Friday, July 31, 2009

Just When I Need One

While you all were on your way home by bus and probably Ying Zi is accompanying them, I shall share about friends that i don't really know but i already heart them to bits!

As i have posted for the past few days, been really tired and worked out with college and assignments and never had any thing that i feel is "entertaining" other than crap talks with the college mates.
But! A lot of people made me pull a big wide smile on my face at the same time nearly made me pee in my pants! Lol thanks you all.. really enjoy that session. YOU THINK LAO NIANG 3 YEARS OLD AR?! LOL xD

Since 9.56p.m, i received a msn message from "Ying Zi" asking me to webcam, like suddenly! Out of the blue. But heck, i was too busy to even not notice that that annoying "Ying Zi" is actually not her. Sorry babe! Saying that she is tired and wants to sleep early really triggered me to start noticing what the heck went wrong with "Ying Zi". Bla bla bla bla~ Much persuading later, around 10.50p.m, only i know that it is WEIJIE!! And i agreed to look at them through webcam! Lol~ I paiseh ler people!! sorry sia~

there! this bunch of good entertaining people!
click to enlarge.

I only know weijie and Ying Zi, well, Ying Zi personally. I see Meldric name in HP's blog before and the girl with spex too but i forgot her name. And the other pretty girl was asked by them to be the "ghost" and tried to pun me! Lol~

For awhile there i got freaked out(seriously)cause Ying Zi's face total messed up ler! Lol~ You got me there babe. Then when Weijie Kept giggling, i knew it was a prank! Lol~ Meldric too~ Grinned only! Lol~ Need to take up acting class from Ying Zi lur both of you! Lol~

Anyway. thanks you guys for the short but great time! To the two girls, add me on msn or anything ok~ sorry i don't know the names! Lol~
*hugs all*
Thursday, July 30, 2009

A SASA Interview

Weeks ago, my college collected and compiled a lot of diffrent types of future jobs from different types of company and they set up booths to better let us know about it. Unfortunately, there are people like us who is a tiny bit interested to know more but are highly affected when it comes to the word "free gift" lol what turf. Not that we can't afford it whatsoever kthxbye, it is just human nature to go "ooh~ free gifts", right? Now now there, don't give me those kiam siap face! Lol

SASA came with a nice pink and attractive booth and now i know that pink not only attracts girls but boys too! cause i saw a few boy's name signed up for the job opportunity! Lol what turf, i know! BOYS!
Never did it came across to our mind that we will be one of the lucky ones among so many interview papers, we were hand selected for the interview. Happy? MAD HAPPY CAN! to the thought that i got the free gift(a mask)and a long lasting job opportunity. Most importantly, to let the "big peoples" of companies that i would look forward to get imployed, knows the existence of me! Lol~

So we went for the interview yesterday and we were mad nervous. Me, i am but i don't know the rest of my peeps cause i have never ever been to a REAL interview before where you're sitted in front of interviewers and you have to introduce yourself and you have to have a fast mind to think of answer of all the random questions that were thrown to you. I do have working experiences but those are different cause all i did was to walk in, fill up a form, got asked a few small questions and TRALLA~YOU GETS IT! Yes, my previous company is as easy as that!

Nevertheless, the interviewers are mad awesomely friendly can! especially the lady who has superb facial expression cause you can totally see whether she likes the way you talk or no. she would just srunch up her face when you go "-la" "-lo"...
And i realized that i had a super super duper big voicebox what turf. when it was my turn to answer, i had already did my very best to speak as soft as possible but my friend said that i seemed like i was shouting! T-T
cant say that i did bad as well. so we are very very looking forward for roadshows and all those jingamattashits!
Till then! Loves all!

upcoming post - An Outing with The CollegeMates = Camho-ing Day!
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rumours and About

The lack of updates are all due to the 12 assignments that are needed of us to finish all up and by this point of the time, i am very sure that all of you is thinking " Go do your assignments, bitch! Stop updating the same thing!"
Meh~ I will still update cause blogging and mostly writing is still my thing, my love, my passion.

One thing I know for sure is that this semester really really come and go at lightning speed. You know people say that, "Happy moments happens in a blink of an eye, so cherish it!". Okay~ No one said this but Victoria Poh alone. LOL~
All thanks to wonderful classmates that brings some of the assignment stress off but joking around real wild, just the way i used too. Loving every moment of it, okay~

I realized that i have been sleeping way too lil and i became a binge and am despo-ing to be as thin as possible, which leads to me not eating at all. Am seeing result though, so heck, i am still going to continue this.
Was looking through cuzzie's Facebook and realized that they take alot of pictures together and i think that our class should start optioning Vanity and cam-ho more! For memories la kan~

I wanted to talk about the rumors but heck, tired already, eyes wna close~ till then~
Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diet Plan

I have been dieting ever since i know that i was/am overly over weight and has not been stopping or procrastinating on the plan ever. I procrastinate a lot but not on this matter, you can have my word and head and butt and br*ea*t on it.

But, i think my effort to diet is backfiring cause i ain't getting any thinner. Well, not up to my standard of "thin" that is. For a hell load of three years what turf and i am still fat. People love to give me face and say "chubby" what turf. FYI people, chubby = fat. Chubby = a polite way to say that that people is fat. Go get a Thesaurus or something people, you will find it, trust me!

Since i have nothing i would say to blog this days, i might just make my blog a diet blog, so to say but really, maybe i should make it like a place where i record what i ate for today and maybe pound on the calories that i consumes for the day. It should be less and lesser calories per each day and if i "ter"increase the calories for that particular day, then really fml!

I exercise. I really do. Well, that is if you meant exercise as in sweating out no matter what you do, point is you SWEAT, then hell yea, i sweat a lot everyday. Like today, i went swimming which is my routine, then i ran around that house taking care of the two nephews and sweats buckets, then i ran up and down the car running errands under the hot sun and i sweat even more..
I can't even remember what i ate today cause it seems like i did not had anything at all for today and as i am typing, my stomach is growling what turf. Must tahan ler~
*ok wait, amnesia healed* I had Pan Mee today, the Ching Tong Pan Mee, now that is not fat riiighhhhttt??? And i had soya bean to wash it all down.


Mummy say that it is cause it is make out of beans and beans are protein. And body builders consume protein so that they has more energy to work out and to grow super duper big like Incredible Hulk! Lol what turf~ They even spend hundreds just for the protein power. To me protein powder = baby's milk powder, then why don't they just consume baby's milk powder?? Isn't that the SAAAAMMMMEEE??
OK~ back to me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Assignment's Aftermath!

Yes yes and yes! I had been working on much a lot of assignments for the past few weeks where i had mentioned on my second latest post to this.

It's not everyday that we dressed up formally in college, well, not till we are out there working that is. So we cease the opportunity to cam-ho as much as possible, with anyone who is possible and everyone who are possible lol what turf! xD

Really had much fun with the new peoples and the new kind of character, which is supportive people mind you.. Lo and behold are loads of pictures. I am still awfully tired so i am not going to do any auto level, auto contrast, blooming and there will never be border too. Cause my eyes are hurting that's why.

The duo! This is A MUST! US BOTH FIRST! Huahaha! xD

The another duo! Which makes us all a trio! Hehehe Love!

My awesome group
this picture looks like we are taking the family photo! what turf! Lol xD

Arh~ A nicer and not so formal one.
But still looks like we are afraid of each other!

Us again! One whom is not from the group but a great camho-er! Hahaha~

Us again! Presenting Lengchai who made all the girls went

Then we rushed to the next class and hell, once it started, it got so contagious that we had another helluva fun doing it all over again in the class and i laughed my ass off! Lol~

After much trial and error to get the three of us into a picture, in which it failed, so i was kicked down to take a picture like that and i crooked my head one side.
I looked like a dumb duck what turf

Hahaha! To make it fair and square!

And i shall end this post with a picture of us, just to irritate you! LOL!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey people! A very very happy greeting from me to all and no, i am not dead yet even though it seems like it here. I no longer update everyday or thrice a day now what turf, i did that when i was having my semester holiday cause i got so bored of games and no one to talk to, so blogging is my only resort to voice out my thoughts when i am in the house, alone.

Been very very very very busy for the past few weeks and will be in the same state too for the next few weeks and i can assure that i will be super duper free after the month of September, cause that's when the finals ends. Yes, sucky cause finals is one day after my own birthday! Still, i can have no time to celebrate lo, sigh~ but someone suggested that we celebrate it WITHIN the month itself! Yays! And heck loads of September babies too, in my class! Heck, i am no longer the special small baby of the group! Hahaha~

I really want to tell what happened to me for this few weeks but i have no idea where and what to say cause it's just really normal, studies everyday, joking around with friends, laughing 24/7 a day.. cause that just me. I make my life fun, and fun is what i get, despite some discouragement and misunderstanding.

Having the special someone yet?
The answer is no, don't ask why cause the answer will always be " I have not find my cuppa". And if i do succeed in finding that "cup of tea", i might not even have time to just sit down with the "cup of tea" by the sea side, looking out towards the big blue sea and chillax. I can forsee myself rushing here and there, flying here and there for the next few years. I forsee, but i will fulfill it.
I know, this is saddening but what turf, i don't care.

I had an assignment today and there's another one tomorrow. But am damn tired now, just feel like nuah my bed and just fall flat, waking up and acha again the next morning at 6a.m.
Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that I Missed

Being super busy for the past few weeks due to impending assignments and assignments that suddenly had a change of date, i missed out quite a lot of event and fun with peeps, be in from the blogging world or real life friends.

For say, i missed the Manchester United vs. Malaysia football match which was held a few days back. Though i missed it, nevertheless, i am still pretty contented with some incomplete fill up about the over all match, and grinned even more when I got to know that Manchester United triumphs, THEY ALWAYS DO!
But heck, never did it crossed my mind Manchester United vs. Malaysia (3 - 2)! Cause the last time Manchester United really Kick Bu out of Malaysia with a whooping 6 - 0. Rumors has it that Manchester United give face to Malaysia team and let two balls for them! Lol~ Aww~ Manchester United team are such wonder!

*glory glory Man United!*

And they are having a rematch so to say, today! Goodness! Yes, adding that to the ANOTHER thing that i am going to miss. Stupid fucktard assignments! I so can't wait to end college and to work and be out of Malaysia for awhile till i feel yonder for it.

Bon Odori. The ONE and ONLY event that i wanted to go so very very much! Hadn't been to Bon Odori for three years now...since my SPM days what turf. People say that BonOdori get better and better as year goes by, but looking at the pictures and a lil recap of what happen from friends, it doesn't sound as EXCITING as how they say it was. Trying way a bit too hard to make it sound excited and to make me jealous, i reckon, it did not work though.
Bygone are bygone~ Shall go next year. Cause no more exams but got work leh what turf!

Being all total bookworm and internetworm for the pass weeks, i missed hell loads of movie outings! MOVIE SIUT! Why must all those nice movies be out on periods where i have the most to work at?! I missed to be the early batch to watch "Transformers", "The Proposals", Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince", and there should be many many more movies that were out and i BET i did not even know about it! what turf~ I used to have quite and ecxiting life before college but now~ HELL.

I even missed a mountain climbing outing with bloggers! But~ I did not know whether they made it or canceled it? No updates?
Bottom line is, I MISSED OUT LOADS OF THINGS/EVENTS/you name it. I feel so small and stupid now. kthxbye, off to assignments AGAIN.
Thursday, July 16, 2009








Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lo Que Soy

Which means "this is me" in Espanol.

What intrigued me to do a post as late as tonight is due to what i read just now. And here is just me expressing what i feel as to what you has expressed how you feel. If you have the feeling that i am talking about you, then bear that in mind, cause i ain't going to say it twice and i ain't going to change who i am just because you dislike it and just because i dislike her, that i have to change.

I have changed a lot and by the means of a lot, it is really that that fucking hell loads! And due to what? Due to "all" of you! I know you feel weird and hard to do in between of us but like i said, i can't just plain blardy ignore her. But i can't blame it all on you cause, c'mon, how long have you known me?! A year right? and that isn't enough to know the real me. I do show it sometimes and honestly i showed most of my real me in front of you and you just don't get the drift, don't cha?

I once remember that you said blogging shouldn't be a place to name names and i follow suit and hasn't been naming names since then. But sadly, after looking at your post, you don't do what you preach huh? On the same issue, you naming others hypocrite, aren't you one either? And a very big one too~ Sorry to say but i really feel sad, like super duper sad that i saw that post of yours. I knew how you felt about all those all this while but hell, do you really has the needs to post it out? Our secrets? Our blardy hell secrets that i told you so much just because of one word, TRUST..

Surely, you can say and post and feel or think whatever you like, i have no say on that. You said that i made you gossip, did i use a gun and aimed it at your head sueing you to gossip? NO! I obviously did not right? I think that i know you more than you know me seriously..
You think i did not see your face the other day? The day when survey forms are needed to fill out? C'mon, you expect me to do all the shame things like walking up to strangers and asked for surveys?! And you just laid back there and chillax?! HELL NO! You got a thin skin and i can swear to God i have thinner skin then both of yours piled up together.
Hell! This has been long in my heart. All the shit things that you all don't want to do, you all chuck it to me and then claim credits for it! You think i am what?! Your damn blardy foc maid ar?!

Seriously, this flaming back to back is really aiming to no where and is just a blardy waste of time. So i shall stop here cause it hurts, hurts so much to be betrayed so to say by someone that i trusted so much and to all the time i thought that she will be by my side 100%. Conclusion, she sits on the fence and i hate that.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Camho-er-ing At Fucked Up KTM With Krispy Kreme With The New Hairdo.

Stupid title cause i don't know what to name my post and i just name it with what i did today. Total mix feeling today and i hurried and rushed here and there but~ that's just the way i like it. Rushing to do things that i love doing.. No sweat no gain. wait~ or it is No pain no gain?! Lol whatever~

Right after class today, headed over to MidValley cause brother said Krispy Kreme sells super cheap today with the occasion of their first month anniversary.

RM9.95 (tax included if there were any)





happy me with new hair color that you can't really catch the real color on pictures cause

you will DEFINITELY see different color as my hair caught the different light.

see what i meant!!! sweat~
But it is as close to the first picture of me.

Once again i waited hell long at the KTM. I waited for like 20 minutes and they announced that they train was suppose to arrive within 6 minutes and it arrived after half an hour! Ok what turf~

Everyone got so excited and went and stand at the yellow line to secure a nice place to jostle into the "so-call" coming train. After half an hour, this man got depressed and walks back to where he sat half an hour ago! Lol~ Lesson learnt, wait till you see the train then only you get onto your feet, unless you want to look stupid and have to walk back to where you sit and has people sneekering you quietly.




Sunday, July 12, 2009

"I'm Not Going To Buy You Anything Even If You Asked, When I Grow Up"

When i had finally take break of my Guitar Geek and finally resorted to my studies, i just can't concentrate. Moreover, i had cover ALL the things that were taught and also things that has NOT been teach, technically, I am more knowledgeable than the rest! Lol what turf, joking only peeps.

Looking down at my feet, i count the days that went by from the last day that i trimmed my toe nails and I cant think when was the last time, should be awesomely long ago cause my nails are fugly in shape but it has regained it's pinky color cause i have not been using polish on it for quite some time now. While i was trimming it, i remember how last time when i was in my primary days, without fail, on every Sunday night, it will be our "Pack Everything Nicely" night in preparation for school the next day. My brother and I will take turns, from sharpening pencils to sit in front of the timetable stuffing books into our bags to trimming nails.

Mummy was a very particular lady and she doesn't want us to shame her and obviously she does not want us to shame ourselves too. No doubt, we are not rich but she'd make us prim and proper in anyway she could and would. I used to hate to pack our books for the next day cause i have to pack mine(obviously)and also pack my brother's as well, cause he can't read the timetable. He was two years younger than me.
I remember very well that i used to love end year, where mummy will drive us to Kajang's Czip Lee bookstore to buy our new semester books. Being a book lover, i would be extra thrilled! Though it is only textbooks. Mummy knew that i love books, not really the reading part, but she never stinge on getting me ANY books that i wanted. Then there were the wrapping book part and YES, mummy hand wrapped ALL BOTH of our books all by herself when we were in primary but the duty was handed over to me when i went into secondary. LOVE IT!! I love the feeling when i wrapped the books, i know that the books will be in super good condition eventhough till the end of my semester.

I love my childhood in certain ways and hate it in certain ways too.

Last Saturday, i went to Econsave to do some grocery shopping with mummy and i saw the cutest wanderer ever! I was standing by the sidewalk with the overloaded trolley waiting for mummy to select whatever she wanted and i saw the cutest most comical boy ever. What drew my attention onto the boy and his mother who was pushing the trolley was because the boy, should be at an age of 6 y.o, was sitting in the trolley ONTOP of a bag of rice! I remembered how mummy used to scold me for even walking over the food laid on the floor and now~ this boy sits on it!? what turf can! Lol~
He was comical cause he was chattering a lot! I can't really make it out what he was saying at first cause it was in Mandarin but later on i get what he said i cant help it but to burst out with laughters, ajorned with the laughters of his mum too.

"Teng wo da liau, ni jiau wo mai seme wo dou bu yau mai kei ni"
"when i grew up, i wouldn't buy anything for you eventhough you ask for it"

was what they boy said to his mother!!! I was surprised that the mother was not in rage but was laughing her heart out! LOL~ Cute aint' it!?
If i were to say like that to my mum, i would have got canning instead of laughters though i feel that laughters are worst than canning cause mocking is more hurtful than getting canned.

Awhile ago, i told my mum about this little cute incident and she burst out laughing too! FYI, she hate small retard kurang ajar kids like that but SHE LAUGHED?!
And she said, both of us, me and my brother, had never ever behaved in such a way before! SEE~ I am a good kid ok~

Can i not grow up??!

p/s: i already did and that was a stupid question, i know.

Twitter Effect

Due to the massive amounts of twitters that i twit daily which is no more than 140 words, the great impact it had on me is not being able to write as long as i can write last time. I find redundancy in writing my post and the words are just not pouring out as smoothly as i blog. Used to, the longer i write, the more i express here.. But now, it is all going to be just like this~

- woke up at 6 a.m today with a plan to exercise but failed cause it was too cold and i feel snuggly.
- got all prep up for church. So going to be sleepy.
- was in church and all the pastor ever talked about today is the ministry that we serve and those that aren't serving are unprofusely asked to pick one and serve.
- the new church is massively big can!
- had brunch cause the aunty was said to be hungry after a 2 hour sit in the air-con room.
- went to SS Mee House at Wangsa Maju. My all time favorite and they changed their menu! Awesome ok! Tax free too! So loving that area.
- reached home and got addicted to Facebook games and neglecting studies again. what turf.

I really have a tendency to blog in such way but it is kind of annoying i think, do you all think so?
I think i am weird too, do you all think so? Lol~ While on my way back, i love to just peep and look into the car next door whenever mum drives pass through one and will do a quick scan and then will wander where is this person going to and what is he going to do, with whom?? You know~ All those wanderings. I know i am kepoh but what turh..


Sleepy now and it is a good weather today so i shall go nua and snuggle on my bed and drift off to LaLaLand to meet up with my prince and probably date for 3 hours! Lol what turf~

p/s:: follow me on my Twitter. Thank you
Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Blues

I know i know that i am crazy for saying that and i will say something that will make you rise to your feet, grab a pillow(pls not something hard)and stuff it to my face to stop me from saying this but boo, i am saying that now, I LOVE MONDAY. Nah~ said it! Blek.

Not that i do not look forward to weekends where i can laze my lazy butt on this nice comfy chair of mine, going online playing Facebook games and chatting the whole day and obviously blogging whatever that comes into my mine like this post, but i still ask myself, and i found out that i actually enjoy my weekdays more than my weekends. Secretly, i am laughing evilly and thanking God that weekends are only two days and weekdays are 5 days. Blissful! LOL.

The reason that i say so is because my weekends are pretty tied down and predictable and there isn't any room for changes like a sudden yumcha session or something like that cause mum had all the activity tied down for me to go carry out. And by the means of activity, it doesn't mean fun things like shopping, visiting, going out or any of the sorts, it is more like run errands, accompany her to some smelly and wet wet market for grocery, drive brother to tuition to and fro and you got the drift. Things that i categorized as "Boring Chores". Yes, i do have an option to not do it and bare the consequences and so i rather do it cause the consequences are a cut in my allowance what turf! So evil and unfair.

I like weekdays cause most of the time i will be with friends and away from this confined house that makes me want to pull my hair and scream super muthafarking loud at times. This house is awfully too quiet at times and when it isn't it will be filled with my mum's scoldings and rants which is really the pain in the ass and i will just play dumb and ignoring what she said. She will just continue nagging and nagging till it satisfies her and she will just shut up. Like this morning, goodness! god knows how long she had nagged and now she is tired already i guess and damn blardy quiet now.
S.U.P.E.R Q.U.I.E.T.

Quietness makes me scare. Quietness makes me want to just sleep and die. Quietness makes me think a lot, of a lot of things. Quietness makes me reminisce of things that i know i should well forget. Quietness makes me feel alone which i like at times. Quietness is JUST SO NOT ME.

Luckily i still have friends that make me crack-er like a joker such as this...

"You're so random, nigel!! Love you! hahaha~"

I know my blog has a lot of words and less pictures and you all are bored of it but heck i am not changing the way i blog cause that's my niche and the way i love doing things around here. Neh neh boo boo~ You all have to cultivate the love of reading la..
Friday, July 10, 2009

I Miss You So

You will never ever know how much i missed those days when you will always "be there" for me, at any time but not anywhere, mentally but not physically, words but not hugs, dreams but not reality.. Any hoots, you were still "there" for me. But those were my memories now, something that i sometimes wonder, is it even worthy for me to remember, about things and dreams that never came true and probably will never ever come true...
I am being stupid and ignorant, i know. But i miss you~

That was just a sudden momento that i was having, sudden loneliness i guess. Anyhow, today was a total shit day can! Classes all got canceled except for one where i only sit there and see and listen to other's presentation. Not that i had a hard time doing that but it is because i went to my college which is damn farking far by the way and just sit there and listen to people's presentation? How "Awesome" is that?! I could never ever imagine that.

I am a lonely bitch? To come to the think of it, i guess the answer to the question is a big YES. I exercises alone and prefers no disturbances, i study at MacD alone with my Choco Sundae almost everyday now waiting for mum to go home, i love to go watch a movie all by myself, i love to go shopping alone cause that's when i can enjoy and see what i want to see, i love to appear "Busy" on MSN when to the actual fact that i am not busy at all, like now, etc. Bottom line is, i am quite a loner i must say what turf.

Someone nearly hit another someone on the bus today cause the second someone was trying to tackle a girl someone and the second someone got his legs sprawled across the bus walkway. So when the first someone had dond with his ciggies at the door, this someone wanted to walk inside to get a seat. Remember how the second someone's leg were sprawled over the floor? So the first someone did not notice the second someone's leg and the second someone too did not notice the first someone wanted to walk to the back. And the first someone tripped and nearly fell face flat to the ground. And first someone got massively angry and pulled out his hand choker and wanted to hit the second someone with it and i bet blood WILL denitely ooze out if the fight were to happen. Sadly but luckily, it din't happen. Sad cause it has been so long since i witness fightings. Luckily is because i was right in front of it and if it really happen, i might either get a great fear that the first someone might hit me too or the blood will get splashed on me, either one isn't beneficial to me. Then the first someone went to the back and sat down and started to cough like real damn loud and fake as if his lungs were to burst open and thus the wide spread of A (H1N1) what turf. Annoying la~ Crazy first someone.
*i noted alot of someone cause i don't want to be racist*

Then met up with mummy and we went for a little shopping. I die die also want to get something there so i resorted to new sneakers cause i see no platforms or stillettos that interest me. Mad happy? Hell yeah!
And i know my post ain't related at all but what the hell, and when i look back at my post a year later or so, i would be so glad what has happen to me as i grow older and hope some day i will be close and by your side.
Thursday, July 9, 2009

It Is That Time of The Year


Which i hated so much and a tiny fear? I don't know whether should i fear or should i be really annoyed cause people will keep talking about it, humming on it, walking the walks on it and even sleeping the sheets on the same blardy topic for the whole entire month.


It's the Ghost Festival. =.= which is also my birthday for the lunar calendar and also my english birthday as how the chinese says it. This time around, both of the two different era falls on one same fated day and happens to be my birthday. No worries, i don't jinx people and i do count myself lucky at most of the time.


  • I have loads of friend and thank god i am born with a cheerful personality, thus the easier it is to make friends. Bottom line is, i am not a nerd that reads all day long day and night which i think people like that are totally lifeless and they are better of dead that staying alove and feels boring all the time then wandering why people ignore them and doesn't even want to be friends with them. Mirror yourself hunn~
  • Even so i don't have a very good and rich to start with background, my mum has also single handedly worked and pay of debts and also to support me and brother to where we are now. I am now doing my Year 2 of TARC and i will be graduating very soon. All thanks to my mum and definitely god who placed such strong and persistent woman in my life and that has helped me through.
  • Here is the best part, so i gambled in college today and hell yes, we can gamble publicly in college. i still remember those days when i was in high school, we gambled too but we used to swipe down all our cards whenever there is ANYONE that walked past our class cause if we were caught gambling, we would have consequences to bear with. Then i played with the besttie and we get to win in all sorts and kinds of weird and farking funny situation. we really laughed our ass off for today. REALLY.

Ok~ so that has got nothing to do with me being lucky. blueks~ Anyway, i love Ghost Festival cause it is my birthday and i hate it too cause i will be flooded with ghost stories through the whole month, maybe ghost emails too and to begin with i saw "Michael Jackson's Ghost" in YouTube! what turf can!!
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soft Skills Suit for Soft Mens

I know that that is a misleading title and way out of what u want to blog about today but there is a bit of relation to it into which i would tell later, till almost the end of the post.

We have been informed about this soft skills seminar in which the school has made it compulsory for all of us(says the English coordinator) to take part and get the certificate which is very much sort after in today's working world. He even said that TARC students has bad reputations for our soft skill skills but has a very impressive notation for our studies. In another way it meant that TARC students are book nerd and not street smart la! And i am not a nerd but rather a street smart girl! xD
So me and the bestties semangat-ed and went and sign up for it. And we ended up with a whole bunch of juniors who have utterly no respect for seniors. Doubt that they know we were a year elder, but they shouldn't be so rude to ANYONE,right? And they ACTUALLY looked older than us! Cause i thought they were, till the moment i saw the attendance list! They were all 09' and only the three of us are 08' what turf.

So the rude part. Originated from the soft men itself.. As i had mentioned, we went in late cause they had a sudden change of classroom and we were unnotify by anyone but alas we found it out ourselves, thanks to no one. And they had actually started and was around 5 minutes ahead of us doing the first activity. Since we are late, we have no rights to choose anyone or to add anyone else to be a group with us, so we went solo three! And remember that we were 5 minutes behind? So when the Missus noted that that is the ending to the first activity, one of the besstie was still glueing some thing on to the mahjung sheet. Then the farking soft guy said "erhem~ey ey ey~".


Changed of class but no one was sent to stand at the original place to inform to rest who comes just on time, our fault ar? You all started ahead so long ago and we only stick one farking picture to our sheet, cannot is it? That did not even take 2 seconds ok! And he HAVE to erhem la now! knnbccb!
FYI, people, guys espeacially who acted in such a way are always 98% gay! Or no, they are the super soft type that will eventually turn to being GAY! No offense, i have nothing against or for gays but... I DISLIKE THAT GUY WHO ERHEM ERHEM US! go fly your own kite.

*commercial time*

The four teachers that conducted this seminar through out. Awesome people! We got so much help from them cause we had only three member in the group whereas the rest had the whole village to them, got alot of help from them cause we are so pretty like that what turf !! xD

Okay~ then there is another bitch that has no knowledge of what is called TIDINESS, RESPONSIBILITY, SMART & RESPECT.
We are all assigned with activities which all has an involvement of newspapers. Plenty and loads of cutting and pasting, so they are a lot of bits and shreds of paper that shud be expected laying all across the floor. We cleaned up our place way early before anyone could finish. Then the apek girl in front of our group said this when it was time for their group to clean up, "wah! the people behind us smart lo.. kicked all the rubbish to us."

*shows middle finger*

In a nutshell, i shall go to the next soft skill seminar and persuade more of our friends to join.

The only malay teacher that i is approve of my "people-suppose-to-have" English status cause she speak so damn well ok!
And she reminds me of my beloved Biology teacher during high school named, DORAEMON!



lame stuffs but i happy la that this rude people knows that they are more people that are more atas and superior that you ok!
Monday, July 6, 2009

For Covers

Of the post below of course!

To those that came and read all the shouldn't-be-there-words, i apologized and thank you(what turf apologize and thank you?!)a lot for bearing with my rant. To come to the think of it, you all came willingly! Lol~ So i take back my apologies can?, cause i sound retard there, apologizing and thank you-ing at the same time! xD

To those too that wanders, yes, he is a GUY/MAN/BOY whatever, i don't care but not a girl for sure! Ah gua? I don't know! Go figure! Hehehe~
Met up with YingZi today! Wasn't suppose to go loiter around malls and arcading cause i said i want to eat up my Mac and then sit there and stuff my fat face with books, lecture note and tutorials that i have yet to had the time to go study on it. Well, it lasted for a good two hours or so, till the gang arrives! Then i even tried to hint that i want to sit there and study then they come pick me up what turf when they are ready to go to the OTHER mall. Alas, my determination wasn't strong enough and got lured into the Hell of Loitering! HAHA!


But none of my friends knew! And now all thanks to YingZi! She damn awesome ok! Looking at her getting all ready to slap her hands sideways back forth up down, instanly i know that she is CLUBBING KAKI!!!!
She super good at Para Para Paradise! But don't know Dance Dance Revolution! Aww~ Nevermind! Jess can teach! Lol~



Ar!! So awesome! I have got to practice more! Ciau people!
Saturday, July 4, 2009

MSN DickHeads

I know that i don't blog as often as i do last time and i shouldn't make my small comeback with a rant but WITHOUT this incident, thus i wouldn't be blogging today. You can either choose to read or just shut up and not read. Yes, will be filled with all words cause i don't want to disgust myself to my own blog if i post this dickhead's pictures here.

My MSN isn't that confidential at all since i post it at my Facebook. Ok~ ONLY at facebook. And maybe Friendster? Yes, i once Friendster-ed, but i gave up on it now cause it's just so boring. Adding and got added by people that i don't know. Fond memories were built there with a Sabah chic that i have not met before.
So yea. Long ago, think it was two years back when i still Friendster, someone that goes by the name Toro88 added me up. I am the kind of person that i will just approve and i don't stream friends, cause if i do stream then what is the purpose of me having a Friendster account if i were to mix back with the people that i know, right?

Then this Toro88 added me on msn. Now remembering that i HAD NEVER EVER posted my MSN there before, so how the heck he know my MSN shall remain as a mystery even to myself. I am all obliged for new people to add me up just for a chat or you just want to pour your heart out to a total stranger you do not know, then that is fine with me as long as i am free to hear your heart out. Cause i treat my MSN as a platform to stay in contact with friends that i made all this 19 years that i live and i heart them ALL. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of rooms for new mates, maybe i could find my soulmate too. Lol what turf, back to the story.
Toro88 started his very first conversation by saying "HI" to me and i replied in the same manner, thinking that this must be someone that i know cause he did not put a picture and all i see was the old msn's blue man.

The conversation for the day went on and on aimlessly and quite useless, to me, which was about how sad he was not having any girlfriends till this day. I assume he is 19 years old too at that time cause he said he know some of the people that i know but i pretended that i did not know them when i was talking to Toro88. Then got quite fed up with his whining of the same topic after 3 days(yes he chat with me for 3 days continously), i then asked to have a look at his picture. Here, i have to note that i don't make friends by looks, i made friends with ALL that i feel that i can click with. So, he told me that he actually added me on Friendster and so i went and checked. Terrible, fugly looking, trying to be goth but failed boy. Instantly the word "DESPO" and "INSANE" filled my mind, but i continued convos with him through MSN for a week, daily that is, on the same fucking NO-GF topic! Mahai! Not my business!

Suddenly he said that he actually seen me in real life before! Then i went like "what turf! since when I see you before! ninaubu, don't pretend close lo" in my heart la. What shocked me most is that, he CLAIMS to be my first love, Teck Yuan's cousin!! *shows middle finger* You think i wouldn't know my then bf's family members ar?! I was with him for blardy 2 years ok! I have seen and know everyone in the family ok excluding those that had passed away that is.
Trying to play along, i said "No way! I don't believe, ok then you tell me what is Teck Yuan's surname, then i might believe..", and knowing that wouldn't solve the mystery, he KNOWS Teck Yuan's surname. Predictable. If Toro88 were in the same high school with me then he would SURELY know me and my then bf, cause we were like the two most popular person that who happens to love then be with each other, we were like the Super Couples then. xD *slaps self out of memories*

Not enough with the claimings, he even "screwed" my mind by saying MY surname! Yes! My blardy no-one-knows-or-remember-surname cause it was said to be "unique" then. I was so awestruck that i feel it is creepy so i stopped talking to him since then. But he kept "HI" me everyday without fail and all i did was just scroll my mouse to the top corner right and press X. End of story.
Weeks later when i went out for outings with my babes, the high school babes, one of them asked me whether i know Toro88 or not! Whether you believe it or no, i felt like i was in some horror film entitled "Invisible Stalker" something like that the moment she mentioned the name. Then i also cuak and tell her all about it, which then she told me almost the same thing. The part where Toro88 knows and is Teck Yuan's cousin. This babe of mine was closer to Teck Yuan than me to him cause they were schoolmates since kindergarten, so i asked her whether the "cousin thing" is true or a make up. She blardy hell said NO ok~


After a year, he still continued to "HI" me till today where i have made up my mind to give him a piece of my mind. Though a single "HI" on the MSN would not cost me money and all i can do is just a scroll and a click but hell, you messed with the wrong side of Victoria today. I think i am PMS-ing, fyi.
He "HI"-ed as usual. Then i replied, "Can you stop msn-ing me?! I don't even know you and it is annoying ok." *shows middle finger* He then replied, "LCLY. Fuck" -_________________-
My patients has it's limitations! He was the one harassing me with all the MSN spams for all this years and now just a piece of my mind then say i LCLY and fucked me!!?


*ps: my replies ahead would be a very offensive one, so please be ready heart soul and mind and feet and hand and whatever if you wish to continue. thank you.*

My replies was::

"What turf! suddenly say i LCLY! C'mon, i don't even know who the hell are you and you have been a spammer to me for all this years. Don't you get tired of it? Hell! Ni nau bu ar, come here and talk na sai with me about Teck Yuan all, you think a give a two shit piece about you ar?! Ma chow hai! Go fuck your own pussy la, oh wait, should be dick but OH WAIT, you don't have one right cause you cry not getting a gf for all this years! I pity you. Have you ever thought of surgery done to your thick and fugly looking face?? That might help you know, not towards me but for chicks and ah gua at chow kit. Ni nau bu ar, don't ever MSN me again else i asked Teck Yuan and his gang to beat you up. Nabeh chow lan jiau ar~"

The moral is, never ever made Victoria Poh angry on her coincidently PMS-ing day. I AM a nice person ok~ Don't judge me according to how i replied to Toro88, that i just blardy pissed off even when i HAVE to type his name. Ok, to safe my own arse, i have decided to paste his picture here!


*after half an hour find and three friend's pages*

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Day She Leaves Us

It would be a happy day for me! Lol just joking people Lolwtf~

We did a surprise thing for our FOM lecturer who is going to have a 7 weeks break and she will not be teaching us anymore after that. I, myself, was particularly not in the fancy suave mode towards this teacher and all the hu ha that they made just to create the perfect "Surprise Parting" just isn't my thang too. They want moolah, so moolah i gave. I sometimes think that, it is just a coincident that i am divided to this group and coincidently too that this people love this lecturer.


Anyways, took the time and opportunity to camho with teachers, classmates and besttie(fer shure).

the bestties!
I detect massive loads of camho-ers in class so i took the opportunity to be the first! Lol~

The best of the besttie! Lol~
eh goodness! our eyebags ftw! And no, the lekor i managed to resist it and i went hope safely with no fats added! HAHAHA!

a quickie with the teacher and the sporty yet humble clown who finally gave me a "doggie" in which i left it to die in besstie's car! xD


A picture of me and him.
and i am still having this thought that clowns will capture me and then bring me to eerie funny places where there would be eerie colorful colors and then asked me to do stupid tricks that i don't know how to do like pull a hyena out of the hat, etc.


oh! cute! and i have found myself, my elements when i am with this people. It is so much fun and laughters everyday. Not even a day i will go home feeling pissed off or feelings like i want to chop someone's head off.
They are friendly and being overly nice that i sometimes beh ta han! Lol~

While we are busying in front with pictures and clowns and whatsnot, this people are...

"*tut* LEI KAU SAI LO~"

Familiar right people?! Now now~ don't act innocent! Lol~ I sees all you all guilty faces!

"fuah!! lat pai lo! so yau yeng!! chor di need to lat pai geh meh??"

the making of Reddy(my new dog) which will deflate after two weeks! roflmao! xD so pathetic la!

TADAA!! Thus thou was born! And your elements are red thus you shall be named Reddy who will turn bloody after two weeks! xD


will you piggy reddy to the cardy!
hahaha wtf! so cute!


Thanks for everything and the "guidelines" that you have gave us Miss Wong. If it is not for the existence of your "guidelines", i wouldn't have get B for my Fundamentals of Selling. So more "guidelines" via Facebook or messages ok?! *winks*
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spend Frenzy

I am now (again) officially broke. Ok~ I AM ALWAYS BROKE WHAT TURF!

Finally got my Mp4! No need to use sucky handphone to listen to musics anymore!

My new and white (still) Mp4. Not Ipod la~ If i could afford that then i wouldn't be 24/7 365 days broke ok~

smexy much??!
They have other colors too, namely...
Blue(more like turquoise), black, grey.

So i thought i wanna grab my new baby a skin protector which is obviously, i wanted a PINK one. Then mahai! Ladyluck don't know flew to where, even the skin is outta stock! No choice but to leave baby naked in the mean time. Hope she don't get Chee Cheong Fun stew, turns into yellowish, or gets scratch when inside my bag and be very patient and stays dandy till i get the pink skin..


That something to figure when purchased white stuffs! But white (besides pink) is chio lo!
And the black one, i saw, it is ew! Though i love black. I wear black everyday. So i vowed, my things/accesories/things that i used, if possible, NO BLACK! Cause if not, people will think that i am so dull and some emo siut freak that only adorns black.

Fact that i am not. I am so bubbly! Lol what turf~

Then! Finally i can talk to other people through my phone without using headphones! Muthafuckingly hate China headphones! It's like China people has effing big earhole that they have to design a super large earplug. My earhole not big ok~ The blardy thing always cut into my ears and it's omfg pain!

With the new baby, NO MORE SUFFERINGS!!



(but i don't know the setting what turf)
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