Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He is A Hidden Poet

It has been quite a stressful and frustrating week for me as many things goes haywire when I thought that I had every thing nicely planned out.. Furthering studies, to go on a vacation with Bie and so on. Shit happens and new plans had to be made. Not easy, at least there are something.

As frustrated as I can be, Bie tries his best to unfrus(?!)me and I am thankful for that, really. Cause if you really know me, I am a shit ass bitch when I am at my baddest mode and the word fuck is what you hear more than thrice on every sentence LOL.

Silly baby =D

Looking out the rainy sky,
Thinking hard and wondering why,
If that only I could fly,
I would be by Victoria's side.
Love you Sweetie =)

Was what I found while I wanted to clear my MMS inbox. The message is still there and in fact, I did not delete any of his but that was the only poem he had ever conjure for me, cause he said he got inspiration that time.
Pulled his leg just now and asked for a sweet and "aww" poem, he said no inspiration LOL...

Thanks Bie for everything during this 4 months =)
This was what I forgot during my frustrating moments fml. How can I!!?
Monday, March 29, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Aftermath 2010 (Pt 2)

Picture post. No mood to type all the thingajingamy things.

Cause we are atas like that =)

Bart and Bie came in the same color shirt and same color jeans, were they wearing the same shoes as well? LOL, drunk and out before the event even started.


Bunkface, the drummer halang-ed

Shawn Lee. I got conned, thinking that they guy on the balcony is him. But there is a difference in voice between the fake "Shawn Lee" on the balcony and the real Shawn Lee on stage, he is truly a small boy with loud voice, unique =)

I love DJ Sarasa! See her muscular hands woots woots.. Sexy breakdancer =)

Though we got the upper sit, we spent our whole entire night, downstairs and I was obviously dancing away, see my sweating face raawwrr fucking disgusting LOL
With non blogger kawans ...

See! We are all looking sober... Some of the girls went missing LOL, barbeque-ing at the longkang wtf

We were about to go off, and we went upstairs to er supposingly rest wtf and I met up with Leonard there =) Yes, the AHM bassist.

And do you all wanna see what does he do when he is not strumming and jamming or "molesting" his bass?!

Need much explanation?
Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Lil' ChitChaty

I am feeling a little chit chatty this few days thus the frequent update on this blog, even though I have got no pictures whatsoever to let you all see lol. Have to mind torture you all with words, if there are people who reads my blog and posts that is. Unlike Mervyn, who has most readers from the United States wtf when all of you has most of our readers from Malaysia(like duh). He got the weirdest title for a blog which makes me confused every time I wanna read it, I would wanna refresh it cause the title says "Error Loading Page" wtf!! I got conned EVERY single time I wanna read his blog =__=
(I got conned once again when I went and get his link to tag him and i F5!)

Woke up with a jolt yesterday cause Mummy has this great "fetish" to wake us up even though she is in the office and we are at home. Even though we clearly state that we have no class or no working shift, she just wouldn't let us laze and sleep our ass off till 5pm! LOL, I have done that before and totally got scolded for nuts =p
I wrote a blog post, reheated some food to nom, bathe, got ready and I went out to meet up with boyfy. Like finally =) Terubat rindu wtf =p And yesterday was my first time to Taylor's Lakeside College(however the name is la okay, I cant remember). It was so huge the first thing that came to my mind is "I will surely get lost if i were a student here"wtf and the second thing in mind was "Where is the lake?!!=)"

And boyfy drove me around the college area and showed me around a bit. There were 3(?)main parking lots, which are fully parked, not surprised at all cause big college ma~Then I saw the lake =) and a ladang lembu!! LMAO!! Which is like directly beside one of the parking lots xD
I don't think I smelled anything, I don't know~ Cause we ended up parking at the another side punya parking lot. I really like the college a lot cause it's really opened air yet a lot of shades, you get what I meant?? Its all opened on the sides of the walk but roof-ed on every side walk so I won't get direct sunlight and it's cooling!
They have the nicest library ever I think I can hide in a corner and fall asleep and people would all go home, not knowing that I had curled up somewhere,hibernating wtf LOL!!

For the first time in my whole college life, I studied more than 2 hours yesterday wtf! I totally broke my own record of studying max 2 hours and I am proud cause I am having a neck ache now Lol... But I enjoyed studying with the Taylorians. There arent much difference with my friends back here in TARC cause, amidst studying, they will end up doing something silly and LTAO and then continue studying. Then there are groups of people who gambles as well, totally reminds me of my classmates wtf =__=

As per yesterday, I woke up feeling like an avid blogger again and I don't really care whether there's readers or no but I enjoy "writing" =)

I totally enjoyed yesterday! I studied as well as meeting up with boyfy and I had a great time with friends as well =)
Can we do that everyday?? Teehee! I go bathe now, it's so damn hot today =(
Friday, March 26, 2010

Everything is Okay

Woots, To those that follows my tweet and gets flooded with emo shits, I'm sorry. To those that kena loads of my blabs yesterday on the msn, I'm sorry. Yesterday was not a fairytale and definitely was not a good day for me to harp about it here.

I just woke up, feeling like an avid blogger. Had a sudden rush to open Microsoft Word and just type all feelings out and then delete it wtf, so might as well I just write it in my blog right?

Yesterday was the last day of this whole semester that I am gonna work in(?)where ever I am working now, don't wanna disclose name la cause I wanna be mysterious like that wtf. It was quite a tough decision to make actually due to the not-really-bad working environment and the pay that they offer, not a lot like print something then you get RM1000++ a month, but just enough to make needy students like us go WOW! It's also a project based thing, thus the timeline and the existence of certain period where quotas needs to be fulfill and if that doesn't happen, we will all be facing jokingly-yet-meaningful vulgar words from the head herself. Me myself do not really mind cause I am quite vulgar myself as well, should have see me scolding fuck every time someone turns down my offer and slams my phone *annoyed face*

So, I chose laziness and the time needed to study over work where I will have quite an excellent pay, though I can predict not so excellent pay while doing this project cause WOULD YOU TALK ON THE PHONE FOR AN HOUR+ DOING DUMB FUCK SURVEYS?! The answer is a big NO! and if you said YES, you're an angel =)
Took half a day off and went back. Told mum on the news on the way back and through listening to her voice, can see that she is annoyed that I am once again unemployed *rolls eyes*.If only she asked and knew why I quit tsk instead of fuming over me and scolding me wtf. I hate accusation more than your grandmother's 30 days old unwashed panties or your tapping me on my shoulder(yes you shouldn't call me by hitting my shoulder.. I'l slap you back, Taekwondo reflex thingy.)

Story cut short, I was damn blardy angry and sad at first, thinking that the whole world owes me and that I am the only one doing the right thing.
"I don't fucking care, you owe me cause you don't let me study what I want and I end up resit-ing more than I eat rice everyday"
"Said I am rude? Now who the fuck taught me that(huh?!)!"
Was some what the things that ran through my mind repeatedly and I hate it. The feeling of defeat. You feel defeated where you wanna do something about it but you can do nothing about it just because she is much much more superior that me and I should respect her in the first place. "My ass" would be my answer last night. Everything is okay now =) I am feeling much better thanks to someone who "slapped" me awake, telling me that I am acting all childish even though I kept harping "I am 20 so let me do what ever fuck I wanna do".

"When someone's feeling goes down the drain(emo la), their intelligence goes double down the drain as well" was what he told me and I couldn't agree much and I was laughing my heart out. So people, don't be emo always, all your intelligence might just go down the drain and never come back and you will end up being a retarded person, and you live emo lives all your life!
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Aftermath 2010

Hennessy Artistry totally rocked The Opera down on the 19th of March and this time around, I am able to be part of it! Yes, this is my very first time to a Hennessy Artistry event after hearing much about it last year where artiste like Lenka, Boys Like Girls were part of the Artistry family, and rocked the night away with their wonderful talents. Lenka was what I missed and I really do hope that she would join again in either one of the 6 Hennessy Artistry (5 more upcoming one!)


This weighs like 2kg++(?)
One of the bar used by bloggers to take vain pictures of themselves, you should have seen a guy from Adverlets(i think)who hogged over the place for a good 5 minutes, asking other photographers to take vain pictures of himself xD

Me and my partner, which is my boyfy, were there an hour earlier before the Media session starts,hoping to grab the limited 20 pairs of media passes given out by Hennessy Artistry. Sadly, all 20 pairs were taken already! How early those 20 bloggers came la~ 4 hours earlier wth?!
After much fuss given to Helen, we got our 1 media pass and 1 normal pass and we lingered around the stage - taking self vain pictures!

Me and boyfy at the Hennessy Artistry backdrop.
See! It's still so bright and all cause we were there damn early thats why.

You can only meet guys like this is the blogging world LOL
Boyfy smirked me and said I missed this cause I was elsewhere on the phone xD

We were then given a chance to be a DJ for the day(actually a few minutes wtf)where you can always spin the "table" like how you always do to your plates when you were younger!(you're lying if you say you don't do that =p)


Not only that, there is this competition going around where you're allowed to compose your very own mixed up song, being a self employed DJ, and your turntable music will be recorded down and you will be in the running for great prizes! Awesome not! Get free booze, get chances to win awesome prices... Told you to check out my post and come~ Regret right? LOL

Boyfy looking happy after recording his own mixed music(twice i think!!) xD
If you're wondering where is me turning the table, I chickened out. Cause I tone deaf like that wtf..

After much mix mashing, we then headed over to the Media area to have an upclose session with the participant such as DJ Sarasa, Shawn Lee, Bunkface and DVJ G Mix..


A toast for Hennessy Artistry!
Pst.. DJ Sarasa lookey Fab!! Now you'd know who is my favorite among all
I was harping to have a picture with her and even pulled boyfy towards this alley cause they say DJ Sarasa is resting behind this door while waiting for her turn. At the end of the day, I got no picture of myself taken with her! Emo gila! But my guests got it!! WTF JUST BECAUSE THEY LEFT THE CLUB LATER THAN US! RAWWR..

Our guests of the day with their Hennessy C-y-itrus(wtf inside joke) and Hennessy Berry.


Joshua(whohasablogbutitissomehowdead wtf)trying his luck with the DJ mixing.
Cute right?But taken, kthxbye xD

"Yunsin looking fab on TV!" was what Joshua said wtf xD

After much messing around at the DJ area and there is this Light Creation room, boyfy and I headed back to our Media(chewah)area and we saw

I swear I heard Samuel squealed with glee wtf LOL.
The whole 75ml of Hennessy V.S.O.P was down to 0ml within the first hour xD
How thoughtful of Hennessy Artistry to give each table one 75ml so that we can drink till heart desires, and if your heart desires more than that, you can pay yourself another bottle of Hennessy VSOP.

All of this happened before the party starts! Can you imagine the excitement that I and all of us went through when the ACTUAL party started!? So here ends my first part of Hennessy Artistry 2010 and there will be more pictures on the next post.
All pictures credits to my boyfy, Samuel =)
You can go to http://www.h-artistry.com.my/ for more of what happened the other night and while you're at that, be Hennessy Artistry's fans at http://www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook.

Racist World

Malaysia is a country where multiracial people lives together and as days goes by, we tend to forget the purpose why our old Prime Ministers do so much to achieve ownership of this country and what our country are made out of. Needless to say, this is a COUNTRY made out of the people that resides in it and we are all called Malaysians for a reason.

There is really no such need to address people by their skin color, by their dressing, by their spoken languages or their beliefs. There is really no such need to differentiate our race into Malay, Chinese, Indian and Others when there is a need to fill out a form, I am sure everyone has come across this section in a form. If you did not realized such unnecessacity, then confirmed, you're one of those super racist retards that does not understand simple "Live Together Happily".

Main purpose of this post in not that I want to give everyone my political side of view, in which I had none either, plainly because our country's politic is screwed up to the stage where you would need a blue fairy to appear and safe the day. This post is all about what me and Amelia experience today while we were on our way to town after our class sessions.
The bus would be our main transport to the nearest Monorail, and we would pass by much housing areas and the last main location would be the Tawakal Hospital, where loads of old and sick people would board our bus. I really hate the sight of all this old people and sickling to be on the same bus with me, cause I am very fussy like that and usually I would not give up my sit UNLESS they are very very old people or ladies with big pregnant tummy or parents with a baby and another kid or two!

Seriously, why the fuck they wanna give birth to so many children?! If you're damn rich and you can support them all, then go ahead, and made a football team for all I care. But this kinda people that I see everyday, seemed like they can't buy a pair of shoes for their kids as they would carry their shoeless kids, instead of letting them walk on their own!

Back to my story and the thing that we encountered.
As usual we will get down right after we passed by the hospital and we saw a Chinese uncle, we assumed that he is pretty old as there are no more strand of black hair on his head and so Amelia stood up and wanted to give up her for the old Chinese man... We were actually on our down. And I stood up as well cause right behind the old man, a Malay lady was carrying her newborn baby and on another hand, there is a small boy. The bus took off while all the "I try to spare my sit and move away from the sit for them" commotion was taking place in the sardine-packed bus.

The lady whom is a Malay, pushed his small kid into the inside sit and took the another sit! Our intial intention is to give one sit to the Chinese man and the another for the Malay lady. But she took two instead of one! I was furious and yes, was being racist as well ( I did not say I was not Racist, I AM VERY RACIST), I tapped on her shoulder and said "Kak, duduk dalam la, so that Pak Cik ni boleh duduk". In a jiffy, she turned and looked at us, fumed up and stand up abruptly and said "OH! nah~ duduk la Pak Cik, Saya tak nak duduk sudah! Duduklah~ Duduk~" and literally pulled her young boy out of his sit!
"Share la~ Saya tak suruh kamu jangan duduk, saya suruh kamu kongsi" was what I said after I see her "so now you all racist la~" face towards us! I was fuming inside and I don't give a fuck anymore and pushed the Uncle and sat him down, all the while mumbling "Kamu tak nak duduk, tak payah duduk, berdiri jerr". But I pity the son and the husband for such humiliation created by his wife, his mom.

No doubt I am a racist shit inside but I don't really showed it out cause I don't want to be ISA or what ever shits, and she was the one that kinda "brought" out this racist side of Malays. Chinese were never as calculative as this as the Uncle was "practically" begging her to take the another sit and she "Tak Mau la~" all the way! Seriously lady, fuck your life if you had a bad day cause I had nothing better than your day as well and too bad for you for meeting people like me and Amelia cause we don't give a fuck on people like this lady.
You don't see us being racist with the Malays and Indians that are in our college, you don't see me moving out from this Taman that I am staying in which fully consists of Malays and you surely don't see that I had no Malay friend on my Facebook ( I have tons of them!)
And Lady, you should not show such attitude in front of your younger ones, and it is due to close minded people like the lady mentioned, racial issues are turning our country's politic upsidedown.

More over, after such awful commotion of you shouting your head off in the bus filled with people, you would be the one people who be back-talking about you cause I don't fucking believe that you did not that take sit when we get down. Seriously, that lady is the most PMS-ed lady I have ever met and you're such a shame. She shouted loudly first.
So yes, that is what we encountered today and yes, a very lengthy post but I don't assume that you will read all, just focus on highlighted words will do.

I still have my writing skills, and please ignore my vulgarity cause it's just so hard to not use them on brainless, racist fuckers like the lady mentioned. Okay, I am off to bed now, now that the burden and fumings are left on this blog, I shall see back 10 years from now and laughed at such damn Malaysian kinda incident and say, ONE MALAYSIA.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too HOT 2 Handle!

Are you too HOT to be handled?
If you are, great then! But if you're not, then you will soon be because EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound presents "Too HOT 2 Handle"


Come and join us for a day of fashion, beauty and style at the trendiest club in town! Amidst the fantabulous shopping, get treated to sizzling performances, mini makeover workshops, awesome lucky draw prizes, best dressed prizes and more lined up for a marvellous girly day out!

Highlights for the night are:

+ Lucky draws
+ Goodie bags
+ Best Dressed Award - So be sure to dress up ladies!
+ Dance performances
+ Fashion shows
+ Special appearance by Shawn Lee
+ Stand a chance to win Jason Derulo's albums and posters
And so much more!

Not only that, if you want more exclusivity, get your own Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA Ladies VIP Card by signing for one at http://ministryofsoundeuphoria.blogspot.com/p/ladies-vip-card.html ! Because, you will be treated like a HOT to handle Queen with :

+ Priority shopping - You get the 1st pick at everything! ;)
+ Free flow of Beefeater cocktails
+ Complimentary manicure & pedicure
+ Complimentary eyelash extension
+ Complimentary hand and head massage
+ Exclusive discounts with participating vendors
+ Complimentary pass to Kaskade on the same night + 1 girlfriend! - http://bit.ly/9oXeia

Flash out your Ladies VIP Card NAO! Priority to shopping okay! Means you don't need to push and get pushed by other bitches, you just go "Excuse me*shows card*" and the bitch would just automatically give in wtf, I was joking =)

Entry #1

This is me talking to myself, only certain people who wants to read this, will only then I approve.

There is hidden text here
Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat!

The title above would very much describe what I am "born of" and "made of" cause I really am a perfectionist and I would do things that I think I would go "NO SWEAT!", instead of things that I barely can do.
But this post ain't about me, sweating literally or not sweating unliterary, but I do sweat a lot actually. Used to be an active sports person, I'd sneaked out of the class just to play volleyball or badminton, and yes, in my school uniform. Imagine how I'd looked like! But I am sure that people nowadays can really sweat easily compared to when I was younger, when global warming wasn't such a hot topic.

Thank God for Adidas

to create a new formula which made up Adidas Action 3 Fresh Deodorant Spray! Inside this small sleek bottle contains goodness such as:

- 24 hours of protection against perspiration (can save up, only one time spray-usage!)
- New Dry Max System Technology for extra-wetness absorption (now you can sweat till heart desires lol)
- Cooling Fragrance which leaves you with just showered feeling when the heat is on (now you can go around saying that "I BATHE!" but actually you did not)
- Special Anti Whitening Material which minimizes white markings on skin and clothes (Yeay! No more white stains under armpit and definitely no need to bleach clothes anymore)
- 0% alcohol & PH respect & Dermo tested

If you have not watch Project Alpha, you should really go watch it and I am sure those bloggers would think that Action 3 Fresh comes in handy since they need to run around a lot under the hot weather of Malaysia. Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

Life in Pictures

Since I am quite out and about now and the mojo to take pictures with my old phone is on again, I took really a lot of random pictures that only mean something and a lot to me and you probably wont get it, but I will try to caption it till you get it wtf.

Scare you all with a big arse picture of my face and the main highlight is my new Nudy Grey contacts! It isn't really that obvious compared to my green one but if you would only look closely, this lens has very nice flowery patterns at the side! Major love.
*sorry fer the disturbing eyebags wtf, I just refuse to sleep till it's 2a.m wth*

work place has the smallest toilet cubicles and least one EVER! And the worst lighting ever. Emo, don't wanna caption much. Bestie showing off her finger designs but light too sucky to see it at all, double the emo.

Went to my second home on my rest day cause I felt that there's a need to shop! LMAO XD
And i saw this Arab performance thingy, talk about culture invasion!

I felt, I went, I see, I shopped, I pose LOL

This thing here meant a lot to me, I nearly teared when I see this. Yes, "you", "You" din't know cause i hid the tear and thank "you" =)

Mine! xD
Meant the whole world. See caption also cacat-ed LMAO xD

Okay, next blog post would be the HA one. LOL lazy wanna do it.
Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Love My "Kids"!

Actually I love all FRIENDLY kids =)
Whee picture post cause not really in a mood to blabber and I am editing pictures as well, for HA event of course LOL!

My new big big place for church services! And this is only the kid's section, and I am so behind already, damn 9 lots of kids..

Poser maut, collecting offerings and still have the time to strike a pose! LOL

Blardy hyper kids. What did their parent feed em? Baby oats tambah tambah tambah gula ka?

Hey there Gloria! How come you're so tiny and cute?!
*there's another Gloria from Madagascar =p*

When ever it's time to eat and sit down for story time, all teacher/helpers can take a breather and chill. Everyone calmed down for makans, wth xD

"Hi! Im Chanel and there is only one favorite thing to do in Sunday School"

"And that is to hit this JieJie below, with fake bricks till she goes bonkers and does silly faces to calm down my suddenly sky rocket-ed happy mode! See her bonker-ed face yo!"

So small so cute yet so naughty! Still my favorite.
Friday, March 19, 2010

I’m Going to The Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Ever walked out of the house, after nicely blow drying your hair and then a sudden gush of wind came and go and you end up looking like an Einstein at work? Providing that you have a really damn course and unmovable hair even it was a taufan, I'm sure incident like that had happened AT LEAST once!

Then a nicely packed outside and inside savior came to the rescue as Gatsby hits Malaysian like an unpredictable upcoming storm whom now has more to offer to us besides its very popular movable rubber hair wax

Remember that?! My favorite was the green one as it smells like light lemon with lime and it's not sticky but it holds hair even long ones! Loves!

With the new and upcoming demands, Gatsby had took another step further and produces The Gatsby Deodorant! Yes guys, another Hooray for you all cause besides hair wax and sprays and hair dyes, you can now purchase Deodorant under your favorite brand, Gatsby!
To promote this new product, Gatsby will held an event named The Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, details below,

Date: 17 April 2010
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

There are going to be lucky draws and various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs!
Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day are Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair!
So mark your calendar on the 17th April 2010 for this event and come and have fun, whether laughing on contestants or just to come and check out their new deodorant, I'm sure all will benefit from this.

If there aren't much information and you would like to know more, kindly head over to www.gatsby.com.my/streetfair for more exciting games and you can also be a fan on FaceBook and spread the love yo!


Log in and play all the games!
Imma heading back to my games now and I hope to see you all there on the 17th of April at Times Square!
Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Nail Shop

Yea! It's up and finally running on Facebook first cause that is the easiest way to let others know about our new business, a collaboration between me and my bestie, a blogshop named The Nail Shop.

As the name has said it all, we are selling things used for nail arts. Our product consist of (for now) blings and Little Decos which we priced it as low possible! So you all must must must AT LEAST go see see kay?! LOL
Much effort put into this cause both of us aren't actually very free, I got resit papers and studies to attend too so a little attention is what I need =)

Blings You Want!

Malicious Red
10 pieces - RM1
10 pieces - SGD1
Size is 0.4mm

Pretty Pink
10 pieces - RM1
10 pieces - SGD1
Size is 0.4mm

Very Violet
10 pieces - RM1
10 pieces - SGD1
Size is 0.4mm

Stoned Black
10 pieces - RM1
10 pieces - SGD1
Size is 0.4mm

Amethyst Blue
10 pieces - RM1
10 pieces - SGD1
Size is 0.4mm

Shall post this blings first! I have Little Decos too but then it would be wayy tooo long.. All are ready stocks and you can start ordering and if convinient for me, I do not mind COD. Minimum buy is RM/SGD5 with a very low shipping fee as this is very light, and if you buy more than RM30, there will be no shipping cost! Awesome or no? So hurry up and grab and bling anything or everything that you can get your hands on!

Blogshop is still under construction wtf so I tumpang my own glamour first LOL.
You can tell me what you wish to find, yes, I am asking you nail art addicts out there, leave a comment here and I will try to ask my suppliers to supply it for all of you with a low price!
Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

It would be ze awesomest if I could surf the Internet when I am on the bus on my way home, when I take a dump, when ever classes in college are a bore, can I please go online in church as well??
I would always wonder in such a way and when KL wireless was invented, it did not help much and I was in despair wtf. Then something in a classic diamante shaped was invented...

Need more explanation?

If you're SOOO NOT IN THE LIGHT, well, I am here to LET you IN THE LIGHT wtf...
The above lil' sleek and black and in diamante shaped object, is none other than the cute lil P1 Wimax usb modem invented for Internet addicts like me, where now I can go online wherever I go! Provided that I am not being lazy and brings my laptop around.


There! There is me with my VERY OWN P1 Wimax usb modem and yes, I am twittering and blogging about this post using the usb modem itself! No need for unstable wireless connection like *erhem*KL wireless*erhem* whereby I cant even go online when I am in the secluded corner of my toilet, when P1 Wimax can do all the job!


I go online and surf the net everyday at the living room of my house, where there are no space for me to link this laptop to a stand alone monitor, and besides having a laptop, I am having a desktop as well. I would be a crazy biatch if i were to buy and subscribe to two land line modem. Grateful much okay that P1 Wimax came and rescue my day wtf.

Envy much?! Go get it! why wait?!!

I watch my Project Alpha Season 2 using the P1 Wimax as well mainly because....
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS
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