Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Anonymous

Is actually not such a bad thing after. I obviously do not mean that being famous is a disadvantage or its a wrong doing, in my honest opinion, I would still rather want to be famous than to be someone anonymous/nobody.

2 years back, I categorized as myself a semi-anonymous/nobody as I am only known among the friends I have in primary and secondary school. Thanks to church for youth services, I managed to expand my number of friends by a millimeter. Then I got into National Service, and my number of friends grew into a few more centimeter. And when I came back from the National Service, thanks to Mum who finally got us broadband and I finally can go online 24 hours everyday(like now), I decided to start blogging. Out of interest. Mainly because I have this urge to blog about my experiences in the National Service but ended up all self taken pictures, I'm sorry *paiseh*

Then! my number of friends grew into an inch wide! Blogging is really A or I might add, THE one of many platforms whereby people from all over this round Earth can read about each other's daily life, impersonates themselves into the shoes of others, feel their pain & joy etc etc. This is how I got myself from a semi-anonymous/nobody to semi-famous/somebody.
I said that because~

Someone came up and said "You're Vox from Voice of Expression right?" and that sends chill down my spine,literally. Because an avid reader of mine will know that I "write" whatever that comes to mind and literally, I don't care about what others feel with what I write as long as I do not touch on politics or anything that ISA can drag me to jail, duh~
This is why I say that being famous or semi-famous for me is not that cool as well. You're now SOMEONE on the net, one wrong speech and blah you might be on the trending topic titled "Bitch That Hates Everyone". And if they are free and cool enough, they might make you a hash tag on Twitter that might go something like #fuckthatbitch ... Something like that, you get my drift~

Any how, I still stand strong on my opinion that I would rather be someone that some people know rather than being known as THAT girl who sits in Borders wasting her life reading on books that she wants to read but does not have the heart to part with her money.
Here I am to say that, after the yesterday's incident, I promise to put in a bit more effort in dressing up when ever I'm out because I was in shorts and an over sized blouse hanging loosely and a cheap sandals. Lol, I'm sorry that that readers of mine have to see Vox in such state.

I am not here to brag or anything but people always say that I give out this vibe of snobbishness and I am not friendly. Ever heard of not judging a book by its cover? Cause I am that book who looks fugly outside but I am all colorful and pretty on the inside, waiting for all to be discover. Okay, I'm not that fairytale la okay wtf, I'm more like a Gothic book .. Er okay, not really and I think I should shut up now.

What I'm trying to say is that, even if I might be known to somebody because you read my blog and coincidently I hang around the place that you too hangs around, and when you see me with my so to say snobbish look, please do come up and say Hi. I might give you the "Wah wtf who is this" look but deep deep down inside I'm happy that someone knows me =)

By the way, through the wonderful world of blogging is also how I got to know my wonderful boyfriend =) Started off as friends, became a couple midway and now a long road ahead to go through together... And fuck you people who don't believe in relationships that evolved through the net. Go to some corner and draw out all your skeptic-ness and reflects on how happy I am now with Bie, then only you come talk to me. Hate jealousy bitches to the max!

I am back to blogging lengthy blog post. Take it or leave it, this is me.


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