Friday, July 23, 2010

When Was The Last Time?

Here is question for all of you who reads my blog, When was your last time going out and just have fun either shopping or going for a movie with YOUR MOM? Or at least, when was the last time you REMEMBERED going out with your mom? Not your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/best friends/flings/siblings BUT your mom...

Super tired after work face =( Clipped my hair up like an aunty wtf

For me, I can't remember.
Yes, I don't think I ever remember the last time I went out with her, just the two of us, doing chick stuffs like shopping and movies.

So, I planned to bring her to a movie of her choice(which I suggested la cause shes a noob to all this movie), treated her to it... crosses fingers that she love it. And she did! =)
I actually watched it already thanks to Nuffnang and the Boyfy who gave&had free tickets to go watch. We wanted to watch Inception but it was all full, kinda expected it actually. So we opt for Eclipse...
And the first thing my mom notice was the unbalance eye brows that Bella has! LOL!!

We end the night by laughing at my bulging tummy wtf *darks* Pobre~

And I love my Fashion Disaster slippers. Lol!


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