Friday, July 30, 2010

You Know What I Did

Today was awesome as it was another day out with Mummy and I totally like scammed a lot out of her! Lol~ That is one of the reason why I still love to go out with Mum even though I'm near 20 years of age. I don't feel ashamed at all walking around the mall with my young looking mum whom everyone thought that she is my sister


Take note, I got no other sister. I got a younger brother. No sister. Happy for her, offensive to me wtf.

Anyways, this is what I did for the pass few days,
I ...

Shop for Mummy, Brother and the Boyfy.

I blog, for the Company and for myself Lol!

And that sums up my whole entire week wtf LOL!!!

The other day, just as I stepped out of the car, something shiny right above my head caught my sight and I lifted my head and got totally


FREAKED OUT!! *pobree~*

Three days later, this fella, still sits on his "net" and did not move an inch, I swear, cause I kept running in and out of the house to greet him wtf. Er I don't know the gender but I think it's a HE cause er it's not pretty la~ LOL



sherry said...

u consider the spider as a "he" cute lah u

Ronnie said...

Incy Wincy Spider climbing up the spout.... hey ! dunno whether this spider can join the spider fighting competition ! said...

scary weyh!
hopefully u will nt turn into a spiderwoman xP

ken said...

wow. big spider! =/

Victoria said...

Sherry: LOL! Cause it's er ugly =x

Ronnie: I think can weh, just look at the length of the leg and size of the body! *shivers*

Iyoueblog:Dont think I will as I hate spider and I dont like em. I rather be cicakwoman wtf

Ken: Yea!! Muthatrucker huge okay!!! T-T

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