Thursday, July 22, 2010

Movie: The Twilight Saga, Eclipse

Honestly, I am one of them who smirks and has no interest whatsoever when it comes to sparkly vampires and hot tanned body werewolves.
I would also NOT spend RM180++ for 3 in 1 Twilight Saga books like what other cheap skate readers would do, by waiting the MPH people to wrap the book into 3-1 and then "It's cheap! Let's get them!".

Anyways, my perception towards Twilight and it's next saga which is Eclipse totally changed when I had the chance to watch Eclipse given by Nuffnang, because Samuel won a pair =)
Like I said, I did not watch Twilight so Eclipse's storyline was a little blur for me but thanks to Samuel who updates me on why it happens, who is Victoria and why Victoria wants to kill Bella.


The movie started off with someone (who later in the movie we know) named Riley that was turned into a vampire by Victoria (who also we knew later in the movie) and it was changed to this very nice meadow where Bella was having intimate moments with Edward, the sparkly vampire.

Not wanting to be a spoilsport for those who have not watched this, I would recommend 6 out of 10 votes to go watch this movie because I really love the scene where the vampires gang-ed up together with the vampire Cullen clan, with one purpose, to protect Bella from being killed by Victoria.

For those who are on the same boat with me, who did not watch Twilight, Victoria wants to kill Bella because Edward killed her vampire-partner. And obviously Bella is Edward's partner. Yea, revenge based movie =)

In the middle of it all, the cheesie-ness (pun intended) between Bella deciding on Edward and Jacob really took away the 4 votes as I just don't like super fickle-minded bitches. Nothing bad but something personally I don't like.
I think the Volturi vampires are really cool with the black robe-above-the-head and all the gothic makeup and pale skin with red lippies! I'mma ex-emo, what do you expect!

Thank you to Nuffnang for this and the next two movies that I'm gonna be writing on =)


ken said...

so far, i watched twilight.. that's all =P

Lean said...

Dropping by ere Victoria. =). Smiles..

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