Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Blues??! Not For Me!

*hand flails*
I'm back yo! I think my blogging mojoyoyo is back and so I will try to update DAILY. Try okay~ Thanks to the Boo, for lending me his keh-me-rah, I have thought of a way to fully make full and good use to it. That is to have the keh-me-rah to be "stuck" to my hands the whole time and learn paparazzi babeh~

I'm feeling a bit Black because I have been watching this Youtube video for the entire day today, it's this girl named NDTitanlady who is a Filo but she mixes around with a lot of Blacks, thus she got this "yomamawhatsupyourpants yoyoyo muthatrucker" accent LOL!!
That is so not me. I'm quaint. *halo on the head*

Oh oh oh~ before that, I got a really great news that made my day! I login to my Twitter and I saw someone who finally decided to not move to overseas when she got proposal from the bf. And she said, The Power of Love! Awww~ I can't wait for Ninie Ahmad to go to the event that I'm planning and "I got a feeling" that shes a great lady! =)

Here are all the non related but kinda related pictures for today! I'm soo lazy to edit! Boohoo!

This is work

This is diabetes lol!

This is sad!
I mean, would you be happy if I paste all sorts of papers including those "Ubat Lelaki Kuat" on your face when you gets old and all wrinkly? No right? Right.

This is LOVE!
All the way from Japan yo~ =D

I wore a shirt tucked in my long working skirt today and I still feel chilly, not cold, but chilly and breezy. Can this weather please please please po favor last till the end of the year!! I love this kinda mild summer weather =)



nanged u...nang me too k...HEHEHE

Victoria said...

Thanks and can you go like me on the side bar there?

ken said...

wish to visit japan's disneyland one day =)

Victoria said...

ken: You should! it's awesome but the stuff's pricing there is "awesome" as well! LMAO!

Lukey Cher Hong said...

update more oh!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Victoria said...

thanks Lukey!! I will! Daily! I try la at least Lol.

Thanks for wanting to come back =P

v!vi@n said...

wish you have a good week ahead....and i like the mickey paper bag..damn cute..

Victoria said...

Vivian! Thanks! And you should have a good week ahead of you as well =)
And yes! Mickey is my life!! =)I'm keeping it till it decompose wtf hahahahahah

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