Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Know You Miss Her

People always say that you will never know how much that someone matters to you, as long as they are still always by your side. Taking for granted that "I will see her/him the next day/week/month..." thus the lack of ber-bonding session.

I miss her. That is one thing for sure and I bet her friends misses her more.


Cause shes loud, hyper, everything able and possible, a real worshiper of God, super friendly, crazy and the thing is, she is not afraid to be who her real self is. She reminds me of how godly I was before and she made me realized how far I am drifting away from God..

I miss her super loud HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I miss her sitting there watching SpongeBob.
I miss her feeding me melted choco on Sam's birthday.
I miss her fleeing up the stairs to change and out she goes.
I miss her super fast process of editing pictures and blogging about them.
I miss the fun look that Sam gives out every time he budge into her room and disturbs her.
I miss her HOIII!
I miss the feeling of being shorter than a 16 year old when I stand next to her. *photo as proof*
I miss her random outburst of singings *LOLL*

Aiya, you get it la~ I miss her a lot!
But shes crazy enough to do quite a lot of video recordings and tags all her friends including me, to update us on how she is and what are the differences being in Malaysia and at Ireland.
Hope that you will come back SOON!!!

And oh, I nearly cried at the airport the other day but I held back cause I thought I was in the dream that 1st of July finally came cause I wish it would never. Then I cried when I reach home lol!! Never thought that my brain was THIS slllooooooowwwwww~


a.c.e. said...

walaooo :) you ah. thanks yeah. very sweet of you :)

Victoria said...

=) Come back when you can!! Miss your HAHAHAHAHA THE most =p

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