Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Anonymous

Is actually not such a bad thing after. I obviously do not mean that being famous is a disadvantage or its a wrong doing, in my honest opinion, I would still rather want to be famous than to be someone anonymous/nobody.

2 years back, I categorized as myself a semi-anonymous/nobody as I am only known among the friends I have in primary and secondary school. Thanks to church for youth services, I managed to expand my number of friends by a millimeter. Then I got into National Service, and my number of friends grew into a few more centimeter. And when I came back from the National Service, thanks to Mum who finally got us broadband and I finally can go online 24 hours everyday(like now), I decided to start blogging. Out of interest. Mainly because I have this urge to blog about my experiences in the National Service but ended up all self taken pictures, I'm sorry *paiseh*

Then! my number of friends grew into an inch wide! Blogging is really A or I might add, THE one of many platforms whereby people from all over this round Earth can read about each other's daily life, impersonates themselves into the shoes of others, feel their pain & joy etc etc. This is how I got myself from a semi-anonymous/nobody to semi-famous/somebody.
I said that because~

Someone came up and said "You're Vox from Voice of Expression right?" and that sends chill down my spine,literally. Because an avid reader of mine will know that I "write" whatever that comes to mind and literally, I don't care about what others feel with what I write as long as I do not touch on politics or anything that ISA can drag me to jail, duh~
This is why I say that being famous or semi-famous for me is not that cool as well. You're now SOMEONE on the net, one wrong speech and blah you might be on the trending topic titled "Bitch That Hates Everyone". And if they are free and cool enough, they might make you a hash tag on Twitter that might go something like #fuckthatbitch ... Something like that, you get my drift~

Any how, I still stand strong on my opinion that I would rather be someone that some people know rather than being known as THAT girl who sits in Borders wasting her life reading on books that she wants to read but does not have the heart to part with her money.
Here I am to say that, after the yesterday's incident, I promise to put in a bit more effort in dressing up when ever I'm out because I was in shorts and an over sized blouse hanging loosely and a cheap sandals. Lol, I'm sorry that that readers of mine have to see Vox in such state.

I am not here to brag or anything but people always say that I give out this vibe of snobbishness and I am not friendly. Ever heard of not judging a book by its cover? Cause I am that book who looks fugly outside but I am all colorful and pretty on the inside, waiting for all to be discover. Okay, I'm not that fairytale la okay wtf, I'm more like a Gothic book .. Er okay, not really and I think I should shut up now.

What I'm trying to say is that, even if I might be known to somebody because you read my blog and coincidently I hang around the place that you too hangs around, and when you see me with my so to say snobbish look, please do come up and say Hi. I might give you the "Wah wtf who is this" look but deep deep down inside I'm happy that someone knows me =)

By the way, through the wonderful world of blogging is also how I got to know my wonderful boyfriend =) Started off as friends, became a couple midway and now a long road ahead to go through together... And fuck you people who don't believe in relationships that evolved through the net. Go to some corner and draw out all your skeptic-ness and reflects on how happy I am now with Bie, then only you come talk to me. Hate jealousy bitches to the max!

I am back to blogging lengthy blog post. Take it or leave it, this is me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I-City With the Dude

Two weeks ago, on our normal weekend time together, we got totally clueless on what to do as I was not in the mood for a movie when he totally was in the mood for a nice movie, I got spoil sport laa~ Was plopping on the bed thinking of what to do. Then he said, "Let's do something random" which I think sounded quite wrong lol~

He kept it all secret but just asked me to change. All the while packing his camera, his violin and took his suit with him ... While, being the blur me, did not even had a single thought that he is gonna bring me to the place where I bising that I wanna go the other week.

I saw this awesome trees somewhere on Facebook and bugged Bie to bring me there.
Though it was "random" but still, he suffered the long drive and the ungraceful one hour jam outside I-City, did not gave up cause it was quite a distance to be at Shah Alam ... Would be a waste if we gave up on the jam and go back to Subang, probably I want to go eat SnowFlakes wtf LOL!!!


He was driving along the highway when I spotted "Icity/Klang" on the road sign and then it got me thinking, "Damn! Sam wanna bring me go Klang eat bak kut teh ar?" Cause I'm no fan of pork/pork lard/bak kut teh... Then I sempat question him regarding on that to double triple confirm that we are heading to I-City instead LOL!!
Eh, I trust my Bie okay, just that I don't quite trust him at being sweet.. xD

Paid RM2 for the entrance after the one hour jam, sigh when we saw that it's free&easy parking kinda thing ... I went totally jaw down when I saw the amount of people there!! Totally no space to ss and self take pictures without some random kids running infront of you/stay behind of you, totally had the time to stare at you, while you ss smile for the camera that you set on the tripod ... Very well hoping to get a nice & awesome picture .. Just to notice that there are kids behind doing dumb faces =.=

The minion me! And minion trees!
Yea yea~ not nicely dress, like I care, Boohoo~

*peeks at album*
Woohoo! The rest of the picture has me and Bie! He did not take much pictures and let me ss and said "I'm your photographer tonight." Lol? xD

Besides that it is "people mountain people sea"(direct translation of some chinese proverbs that meant HELL LOADS OF PEOPLE!), I really adore the creator of I-City. It's actually a waste land which he turned it into a tourist spot and charges a small amount for the parking which I think he did not fork out any large amount to make it nice or sort~ But he surely need to pay for the amount of electricity needed to light up those trees EVERY night!


There are plenty and many different kind of themes... We took picture with most of the themed trees except for the Chinese theme... Too China with the lanterns as leaves(?!)so I skipped that session with those trees.

My second most like theme! I like the feeling that this pretty lighted trees are just right above my head ... Minus the plastic flowers, I would totally feel like being in Japan with Sakuras dropping down on me =)

My favorite-st theme of all!!
But HAVE to have small kids behind one!
I HAVE to smile so retardedly and looked OMG so short here!
But I still like this theme the most!

Yes, all our pictures are set on the tripod by Bie, with me standing in the middle while he adjust to the height and all the thingiemathigjingie! LOL~
Whee~ Then lovey dovey shot! Got a lot but all either too fail/fail/fair/nothing special. Tripod man! With people running around behind~

Thanks for this random-ness.
I need more of this =)

Being Together

Is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my 20 years of life. My life wasn't this blissful when you weren't around... Like my Facebook says, "You carved and made the best out of me"

Why you think I want a Chef to be my boyfriend?! LOL!!!

Just kidding, I love him the way he is.


more to come dohhh~


Bought myself a dotting tool and wanted to test on it so much that I made a super simple but turned out nicely punya nail art =D
Mad proud!!


Okay, my picture suck but my skills rocks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Nice to Know

Took a day off today, unofficially, and invested my time on something I think that will interest me more than what I am currently doing. Matter of fact is, I'm already all hooked up and all energized up like an Energizer Bunny, to not only fulfill the plans made but to think out of the chow mien(noodles) box (because chow mien boxes are really small), take the dare and made myself worth it all.

Nevertheless, to fully use the skills that I possessed, I mean, I do think I possess some skills that not everyone has and yes, I'm that buay paiseh to say Lol~

I have always categorized myself as being a very straight forward person and yes, most of the time I don't really give a damn about what you say when I am certain on that particular product/situation/happenings because~ There is no because actually, I'm just born to be superior above all. I'm a perfectionist, I hate distractions, I hate works that are half way done, I hate uncertainty, I hate delayers, I hate people with unrealistic visions, I hate people who doesn't want to accept new things and most of all, I really do detest uncooperative people!

And it's nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks and feels and acts that way. This just shows that I am much more ahead and you're just much more left behind because you always quote "During my time blablabla"~ Hello! This isn't about your era, this is about the future and this is not the time where you still can buy a doughnut with RM0.05 anymore... Seriously, people need to grown up, mind wise, age wise inevitable what!

It's also nice to know that things will not turn up as what I initially thought it would be and much freedom will be granted. It's also good to have people who are in the same mind to be working together with, I mean, potential bloggers really has this kind of "their" slang thing and all the hoo haas in between and the rest just got lost in the atmosphere. It's funny to see =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's Chill


Cute little furry things makes me squeal and smile =)

Can Free One Room Ka?

I love meeting new people who possesses different characteristic and behavior mainly because I can know more about the consumer's behavior or just plainly laugh and scoffed at the different yet funny/ridiculous things that people can do/behave/think ...

And working in a call center allows you to be "exposed" to the world and the different people in it, without even paying to travel, needless for you to go up to some strangers and say a simple "HI" ... So here was a conversation I had with one of my customer that totally made me WTFBBQKNNCCB~ and ended up telling the whole office and laughing about it.

Me: Good Afternoon, this is Victoria speaking. How may I assist you?
Cust: *mandarin slang* Er~ Cantonese can?
Me: *changes to Cantonese* How can I help you Sir?
Cust: *speak in Cantonese* Ahh! Thank God I found someone that is Chinese ~
*our department consist mainly chinese people, so wtf was that relived comment for!*
Me: *chuckles* So how can I help you Sir?
Cust: *began some long ass grandfather story about how he booked 2 days but stayed for 1 day only and when he was about to end, he was in a shy tone and asked* So er~ do you think you can give me er one free room to compensate me?
Me: *AHAHAAHAHAHHAHA in heart* Huh?! I shall just write down your details and I will ask someone to call you back~? *wasn't even a question, mehh~*

If you were me, don't you just feel like banging your head on your desk and ask for a 5 minutes time off? After approximately 10 more customers who acted like they either own *company* or their relatives of the owner of the *company*~

Then there was another bitch who totally lost her mind and wailed her fucking lungs out, demanding to be put on the reservation line because she badly needs a room, somewhere in the middle of July. Wtf. July. Middle of July some more. Badly need some more. Which only implies one thing, a fucking kiasu. Who probably needs a room to f*ck. Badly.

Just when I asked for shit to not happen on my day, it happens.
So I shall just stay on normal mode and hope that I will hope for nothing *doesn't make sense, who cares*.

I'm so sure that 5 out of 10 of my readers has/have/had/am behaving like this both customer above and I plead, minta tolong, chiew chiew you all to stop behaving like a bitch, and yes, I do know what is CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT no matter plainly he/she is on the wrong side, because let's not forget that I am a customer as well.
I, too, on the same mind with the customer who acted bitch today, does not like to be put on hold for thousand times, and then can't get through the line, and then when I do get through, I get cut off and when I call back, I'm back at square one .. Not able to do any booking or reservation. Money and time spent, nothing done. Much hated, I do understand that.

But mind you people, you do not need to be throwing abusive languages or shouting in my ears or demanding like I'm God and could grant you anything or behaving like I'm the owner of the company and you start to negotiate with me~ Like I can do anything for you besides what I'm instructed to.
I'm merely working and trying to earn a living here~
Not that I'm being a snobbish bitch and not giving you discount room rates just because (example) maybe you have a bitchy voice ... I'm not being a voice-ist okay~

This has been on my mind after working at call centers for the pass 6 months~
I was like "WTF I care with how this call center people feel, I'm customer and I'm right and I want it done now!" and that can only be implied to really fucked up telemarketers who aren't even trying to be helpful.
You obviously do not wail your fucking lungs out when the telemarketer tells you why she can't do this and was trying to find a solution for you. That's just inappropriate and unfair for the telemarketer.

Who is with me, click "Diggin It"
Who is against me, click "WTF" *but like I care la okay~*

P/s: *company* is the name of my company which I do not wish to disclose.
Monday, June 21, 2010


I did a different nail design this week and I totally hate it because it was messy and I did not get what I initially wanted. Stuck with ugly nails for 5 days, I really need to change them for the new coming week. Which is today already la~ wtf.

This is way better than the previous.
And I think I'm losing touch in nail art due to lack of practice =p


See! Ugly right?! Sigh~ I shall resort to this for the next 5 days then =(
Must practice more *bugs mum to buy more colors* TEEHEE!!
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Animals Wears The Human Nature

I had just found this very very sad to see video, probably most of you had seen this, but this is my first time seeing this video.

It's almost human. As near to be able to cry and wail and mourn over the death of the another cat who died because some irresponsible driver just drove over it or something!
Do you think animals has no feelings at all?
Don't you all watch shows involving cats/dogs/rats/squirrels etc etc that actually communicates to each other with their meows/woofs/squeaks?

We may not understand them and they might not fully understand us, but they still feel pain when someone hits them, they still feel sad when their owners disown them and throw them away, they still feel hunger when they are not fed(worst is they can't cry out loud or take food off the shelves like what we do!), thing is, if you cant/think that you're not able to take care of them till they die of old age/sickness then why buy them to rear at the first place?!

Isn't that a bit selfish?!
It's just the same like, if married couples thinks that they are aren't able to take care of a baby on their own due to financial problem/time management problem/they are just not ready for it, then use a condom for god's sake! Don't be an ass and fucks with no safety protection and when the lady gets pregnant, you try to flush the infant down the drain, wtf, worst.. abortion. Actually flushing a new born down the drain is worst than abortion.

Aren't humans turning more and more into (very not appropriate to say but this is the only example) an animal, though we can't really say that as animals are more humane compared to us now. It's sad to flip the newspapers and see DEATHS, MURDERS, RAPES, etc etc.
Friday, June 18, 2010

Brand New Day

Waking up to fairly good mood today, breakfast is served, shampoo did not run out because I need to shampoo hair this morning, picked a set of clothes in mere 2 minutes(I take 10 minutes usually wtf), put in on and realized that my love handles are gone(!), nice hair day, eyes still swollen so today is *wear your specs* to work day ... Haiah, I feel geeky .. But like quite nice wtf LOL!

Told someone that I am not the "I am so sad I feel like dying" and then emo for the next 10 years, that kind of a person. I usually forget what I feel or think the night before, but I want to remember this. But I probably wont after a year or so and will wonder what is this post all about.

Then again, I typed a fairly good one yesterday *self praise* and it's basicly what and how I feel. Meh~ This is my blog so I blog what I want and I delete what I want .. Teehee!
I miss him all over again.
Then again, tomorrow is Saturday already! =)

*off to work*
Pst, I'm really happy for this change in life =D
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"I Work As A Researcher"

Seriously, when ever I hear people replying to "So what are you working as?", I began to think of what ever task they would need to fulfill in their job scope. Usually I do understand/at least have a blur view on what they are suppose to do, for example, a sales person.. they promote products/services to customer and they earn by commission and their skills would be their ability to relate to people and grab their attention and direct them to the product/services that they are offering.

That was just a very simple example, okay, maybe some people work as a Human Resource Manager and you would agak agak know that their job scope would involve things like interaction with humans/people, give them a job or something like that. Doctors, whom has a wide range of doctors like Vet Docs, will be dealing with sick animals, Surgeons(who are actually doctors in general)will be the ones that enjoys cutting you into half and it's legal as well!) LOL!
Up to this point, you should get/understand my drift.

But when one says, "I'm actually a Researcher for *dotdotdot* company." and that will make you think of what a researchers does. I mean like, there must be a cause and effect thing right? So there must be a problem that needs researches to be done by (maybe) this namely researchers, in order for this job scope to exist, right?
I do understand that whenever one is sick or an epitome of sicknesses like the H1N1(by the way, how did this viral flu evolve out of no where, got me putting on my thinking cap too)happens, people or namely this researchers are needed of their skills.

But what is it with advertisements on things and products like milk powders, portraying a researcher holding a test tube filled with white liquid(should be the new milk). I mean, what are they suppose to do? Drying milks from the cow after adding (probably) "goodness" (like all those long long words), like BL Bifidus or something, make some milk and test it on some random poor kid? Then lock up the kid for a year or so and while at it, whacks on the poor boy with super duper hard random mathematics, science, politics, laws etc, feeding him the researching milk and see how his brain works?

Besides that, are there really researchers for the new pens made by some companies... I can so imagine them mixing all the weird thingiemagictic into the ink so that the ink will last longer and not dry up, all the while trying to steal formulas from competing companies...then there would be a group of hired part timers, sitted in a white room ala rooms for mentally-ill people and were told to write as long as possible to test on the life span of the new created pens compared to the pens of their old formulas.

Then here comes this researchers of soaps, bleachers, toilet cleaning agents(Mr Muscle wtf), toilet papers(no kid!), leg shaving products(with the girl dropping a velvety cloth down her legs and it's suppose to slide now nice and smooth), toothbrushes on what factors are needed in one fine perfect toothbrush etc etc. My listing could go on and on as I'm actually a very television-person but not very much now. I just realized that television commercials are filled with craps as such and I couldn't help but to think WHAT does this "researchers" really do on a working day basis!

Any how, I do have a point on this topic right? What do they really and actually do? Make some clothes dirty and then sit there and test on the workability of the detergents? And get paid like Opera Winfrey, not that she gets paid anyways, money just falls onto her lap and probably around her 2747130472 acre of land LOL~
Come come~ Let's think this together and tell me what do you actually think =)

Have You Seen Sony Music Malaysia's Facebook Fanpage?

If you have not, Where have you been? Do you all know that you're missing out on loads of freebies on the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage, such as free CD giveaways, latest grooves and happenings on your favorite singers/actor/actresses etc etc.

As we all know, the FIFA is the IN thing now. People are changing their phone's ringtones into songs from the World Cup, trying to get into the spirit of football and whatnot. Thus, the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage has offered the Official 2010 World Cup Song (WAKA WAKA by Shakira) Caller Ring Tone for free. See! Not being a fan on the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage has made you missed out on this offer! By Shakira okay!

Okay, So you're not really a World Cup fan, neither you're a interested in anything football, I'm sure everyone takes interest in musics. I, on the other hand, could not live without listening to music even for an hour. But I have a busy schedule, so there is no time to be sitting in front of the radio listening to the DJs, and finding out news songs from artists that I like.
What do I do then? I frequently stalk the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage to get the latest update because they even gave out Autographed by Pitbull's albums! Who can resist Pitbull! LOL..

*clicks to enlarge*
See, you missed it! No longer want to miss any of the great giveaways? Go "LIKE" the Sony Music Malaysia facebook Fanpage now!

There are always a Photo section where they update them frequently for us to go gaga over.
In case, you still have not notice that I had actually spammed Sony Music Malaysia's Facebook Fanpage all over this blog, then go HERE. Be a fan and enjoy all the updates posted on the page and win freebies to the coolest concert in town! Thing is, be a Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage stalker and you're good to go! LOL

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's This??

I'm feeling so down for this past few days.

Seriously, what is wrong with me??

I feel like finding fault with people around me and it just irks me whenever people are trying to be funny or making jokes of certain things. I would snap at it and call them childish and thinks that they don't know the world and would assumed them for being a mommy's boy/girl.

Things are bothering me but I cant seem to find what is it that is bothering me!!
Somebody... deliver me out of this.
I'm feeling psychotic.
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Current Addiction

When everyone is addicted to DSLR and large lenses like L Lens and Macro or Tamron Lenses, I'm being a bitch and currently am addicted to Nico Digi and Kuro Digi... Wtf is that you may ask? LOL

Nico Digi

Kuro Digi

Yes, they are cameras. Capable of capturing pictures and video recordings but if you were to compare this cutesy things with DSLR that you all splurged thousands on, then this are just mere dust on floors. I'm getting this for the fun of it Heh~

While DSLRs have lenses that comes with the usage of the body, this cameras has Jelly Lens! I know this thing have existed like one year ago and now only am finding this out and going all excited about it, but I don't care! HAHAHA!




there are differences on all this jelly lens but i'm just too lazy to tell them all. I'm looking forward to own all this! Teehee! Japan spirit within wtf! xD
Friday, June 11, 2010

A Skin-Caring Side of Me! LOL!

Have you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling all nausea,


with heavy dark eye bags probably from the lack sleep the night before

and a red dry lips?

It makes you wanna sing "Wake up in the morning feeling like WineHouse!" cause you look so screwed even a junkie looks better. What's worst is that you will be out of house in 2 hours! And excessively heavy makeup will only worsen the condition.
Well, there is no instant solution wtf. But here is what I do frequently. As I'm born with sensitive skin, my skin care regime involves a lot of natural ingredients such as

this slime here, which consists of honey, sugar, yoghurt and milk powder. Mix them all up to form this liquid slime paste which acts as a mask.
Honey to tighten skin,thus smaller pores.
Sugar act as a scrub to remove dead skin.
Yoghurt & Milk Powder lightens the skin.

Yes, each of them has their own benefit and not that I simply add what ever I like or my kitchen has!
As I was in a very cold aircon room for 2 whole week, my lips dried up and it turned red! So I applied the paste onto my lips


and onto my lower eyes for the eye bags


like this

and gave my lips a quick scrub. I just left the paste onto my lower eye and you should NEVER EVER rub that delicate part of your eyes with scrubs, unless you wanna have wrinkles all over and sagging eye bags.. By all means, go ahead LOL!

I was in a rush to go out, so I left it on my face for 5 minutes. Usually I would leave it till it is all dried up and I would rinse them off with tap water and apply on moisturizers to lock in the goodness and re-moisturize your skin after the scrubbing session


Let us all practice this method for a whole month and we shall measure the results! Are you gonna do this? Because I DEFINITELY am! =) Work took my time spent on the Internet away, so I took my sleeping time away just to surf on the Internet. LOL!

Hennessy Artistry With Ad Bangers, Joe Flizzow & Sona One, Summer Daniels & DJ Tempo, Aftermath 2010

The month of May had been an awesome one with great highlights such as this Hennessy Artistry, which was held at Zouk KL. This is the second time of Hennessy Artistry for the year of 2010 and it was held at two places on two different days, as per stated.

And of course I went for the one held at Zouk KL which was on the May 29. We were there fairly early as we want to grab the opportunity to be able to meet&greet the artist before Hennessy Artistry starts. Yes, we were as early as 1 hour before the stated time.
Took the opportunity to take a picture with my date for the night, Hennessy Artistry's backdrop


We were then escorted to a chilling lounge for a bite and a drink, whilst waiting for the meet&greet session.

Hennessy Artistry family members!
A new way of self taking pictures and please excuse us *erhem* bloggers. *erhem*

*erhem* A massive one. With all the other bloggers me love!
Told you it runs in the blood of bloggers.
We are just born vainpots, LOL!

There were no pictures of the yummy food as it was too yummeh that we kept eating them up the moment the friendly waitress there served us, too busy eating and we have to fight for it like barbarics wtf. Just joking. We are well civilized people! LOL.

After waiting for quite some time, we were told that the meet&greet session had been canceled due to the weather, in which I don't know what has meeting the artist has to do with the weather when we will be seated inside with them. I was a little disturbed by this sudden arrangement as I was there way too early to start party. Then it got me thinking, "So what am I gonna do now? Sit here and eat for another 1 hour?" and I was a bit upset about the loose management. Was even thinking to write up a shit post about Hennessy Artistry.

But after 10 minutes of us being told that the previous was canceled, we were then again invited to go for a short meet&greet&taking pictures session with Summer Daniels and Dj Tempo. I wander where Joe Flizzow & Sona One went? And Ad Bangers totally did not show up. Hmm~ Great~


We were then allowed to go into Zouk and we got ourselves as bloggers a place on the upper floor, which is the best because it wasn't as crowded as it was on the ground floor. We totally got the whole place to ourselves.


I love love love the stage this time at Zouk KL! The last Hennessy Artistry which were held at The Opera had a floating stage, where we have to stand far far so that we are able to see who is spinning.
But this, is just pure awesome, I can even take pictures with DJ as my backdrop! LOL!!

OMG! Angmo messaging! LOL

After a picture or two before the event starts. We then headed up to the balcony floor and waited for the event to start.


It started off with Sarah Lian as the MC for the night and the first line up was Joe Flizzow with Sona One.

Them with Sarah Lian, cranking up the stage and heating up the dance floor with their awesome rapping skills and they even invited a few dancers from the floor to go on stage to have a dance with them.

The rest of the night were then entertained by Summer Daniels with her awesome voice, singing to songs which sounded techno to me. As we were on the upper floor, I did not bother to go peer over the balcony to see who is up next and I was dancing away thinking that the singing were some recorded ones. Summer Daniels really sound real good and looks REAL good too =)

She, who rocked the stage and night away and got my friend so high that she got drunk and fell onto the floor! LOL, shall not tell who but she shall know when she read this herself, is she ever reads my blog, LOL.

I really love being a blogger as we are treated as gold guest for the Hennessy Artistry, because half way through dancing, someone came up and asked "Are you all bloggers?" and stuffed two bottles of unopened Hennessy VSOP. The only main reason why she got drunk! LOL

Hire me please? I love my title and I love to party!

All in all, I enjoyed myself for this Hennessy Artistry. Everything was mainly the same compared to the previous one, it's just that it was held at a different place thus the different environment, different line up, different companion and a totally different experience I must say.
Yes, I am already looking forward to the next one. YES! You heard me, there is a next one, so hang on to my site for more updates!

Till then.
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lil Change

There's a little change in the weather now~

It was warm a month ago

Then it got a bit chilly

Then it was too sunny and hot for warmers

Abandoning thick coats and muffs
Now laying and sprawled all across the old wooden floor
On a sunny yet breezy weather.

I lay on the cracked floor
Wondering where I was meant to be

Then I realized,
I was born,
To be here
To live here
To adapt to the changing weather here
To find my better half here
(which I have)

My life is here
Though it isn't a smooth sailing one,
But hey(!) who has a smooth sailing life, right?

Cause if you do, you're gonna get ship wrecked the next moment.

Living here taught me that,
Nothing is never/impossible here
And never/impossible is nothing here

There's a little change in the weather now~
Laying on the cold hard tiles
I can now proudly say

"I have made it this far and I cherish it!"
Sunday, June 6, 2010

On The 22nd of May 2010

Was my first cyber crime(wtf)for I have successfully remembered Bie's password but totally got messed up with his email address. And so I got help from Audrey, whom obviously and gladly helped me and joined my crime! LOL...


I shall announce that I'm such a great planner because even though I had this planned like 3 weeks ahead and within the three weeks, I even went to a trip with him and a bunch of his friends who knew about this. Okay, we were all great at hiding that from him. Bie did not even suspect cause profoundly, he is VERY BUSY! *hmm hmm, nods head*


He had told me earlier that he was gonna have a BBQ session for his birthday... With a few more culprit, we thought of showing the "thing" we made for him, right at his house, his own TV. Then Lao Niang had my mind changed and secretly posted up his blog on the 22nd of May...

Bie was out.
Bie came back,
I just finished posting and I quickly told him that I wanna go sleep.LOL
5 minutes later, Bie messaged and said,
"Wahh you did a post for me?!! I'm shocked! Thankss Biee, Lovess.."

I went to bed smiling and "Yes, successful!" Heheh~ I'm proud =p

And they live happily together =D
That day was a fairytale! LOLL

Ran out of words for picture caption LOL.. And so below is the video that I initiated on and the editor was Jackie at .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Decided!

I have been itching to blog today. Itching hands since 8pm on the 4th of June 2010? Reached home at about 7pm because it's so blardy jam for whatever reason, after a whole day of training. Came back, washed up and ate and was trying all my might to wake Boyfy up cause whenever his MSN goes IDLE, he is either downstairs watching Cinderella(wtf) or he fall asleep and left his MSN on. And whenever he puts AWAY, he goes out, as in out of the house, for a moment cause he is lazy to turn off his computer.LOL

So so, it's not about the Boyfy, it's about me who is itching to blog but I totally got nothing to blog. I do have 2 things to write about but I just don't feel like doing it and I feel the urge to ramble on and what ever that comes to my mind.
Whenever this situation comes, I'm always reminded of the days when I fully utilized the public transport to classes, tuitions, outings etc. I would sometimes take a longer route back so that I can clear things off my mind. Standing/sitting in a train/bus with music in ears, helps me relax and it's kinda therapeutic. In the sense that, I hate being alone but I hate large crowds too and when you're in the train, it's kinda love and hate relationship because, there are people around you but you're actually alone. Get what I meant? Unless you're boarding it with your friends, that's another case okay~

I don't really do anything thinking when I am in the train/bus, I just sit there and stare outside. Even sometimes, I don't know what songs that are playing on my device. I just let it linger in my brain, hoping that things will change and somehow or rather, I feel more relax. See! I don't need spa to relax, I'm cheap wtf. And public transport ain't that cheap actually. Let me just give you a rough figure of the whole trip from my house to TARC Setapak.

RM2.50 - Rapid bus to Sg Wang
RM2.00 - Metro/SJ bus from Sg Wang to Setapak.
(then I will reach college)
(after college)
RM1.50 - From TARC Setapak to Monorail Chow Kit.
RM1.60 - From Monorail Chow Kit to Monorail Imbi.

Imbi, which is Times Square, is usually my last stop as I tend to be kiam(cheap) and I would rather wait for hours for my mum to leave, which is around 5pm. Then I'l be walking around, Borders is where I will always hide cause I nerd like that wtf. =p
And when there are days that I feel like I just wanna go home, shower and sleep, I'l take a bus from Imbi and that will cost me RM2.50. I hate Metro/SJ so I chose Rapid, in which I need to pay an extra of RM0.50.

You do the maths. I'm cheap, I can't do maths =p

And and and have you all came across situation like for example, you are waiting at a place where you usually wait for bus, knowingly that there will be a bus(eg)at 2pm. Somehow or rather, the bus did not arrived at 2pm. So you went "Ohhh never mind, let's just wait till it comes, it will come *still optimistic*". Just because you're kind hearted, you gave up your bustop sit to another elder person, so you would need to stand. Looking at the watch and you go "Sighhh, where is the bus? It's 2.30pm already*muram*". Then that is when the temptation comes, in front of you, thousands of taxis are waiting for customers to board them. Tempted and checked purse and obviously just enough for taxi, then have to eat sand the whole week. So close purse and thinks "Since I have waited for more than 30minutes, no point spend more on a 5 minutes destination and eat sand the whole week,"
So wait some more...
Fucking tempted.
And the bus arrived at 4pm.


Always happens to me and it's even worst when I am hungry. I would need to decide to buy roadside stall's food to eat or no, thinking that the bus will arrive in a short while and there is food at home. So no point wasting money on dirty roadside stall food right?!
Then,*toot*, bus arrived 3 hours later.
Hunger disappeared to God knows where.
Then reach home and self console, "Never mind, I did not pound on the kg!"
My life is sad, I know.

It's even sadder now that I have just spam my blog space cause I'm too bored and I would love to type a lot.I have more important things to write but I ignored and rambled. Totally FML.
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