Monday, July 19, 2010

This is Not Dead

Yeayea, this blog is not dead yet, it's just that the writer is lazy but lazy in the sense that I have things to do then I feel very lethargic when there is nothing to do, and all I wanna do is to snuggle up and sleep.

Life is pretty much lifeless and meaningless now, office from 9-6 p.m, then I go back home straight. Then go back and more online and blog shopping... Er, drama mama with the boyfriend cause I'm a bitch like that LOL.

Went to Blup Blup's MotorSports Division at Sunway last Saturday.
Boyfy took loads of pictures and I have yet to sort out the ones I want, so I shall post up one picture first, just to make you guys go orgasm, says the Boyfy lol~

Audi TT

Okay, Maybe TWO pictures since I love the back of the car as well! =)

Sporty and sexy!
Yes, that is Hypertune Boss right beside his Red Audi A4.

More coverage on this soon =)


Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL still madly in love with Nissan Fairlady XD

Victoria said...

Lol!! Fairlady is nice too but we can ALWAYS make new space of love for cars like Audi TT right?? LOL

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