Saturday, June 28, 2008

What The Heck??!!

Was actually looking forward to this morning's event and that is to attend my ex-secondary school's carnival which is held once every three years.And this year is the second time i have been to this carnival all my 5 years of studying there.
Woke up early today to get prepared and all and thought my mum would want to go to the morning market to get some grocery for the week.But it appears that she is to lazy to go and claims that we have enough of supply for the day(she only cook during weekends).So,i was like"Oh well then,i am off for some napping again before i go around 9."And i slept till 8.45 and woke up and bathe and all and was out in like...what..??15 minutes?!!I think less than that!!*chuckles*The reason to blah earlier is because my mum starts to nag every single time she's off to do her chores!*chuckles a lot*
Was totally shock when we reach school around 9.45-10.00 because we thought that no one would be so early and all and this brings me back those memories during my time at the school.All along the road(we were finding a place to park)we saw teens pak-toh-ing, ass-grabbing here and there and other unsightly sights!And to the thought of it that my friends last time used to be like that!!What an embarrassment and disgrace to the school and can you imagine the image that this bloody cina apek's and amoi's are giving to those parents especially to those Malays!Haiz!World is changing now...Those with good attitude will continue to be better and those with kampung mentality will always stay that way and ended up dropping out of school and regret it later!*hish*What the heck!!!
Actually was kind of chissed off this morning as one of my friends(i assumed she had change)was still in her same old ways of inviting people and then ditching them or rather(buat duno dun care)gives a damn about your existence and just go and hang out with other humans that she thinks are way cooler than you!What the heck(really!!=-s)And i promised myself that this would be the last time i am ever going to trust her and to come out like a dog when she invite to anywhere!Haiz~good and true friends are hard to find and to get about this days!!You can never really trust anyone with your so called deep dark secrets anymore and you can only trust yourself!So sad-ning!Ha ha ha zzz~~*lame laugh*
The only happy thing that has happened to me today is to received a phone call from one of my guy besttie, David, from National Service camp!*glee-ing*Was so happy to hear that he is okay with his life at Kampar doing his Certificate in Business and obviously he miss us all lur~(we ns fwens more kam ching then fwenz here!!)So near yet so far~because he is also in TARC but Kampar branch!*tears*Then i told David about someone being in TARC too that all of us hated so much because that guy can really blow his own trumpet SO well that he blew everyone away from him!!Ha ha~(he say he got scholarships frm duno what Yayasan crap and here he ended up in TARC??!!)What the heck??!(notice that i have been using a lot of the title in this post??)Because it is so unpredictable nowadays about how people could change in just a split second(let alone 2-3 months!!)
Anyway was really glad to hear David was and is still 'ALIVE' due to the breakup with his girlfriend whom he thought would be his first and last and also ad mist all of the assignments that TARC offers(thx TARC*ironically*)Anyway to members of the camp,hope to see all of you in the next gathering and better make it quick or else i will miss you all to death!!Ha ha~Lmao!!
That's all now!GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!Nitez!!


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