Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, It Was Tuesday

Obviously I just came back. From an awesome movie title The Sorcerer's Apprentice, courtesy of Nuffnang and the Boyfy who won the tickets *smiles*

Here is a walking-very-fast-me-but-still-wanna-take-picture. FML.
It's was raining so heavy and the umbrella is just cute and useless! Pobre~

I really enjoyed the movie though it rained mercilessly a few hours before the movie and the best thing is, I need to brace through ankle-high puddles, my shoes gave away and I have to mid-drag myself to the KTM, last but not least, I was freezing cold.

Thanks for the chicken though (you know who you are, sexy Chef! xD)cause I was fugry and I'm fickle-minded in deciding what to eat. *beams*

Bie, your deret berderet punya wine and alcohol =P
There are more downstairs, the ones I din get to take pictures of.

My job brings me to places and makes me learn things that are out of the box, things that you don't get from a silly text book that cost you a LV bag (lol just a bola metaphor). And that is ways to handle situation. You can't expect "Handling Situation Books For Dummies" to be published on the Yellow Pages look-alike book, right? right? right? RIGHT.

*sudden randomness*

I was actually so happy that movie screening was on a Tuesday for I thought that it usually rains on Wednesday and it's usually all warm and breezy on a Tuesday. So I wore short skirt and heels. Then it rained! Pobre~
Will be damn f*cked up if Wednesday(where they are no movie screening)did not rain! Rawr!!

My movie date for the night, and many more *insert number* times infinite nights and days!


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