a thousand words. I love all of you
The satay nearly killed me Jac! xDD

#4) Then we invade Forever 21 Pavillion and tried on all the clothes we possibly would buy, but end up not buying any FOL.



Me and the Bestie OF COURSE! Let's do more next year LOL opps I meant this year xD

#5) The so called AAR Concert FTL and FML. But I enjoyed it with people I love nonetheless. =)

I look fugly here but I don't care! xDD
This was where we were still waiting fer the rest to come and the line was already omfg long like China Wall FTL. So we just chilled around. They were more pictures taken during the concert but somehow or rather i was not tag *looks at Samuel and Alex*

#6) Shabu One with classmates! And one of the best event i had in 2009!

Us girls
Wah! Got date and time some more LOL

Me posing by the big big bigggg window that exposes us to all sunlight and the city around

Inborn monkey nature! LOL Total fun doing this and then everyone started to do but failed LOL

Us, the whole class(maybe one or two wasn't here)
But it was totally fun to the max! There were loads of food to go around but we were hogging onto the food like it was meant to serve ten, when all the food can serve thousands LOL. Mad awesome! I love my group.=)
Shall miss you all weh!! sigh~

Then, I met him =) Bye bye singlehood,HELLOOO to er unsinglehood? LOL
This is where all my pictures has him, him, him and him, xD

#7) Went to two movie screening, with Samuel's invitation

Ninja Assassin premier screening with MY chef =) <3>
This is, if I am not mistaken Christmas Carol premier screening where he invited his other batangs LOL

#8) Went to Samuel's friend's birthday party

Met most of his classmates

Samuel and me, Joshua and Esther

#9) Then there was this SBS night held my TARC which was a TOTAL DISASTER -__- but i had fun cause HE WAS THERE ma~ LOL

Thanks bie, though it was omfg sien, you made it not so sien =)

The four lone rangers cause we are atas like that xD

#10) Tm Connects. At Sungei Wang

Infront of the stage with JoshuaOngs and Jessica

Us eating at Secret Recipe and kena-ed Jess's WTF moments album -__-

#11) My Christmas Eve and Christmas with Samuel =)


#12) Genting Trip with Samuel and other bloggers in which i have not get any pictures yet. -__-

#13) Samuel's New Year Eve Potluck Party


Us with Samuel's neighbours LOL
Spot me and Samuel! xD

Whee! Bye bye 2009 and though i think i only fulfilled like one of my 2009 resolution, after this massive compilation of outings, I hope to have more outings for this year 2010. Cause I am 20 like that this year and i want more and moree freedom for outings and such.

The best thing that has happened in my life for 2009, the best among the bestest, the uncomparable bestness, the unbeatable bestness(okay you get what i meant)

Found him and being with him =)
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