Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Know I Am Afraid

Afraid of my future when I start to search for "Virgo Horoscope 2010" on Google.
Was never and will never be an avid followers, neither a believer for horoscope because how in the world horoscope started at first?
And how is each baby born will be destined to THAT particular horoscope? Because the moon and the Earth turns that way? And who named the horoscopes? The Bible which got translated into 66 languages definitely did not mention anything regarding horoscopes.


Despite the skeptic-ness, somewhere deep beneath my little heart agrees heartedly on what the horoscope says. I am a Virgo(don't Voodoo me please,I got no money) and this year seems to be a good year for us, so they say.

Virgo is the most colorful and glamorous!(i think this means that I'm joyful) It is the only sign that is feminine(I am not feminine!) in character! People feel that a feminine character is weak and fragile. However, this feminine character is neither weak nor meek; she is rather very strong and demanding(thank you and I agree). She is also highly creative and inventive in her personality.(is being good in nail art counted as one?)

See! How I told you that its kinda true! In 3 sentences, I kinda agree in 2!

Practicality and punctuality are the hallmarks(THERE!!Hate late comers and inefficient bitches) of these people as well. Other positive signs are conservativeness and steadfastness(kind of laa~) that eventually will help them to assert their superiority over others. However, they are too suspicious of other’s motives and ambitions(this I agree 100% cause I just realized this). Virgo 2010 yearly horoscope brings lot of good luck to Virgo people.

And the rest which are my working life, love life, education&traveling life sucks. So much for good year ahead for Virgo ey~ They also state that health is kind towards Virgo-ians. Bluff! Hello! My backache is still here!!
Conclusion, I like horoscope for it's good part and hates/believes it untrue when it comes to the part that say "unfortunately".

I'm kinda sure that some avid readers thinks like me to =)


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