Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi! PosLaju, the National Courier


This is what I look at on my right every morning after a 5 minutes walk up the small semi-sloppy hill, where each sides are filled with mamak temptations that even one teh tarik can add a kilo!
Yes, that is the kind of place my office is situated =) Away from the cars, honks, yelling, people's chatters(except for the ones in the office wtf hahaha)and just an inch closer to bushes and mosquitoes (lol!).

I love this place but not as much as weekends!

But I super super love my this particular Saturday as I bump into my darling Darlyn!
A superbly good Christian friend that I met during NS and not to forget, still one of the ones I kinda closely kept in touch out of the (what?) probably 100+ friends that I made there(?!)
We both sure agree to the fact that its hard to keep friendships that were made in such short period of time, with the additional clause of different culture and mindset, different states etc etc. There's always Facebook and Twitter but I don't think most of them are at "it"?

Anyways, Darlyn, being an avid reader of mine (lol! I feel proud weh) , I really really truly and am still feeling happy that I bump into you the other day at Sentral. "Kita ni memang ada jodoh kan kan kan???" =P
And she speaks like a true Melayu like me but she is not Melayu like me! xD
@Darlyn , "Eh I will be at Sentral around that time as well for next week =D Text me Text me!!! "

Then something happened.
If you all follows me on my Facebook, my new status is this,


Victoria Poh ‎: Something happened.. Something I hate and feared the most. But that something made me realized how important you are to me and that I would never EVER be the same again if you were never to be a part of my life again. 당신을 사랑 !


You know bie, I really thought that I am gonna lose you that night ...
I never felt so heart ache before and I really feel like just sitting there and not eating at all when I heard what you said.
But you made me all wobbly inside and out again when you held me tight and said "I will see you next week"



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