Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Want To Rant

Only had 4 hours sleep the night before and woke up to an unforgiving cold morning does not contribute much on being good mood today, and when things get a little uglier for example super long texts in the morning adds on to the spiciness of emotion.

Being the right-on-dot Virgo, perfectly known to be a perfectionist and somewhat people call us idealistic...what ever you call it will do because I treat that as a compliment and I do take pride with that, I hate delays and inefficiency(be it with work or the people who are doing it). To recall, this might be the second ranting post of the same issue, within this month!
Can you people stop being such a sloth and get your ass moving, to prevent me from drafting a third post regarding the same thing for this month!? It really annoys the shoes out of me when somethings are told differently as compared to when you're AT it, annoys me even more when people are not getting along(at least)with my head or it's me being unable to get along with the rest.

Mum say I need to be able to get along with people and listens to opinions. I do listen to them, I just don't buy them. For very good reason, one is enough and that is, the plan sounds suck and it totally did not attract me. The end. So quit talking so much and get started. All talk and no do = bull shitting all the time.
Some people might read this and get offended but hey, you can always leave! This is my personal space and am not directing it to any people, can't help it if you ter-felt that you're the one I'm talking about~ I don't care how corporate this blog has become or whoever CEO reads it, things such as this will always be here. Don't like it? Leave.

I think I am rusting on this~
Who wouldn't if you faced the computer the whole entire day doing nothing but stalking your own Facebook and Twitter for updates, at the same time thinking whether should this be up on the blog or no.
Finally it's up so, wtf~ I don't care!

Yes, I am frustrated as one week time frame is wasted... And I don't like wasting time and people's effort and trust that they have in me. Due to certain someone, this has clearly happened and my one week time is gone.
On a lighter note, I really do think I got a problem getting along with people lo~ Like seriously~ Especially those who are dumb-cum-act cute and those who has "you-cant-do-all-this-and-i-am-better-than-you" mentality.

WHO DOESNT!! RIGHT?! *frus frus*


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