Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stressed Out (T.T)

Was canned like a can of tuna(as usual)while taking train to college.Really sick and tired of that situation lur~but there is no other option for me!!

An illustration of what we look like when we are in the train compartment!!Lolz!!
You are presented with alot of aroma early in the morning too=D

the aroma of the peoples!!LOLZ~
That is what i felt an was what going on in my mind this morning while i have nothing to do,standing there in the train as there were no empty bunk for my to lay my ass down.Lolz!
Nothing really special happen to me today and i am kinda stressed out for this few weeks because there are really alot of things to catch up and to study and on top of that my assignment's due date is a week away from now and nothing has started yet!!T.T My group of people aren't really taking this coursework seriously and come to the thought of it,they are really relying on me alot to do tutorials and those courseworks!!What the gua!!

Im gna be like that cat sooner or later!!Haha!!
And my table is like this:

Haiz!!im gna go crazy soon!!Wee~~

And this is what i get when i type'crazy look images'on Google!!Hahahahahaha!!Lolz!!no doubt that the gal is one wacko diva!Who in the right mind would give vodka to their small todds in attempts to make them to go to sleep!!Lolz!!Im imagining that he tood looks like this when she did that crazy act!!

Hahaha!!!Care less bout this diva humans!!Hihi~Anyway,enough with crappings~Going to the Museum Orang Asli tomorrow to get some infoSSS for my Hubungan Etnik assignments and i hope everything will go on smoothly and without anyone FFK-ing me or with the rest of the group members!


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