Friday, July 2, 2010


I must be really hungry this morning when I logged onto the Internet and as usual I tweet like nobody's business, and I saw my friend tweeted, "TGIF, I am soo tired". So I begun to wonder, what has the TGIF restaurant got to do with her being tired out for the whole week??

Then I realized that TGIF also stands for Thank God It's Friday, well, besides the TGIF that serves super delicious food =D

My TGIF today went pretty well as a start with this "new family" that I "chose" over another and yes, I'm loving it! This is like the job that many people keen on to find and work with but I on the other hand, was offered. Many thanks to "you know who you are who stalks my blog" and rang me up for this. And also to the others who were really nice to me and helping me adapt! It's really helpful as I am not very knowledgeable on this field and being all peacock-ed up aren't really my thing.

Eyeliner, BB Cream and Mascara are my only things.Lol!

There will be more readers, hopefully and also hope that my colleague will read this closely.. Can help me reduce my foul language as well Lol! And *hint hint* go click the Nuffnang white color and blue words thingie. =)

Worn out. Bye now!


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