Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seriously! You Can't Be Real Righht? Right? HELL RIGHT.


i wanna ask you something

should i become a play boy ?

or stay a good guy ?

which one ?

and give me the reason



who are u again?


i am just asking you a question as my facebook firned =)

if its bothering you i am sorry



ok seems like your not friendly la

tata @@

Like seriously dude! You can not be real right?!!

This is what I usually get on my nights on Facebook, mainly on my nights where I do go online. Random guys asking random questions thrown to me on the small little chatbox, makes me feel bewildered, then feel ignorant, then mainly I just don't blardy care la whether you want to be gay or straight or both(?!)
Whether you like back doors or vajayjays or dog holes, Seriously dude! I don't give a damn!

And what's with the "Owh you're not so friendly after all" after all the dumb questions asked???!!
*inserts silliest WTF face ever*

Go get a life homosapiens/unhomosapiens(??!) because I got one to live and I wanna Ciest la Vie!


K said...

Hahahhahaa.... LOLS!
Lifeless dude...

Victoria said...

Kelvin: I know right! And not hot one you know!!! =.= *pukes*

dayveed said...

how you know that dude is not hot? wat if he turned out to be super hot and you missed the chance to want him to be the bad boy you always wanted...hmmmmm...

haha sorry im' just crapping around.

Victoria said...

dayveed, LMAO!! He has a profile picture and eventhough he is hot but acted so weirdly, that makes him unhot(??) right?
If he is hot and not weird, I don't need anybody else because Ivf got my own life partner =)

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