Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey people! A very very happy greeting from me to all and no, i am not dead yet even though it seems like it here. I no longer update everyday or thrice a day now what turf, i did that when i was having my semester holiday cause i got so bored of games and no one to talk to, so blogging is my only resort to voice out my thoughts when i am in the house, alone.

Been very very very very busy for the past few weeks and will be in the same state too for the next few weeks and i can assure that i will be super duper free after the month of September, cause that's when the finals ends. Yes, sucky cause finals is one day after my own birthday! Still, i can have no time to celebrate lo, sigh~ but someone suggested that we celebrate it WITHIN the month itself! Yays! And heck loads of September babies too, in my class! Heck, i am no longer the special small baby of the group! Hahaha~

I really want to tell what happened to me for this few weeks but i have no idea where and what to say cause it's just really normal, studies everyday, joking around with friends, laughing 24/7 a day.. cause that just me. I make my life fun, and fun is what i get, despite some discouragement and misunderstanding.

Having the special someone yet?
The answer is no, don't ask why cause the answer will always be " I have not find my cuppa". And if i do succeed in finding that "cup of tea", i might not even have time to just sit down with the "cup of tea" by the sea side, looking out towards the big blue sea and chillax. I can forsee myself rushing here and there, flying here and there for the next few years. I forsee, but i will fulfill it.
I know, this is saddening but what turf, i don't care.

I had an assignment today and there's another one tomorrow. But am damn tired now, just feel like nuah my bed and just fall flat, waking up and acha again the next morning at 6a.m.


yinkoon said...

you will sure find a cup of tea that are versatile and suits your style. like seeing a rainbow after the rain.

fluotone said...

I wouldn't describe flying here and there as saddening
its actually sorta fun and exciting! perhaps we might bump into each other at the airport(s) xD

btw, I see you've grown a nice set of wings? hehe :)

Gambatte! Find that silver lining in everything you do kidd0, for after every storm there will be a rainbow *winks*

Victoria said...

yinkoon:: aww thanks!! i hope to see the rainbow someday. ^^

Floutone:: saddening in the sense that i want my future to be myself and myself alone only
Bump into each other? You think chinese soap opera?? LOL
Hahaha~ thanks for the pix!

fluotone said...

thats is rather disturbing vp..but if thats what you feel you want, then I'll support you all the way! :)

Oh sweet chinese soap opera's! haha.. but srsly, I doubt our bumpings will be showing on tv :p hahaha

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