Sunday, May 31, 2009

Low , Chin , Poh , Ding! <3


Oh finally it's the last day of May! Well, i may sound like i love seeing May 09' disappear, matter of fact is, I DON'T! Damn emo now ok~ Cause we are all going to be a day closer to July what turf! I hate July la~ To all July babies, I don't hate you i just hate the month that you were born! Lol what turf~

Now i realized, i don't take pictures and i got no pictures during weekends what turf so lifeless! I realized too that i only flash out the lens when i am with my peeps/bestties or what ever you call it. Damn sad can! I think my nephews are taking on the Camwhore-ring-ism too~ Like how mostly all of their aunties and uncles does!

Oh! Yesterday was awesome man! I took pictures! Yes! I remembered i took pictures with the other side of the family people that i don't know! The side of my cousin brother's wife. Yea, damn far punya relationship but what turh! This people is totally awesome! I would say not highly educated but still spells AWESOME on their forehead. Besides the free brunch, lolwhat turf, they gave me the experience of working in kopitiams, like as in where you all have you early morning dim sums punya kopitiams la~
And i FAIL! lol~ damn sad! Then they all laugh and advice me to study well well(lol xD) so that i don't end up like them working their butt off day and night, and so that i can sit in the air conditioned office working and get paid.
* secretly, i like working in kopitiams. Though i got no talent what turf like i care!

In a nut shell, i am very very the HAPPY and PROUD to have them, an addition to the Low, Chin and Poh family! So now it's Low, Chin, Poh and Ding!! Lol what turf~Like some Doraemon song!

Hm~ can't wait to go to college tomorrow because tomorrow i will have to travel all the way to Setapak just for that two hour tutorial class from Cheras! But it should be worth it because tomorrow is English class!! Yay! Or nay? what ever~
Till then people! Cheerios

*aiya, i damn gan cheong now, because tomorrow we will be in a different class. really am very eager to know how this new people behaves. please be likeable in my sight! Lol~
Saturday, May 30, 2009



This is going to be an emo but short post so if you're going to continue then just read it and dun bitch in the comment box!

1. Stand Out Invites
Ok~ so the good thing is i got the invites and thus the pair of tickets that come with it. SO the event is going to be on 6th of June which is next Saturday. But~ FML! I am going to Malacca as planned like two weeks ahead and i had to totally MISSED out Stand Out! what turf~ And miss out meeting Kenny Sia, Ringo and Sweat Li too and now i am really sweating all about it lo~ And my old friend, Sammy is going too and it is rare la cause i have not seen her since the god knows when and isn't it wonderful that she still remembers me and we still actually contact each other!! I love you babe, if you're reading this.
Ok~ the point is I GOT INVITES BUT CAN'T GO!
I don't even bother to post the email picture here~ Sakit hati saja what turfff~

2. The Hotness
Can any day be hotter than today?? Can any day be more suey than today?? Can any day make me sweat more physically and mentally today??

3. Ba Zhang
On the not so suey note, i get to eat ba zhang which is dumpling this year! Just when i thought i wouldn't get any of the taste this year, my auntie suprised me when she said she "gour" around 50 of those mouth watering dumplings, though i am not great fans of them, i still love and savours them!
Any how any who, this delicacies are still Chinese specialty and nothing hinders me from liking Chinese foods~

4. Tempang
To those that don't know what is "tempang", it means crippled! And yes, i am crippled what turf, mentally and physically! I went swimming for two days in a row, intense one mind you and now i can't even sit with bended knees, and it needs to be stretch out and be in the way! Lol~
Crippled mentally cause i think i am starting to get lazy and still not in the study mood though a week had passed! But i did my tutorial already! But hell, i think text books needed lo~ fml~

* eh besttie, did you notice that Monday is English class??! Lol~ xp YEAY!!!
* sigh, i think text book needed la you all~ can i please PLAGERIZE~

The Bestties!!


Since are all on a diet mode cause we are way too fat what turf so we decided to spend the three hour break session to go swimming in college. So we were all so hyped up cause it had been ages since we last swam together gether and i was kinda want to show to them that "Hey! i can swim too now and i dare to go to the deep deep side there!!"
All geared up and we braced ourselves to walk under the hot scorching sun and did not care that we sweat cause the thought of jumping into the cool water made it all worth the while.
Alas, we went in and saw that the whole board is filled with the word CLOSE! What turf!! Terus potong stim!

No choice, we went and invade people's lecture for the sake of air con! Fml~ cause both of them wore skirts like damn short so they will never ever be allowed into the library! xp

The Sleeping Queen!
She is one of my besttie and she has this super super beh ta han attitude! Lol~ and is that she sleeps in all lectures but still get better results than me, even though i do sleep right after she sleep! Lol ftw~
To guys, even though you see her with a ring, nevertheless, she is single!*winks*

a shot of me with the Queen and me with my chao lau peh phone!
she woke up having the wonderful feeling to camwhore! xp

and so it begun!
see!! her phone takes nicer pictures! but i think the pixel smaller is it? cause her photos when all sent to my phone, it turns out to be smaller in size compared to mine!
We are the more outgoing compared to another besttie of mine which is the sweet kind, so we are smilling here~

and acting dulan here!! LOL!
Fail la you Langsuir, take picture also can see 1/4th your face only! Lol~

Nevertheless, you girls rock my world, my shoes, my socks and my tummy what turf with all your sportiness and all the jokes that we share about! ^^
I love you both! and am sure going to miss you lo, Jagung Barn Yang Kena Bakar..
*sigh if you know what i mean*

* we went swimming anyway at 3 which is our OWN lecture! fml! we went to other people's lecture and listen but we skipped ours!! Lol~
* when we were in the first lecture, the lecturer is so funny! he said, "Actually hor, i got alot of things hor, i duno how to say in words wan leh~" LOL! And Singapore is pronounced as "Sing-gah-pore" by him! Hahaha~
* And law class i feel is so awesome! I regretted not going to law class! what turf~
Friday, May 29, 2009

Of Rushings And Life~


Ok, this is an outdated post but what the hell, only pictures of my friend's newly done hair which made me into a sour pot and still am envious now!

Her Jagung-farm-blown hair which can only be seen if taken on this angle what turf! But nice!

Her straight langsuir hair! Lol~

And my overly mature cendawan looking hair fml!! xp


Was suppose to have class till 6.30 p.m but we scooted off cause had something to do and yes, i am lazy to explain in words so only pictures~
Pst, someone went dating so the both of us went makan~

US!! ^^

the place, Tai Zhi something something~ Oh well, this is near by UCSI Connaught.
*pst, the chair so cute and it looks like it grabs ur butt if u sit on it!*

*will be very very busy next week onwards with loads of assignments, catching up and slowing down to breathe
*changed to a new class, with new people, new attitude new faces, everything new and i am going to love it and will not miss the past. to hell with you all!
*feel dreadfully sleepy now hence the short notes instead of loads of writting, so no worries, i am still me, as long winded as ever~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Total Insanity


First day back in college and i sat in the canteen and waited for 6 freaking hours for that one and half hour lecture what turf. Nevertheless, i am back to my old self again, cause my old self like to sit in that hot hot canteen and keep staring and head-analyze people what turf and secretly guessing where they buy their clothes from, why the heck they have nice hair, why they had fugly looking hair and why that girl so damn thin but eat so much wor what turf! Lol~

I saw loads of my junior, i will call them junior from now on cause i braced the stupidity of that college and i am like so geng now what turf! xp BUT~ They did not see me cause i am a five feet person and i am sitting down so i am like hiding among bush like that wtf~= s
Waited waited and waited and got caught by besttie Ame cause i was reading messages and smiling alone myself! ROFLMAO! I used to sound people a lot about that cause they look stupid what turf smiling smiling like that while reading and replying messages but i did not realized that i does that too!! Omg! I stupidified too!! Lol~

Anyways, saw both besttie and we are still that besttie kinda mode like that what turf and we SHALL BE besttie for LIFE!! YEAY! BUT BUT BUT~~ I IZ HATE THEM NOW LOOO~
They have new hair styles and i am still with my this cendawan matang habis like that hair style what turf!! = s

in case you forgot how my cendawan matang habis look hair wtf!

Ame got her Jagung hair and Yong En got her Langsuir hair!! Pictures tomorrow cause i will definitely ask them to take pictures! Ha ha ha~ That's all for today! Love you all!!
Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Fetish!


Hey there! I know, i abandon blog sphere again. I was really busy through out the whole week, well, it seemed like i MADE myself busy but obviously i got time to go online the whole day reading, watching dramas, surfing the net and organizing my blog shop. Which made me busy and occupied my one whole day time.

Today is the starting of my year two which made me very excited even my heart is skipping a beat while i am typing this. I don't know why but since i was young, first day of school made me nervous, as in nervous happy what turf! Weird right? I guess i am just excited to go back to college and hope to see every one has gone fatter or fairer or more prosperous what turf and then bitch about what has happen through out the month! Lol~

Yesterday, i was on book fever/fetish/craze/whatever you call it again! Omg! I am now seriously officially damn broke! I did not know what went into me but the next thing i know is i start to grab whatever book that caught my attention, paid for it and then head on to the next book store!what turf~
Ok~ So the first stop is this some kind of book bazaar which they had hell loads of old book which are in very fine condition and i spent like 2 hours there browsing through all of it and getting what author i initially planned to read on months ago but was too broke then.

Was kinda disappointed cause i get three books only what turf and after a 2 hour searching i could only find ONE Stephen King's book! That was the author i planned to get my hands on all of his collection! My god! The bazaar only got ONE!! ONEEEE~ So people, if there are any book bazaar please tell me~

ROOM 1408
Movie Buffs will definitely know that there was a movie on this.
Currently on page 50+, and i am still liking it! Stephen King's book is awesome man!

I don't know this author and i don't think is a famous one too but i like the summary behind and it is all about how a woman live through her days being sexually and mentally abused and there is no one for her.
I have not start reading yet but am crossing my fingers and hope it to be as good as Adeline Yen Mah's books cause i like to read about other people's suffering what turf! xp

Ok, this book is really nonsensical and this author which is also not an author but a publisher takes in real sucky and unreal horror story which i don't find it horrorful what turf but this book actually lullabies me to sleep. The reason i bought it cause i had read the entire whole collection of this book while i wait for my mum in Borders everyday after college but i just couldn't find this chapter so i thought that this must be real dirt good that they tak sempat stock in what turf.
Secondly, it was dirt cheap la~ I think this is MYR5 only.
(pst, the whole collection is a waste of money! i wonder why i even read it)

Then i head on down to Borders. And i start buying again! what turf~

This is actually the second time buying this. You asked why? I once lend the older one to a friend and it was never returned to me but i like the story so much that i decided to buy it again.sigh~
(MYR 35.90)
Real good i tell you! Really touching ok~ Please don't disowned your OKU child if(choi)you ever bear one. cause they are God's creation too~

this is the second author i planned to read on her books, none other than JODI PICOULT.

On page 40 something now and i thought of laying this off for awhile cause it is getting kinda bored and mushy.
(MYR 33.50)

This is good! I recommend to all! I read this half way on a friend's book but i was too shy to lend it for so long so i returned it and said that i finished it in which i have not so i bought it now to reread again! yeay!
(MYR 33.50)

This i have no idea but the cover looks nice right?! Lol~
(MYR 34.50)

I seriously want to knock my own head off for buying so many books seeing that college has started and i certainly have no time for leisure reading and if there were, it would be me reading up my unit's notes and resit papers! Lol~ But i am on ROOM 1408 anyway, that is best!

Don't even bother counting the total i spent on books yesterday cause when i open my purse and screamed into it, i can hear echo what turf! xp
Friday, May 22, 2009

Sick Again & Eye On Us


Woke up today with sore throat, nausea and feeling like i just recovered from a fever, body tired like shit what turf.

Other than that, my trip to Malacca for a Christian seminar is a confirmed thing! Yes! I am going there two weeks from now on a Thursday, 8p.m and will depart from Puduraya station. Though this is not a fun and shopping trip, but at least a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur will do me very very the good! Lol~
Pst, i will try to sneak out to go around Malacca city and see the changes of it cause the last time i was there was when i was 10 years old or so what turf lo~ haha~

Another thing is,

Nice header right?

But no, i am not going to use this on my blog. Instead, this is the header for my newly opened blogshop named EYE ON US. And yes, i know, the header has no connection with shopping what turf but i will change it when i get a better one.
So come check out Eye On Us here.

That's all for now. Still feeling sick! *sigh*
Thursday, May 21, 2009



FOUR MORE DAYS! yes, four more days and i will be called as senior and marches to a level higher with more complicated stuffs to learn and i bet more differentiation of classes too which means i have to walk more as in last time is from A to J and now is from A to X! what turf~

As the new second year starts, i guess i won't be seeing much or maybe some of my course mates now cause we previously had 145++ students, but i went and check out my new timetable last night, the number differs to only 130++, what turf! And worst of all, my Group 5 got terminated what turf and i think we will be disperse into other group which is a good thing on my behalf cause i no want to face the same people for two whole years! Urrk~ that would be nothing more than utter bored-ness to the brim!

Well, that a bit of update on my college life if there are people wondering why the hell Vox online from morning to night, like 24 hours, no college meh? Ok, i am still on semester break which will end on the 24th of May. In case you all forget and wants to leave a comment asking what am i majoring, well, i am majoring E-COMMERCE AND MARKETING. If you don't know what is that then kindly drop a comment and i will answer you cause i know how to answer professionally already now what turf! xp

I know i had abandon my Project 365 again but i promise a good post ahead as soon as i get the pictures from Flyguy, that is if he send today!*beepbeep*
So what i had been up to huh? Let's see.. I went out with Nuffnangers on Tuesday and was so tired, thus the abandon blog. Yesterday, i was at home the whole day trying to find suppliers for my growing interest on clothes, nail art and stickers. and YES, i am going to open a BLOGSHOP!*yeay yipee* But i think the things are mainly for girls, so guys, so sorry yea BUT BUT BUT, if i get my stock from Hong Kong from cousin sister, then wala, you all can get nice chio HK style and i give discount what turf! Lol~

The blogshop is still under renovation what turf cause i can't find good suppliers yet AND any i made my shop available for anyone who wants to "tumpang" my shop to sell their things. NOT F.O.C ok~ But i will charge reasonably, no worries! So start submitting your queries now, you can submit here since that shop under renovation!xp

Besides the lust for shopping, money and continualy addicted to the Internet, i had start my revision on my resit papers! Yes, my college mate peeps, if you're reading this, i had STARTED revising! And no, this is still the same Victoria, no worries, just that the boredom of sitting home alone with four cornered walls changed the hormones of studying A BIT. I miss notes, papers, my colorful printed notes, my notepads, my piles of papers during breaks and god knows why! But when college reopens, i nag and sing song on how i want holidays! what turf i tell you! Is it just me or EVERYBODY does that too?

*shit, have to memorize my html code again, i forgot! damn*

Got Business Law for this year! Omg! I used to love Laws and stuff though i don't abide to them but i feel a sense of superiority if i know the laws of business so when i go to the shopping mall i can blab on how this thing's packaging should be, how the people should treat customers and how efficient they should be to keep customers and etc! Lol~ so vain right!

Wait, i go check again what Units i got, i know i got English! Yeay! Another A for this year! Wee~
*at TARC website*

AACS2733 Introduction to E-Commerce Mr. Leong Kean Lum (L) 1-4
(2L + 1T ) (2DIN/2DEM)

ABDM3243 Business Communication Ms. Anura (L) 1-4
(2L + 1.5L ) ( 2DEM/ 2DMK/ HR/ RM )

ABBL3074 Business & Cyber Law Mr. Lim Eng Hoe (L) 1-4

ABDT2043 Fundamentals of Marketing Ms. Ooi Mee Leing (L) (Wk8-14) 1-4
(2L + 1T ) ( 2DEM/ 2DMK/2DRM ) Ms. Wong Sheau Wei (L) (Wk1-7) 1-4

ABDT3133 Web Design for Marketing Ms. Soh Yen Lu (L) 1-4
(2L + 2T )

AELE3063 English for Business Mr. Edwin Soo 1-4
(3T )
*the red ones are my unit and the blue ones are the lecturer and tutor and some one enlighten who are the lecturers? cause i know some and don't know all what turf*

And*erhem*see the WEB DESIGN for MARKETING, i am a total noob on this so can anyone give me some tips, or maybe which website i should check out before going to college. cause i want to go with the "cheh, i know already" face!! Lol what turf...

Yes, another one, cause i think alot myself what turf~
This is encrypted: ***
Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes! hey people!! Spring is here, in Malaysia i tell you! And do you want to know who brought this nice and cold Spring over to Malaysia that all of us could enjoy it, right in the comforts of your home with the company of your laptop?...

Here i present/promo/show/tell*wtf you all say*
From Voice of Expression

They sell only hand made stuffs like tissue pocket, earrings YES! Hand made earring which is very very nice ! so do go and support them by clicking here, Spring's Dreamscape
And sorry if the picture turns out small cause i don't know how to do it but you can click onto the link and VISIT THEM! I don't usually do review so if this is a bad one, i shall work more on it. Thankx


Monday, May 18, 2009


Hell yea! In accordance with the event STAND OUT with Tiger & NuffNang, I, Victoria Poh now has every reason to*erhem*be an official vain pot for now and to share with all HOW i think i stand out and how i WISH i could stand out in ways that i could only dream for now, but make it into a reality in NEAR future, read, NEAR.

Since young, the only way i get popular/stand out among all kids is because i had the smallest eyes ever! Don't get what i just said? Here, I iz going to embarass myself by letting you all see picture of me when i was around 4 - 7 years old.

Can you even differenciate which is me and which is my brother?
Why don't i give a hint?
ME & Brother! Lol~

There! If you just think that the picture above is not small enough, feast your eyes on this but you can never see the eyes la~ And the eyebrows! That made me stand out too!

But, not to worry for me guys, er i meant girls and anything between, i don't look like that now!

FUU~*wipes sweat*

I can hit a mosquitoe every single time i tries to hit one and i NEVER fail to get them. An add on, with just one "whack" and wala~

Tui tui, my part time job! Lol~

As i grew up, i no longer has the small China eyes. People used to come up to me and asked "Hey, can you see anything through those two holes there?" or they would always come up to me and do the Asian eyes sign to me, indicating the small eyes.

Natural de au~
I stand out because my eyes is bigger now WITHOUT any surgery done compared to when i was younger. Due to my mix heritage, people tend to come up to me and ask whether i am a Japanese or no.

I participate a lot of competition ranging from Language to Sports to Education type of competition. Due to all the active-ness in clubs and competition, i also stand out by getting the reward of "Most Reward Achiever" when i was in my secondary school! How cool is that huh?

my two stacks of it~

And the whole of it. This is the thing that i am most proud of and because of all this too, i am a stand out in my school life. I worked a lot on all this and now, it pays off.


I have blue eyes.


I can proudly say that i went to the National Service and had the best time of my life there! I gained experience that one can get if there are not selected, the priceless experience and the awesome irreplaceable friendship that i made there!

And i had a title there too! So that made me stand out among all of the other 400++ team mates.

- i have no chinese name. All that is written on the identification card is only Victoria Poh
- i stand at a height of 155cm which is barely 5 meter and that made me stand out too because i am loud, sound and action wise.
- i am super helpless with anything that has got to do with Mathematics. I could fail and fail and fail till the hell finally turns to Alaska.
- people say i am super lame and that cracks people up. According to them, lame equals to funny! what turf.
- i can talk non stop for as long as i stay awake.
- my tongue could reach all the way to my chin.

Last but not least, i am a stand out in life because i could very much do this post to a two length post because i can really "talk", well, in this case, type. I have a lot of thoughts and i have a lot to say. Given, only i got the time and the resources. I too stand out because i can't be kept away from the lime light for two seconds and let them had it all.
Now this had grown into a lengthy post and so i shall end with a great thanks to Tiger & NuffNang for this upcoming STAND OUT event and i hope that i could be there to really STAND OUT and grant myself those prizes!

Facts Facts Facts


My first day of not working and my plans to work out during this one whole week backfired! what turf and on the first day it self! Lol~

Yes, even though i woke up like so damn early, having in mind that waking up early gives me more time to organized my routines, example, wake up brush teeth go online awhile then work out then bath then eat lunch then continue online but up to now which is 3.30p.m, i had only managed to complete ONLINE! what turf i tell you, if i continue procrastinating to work out, i will be as fat as a pig and can't never enter the front door what turf and pigs will then feel so better cause i might be fatter than them too!*sigh* Facts of Victoria no.1: Damn lazy and super good in procrastinating.

Although i had been online since this wickedly cold morning till now and will DEFINITELY till tonight, all i did was Restaurant City, Facebook-ed, being nosy by reading blogs and now this post while waiting for my Korea drama to load what turf, load so damn knn long! Seriously, i don't know what do the other people surf/do when they online cause they can online longer hours or prolly days than me and they could find all sorts of things to see, hear, and laugh at. Eh people, don't be stingy and share la can?! I tell you my interest then you all tell me what i can find through net, ok bo?
Here goes, as for sports, i like volleyball, basketball, swimming, kayak, badminton, bowling, futsal, football, paintball, absail, walks and jogs etc. As for hobby, i like to DANCE only, reading also i like, music too.. ok that is probably the three of my hobbies that i totally dig this days. Ok, i like playing easy games, online games now, totally boring of warcraft games. What i want to do most now is to hit the mall and the cinemas! I GOT HELL LOT OF SHOW I HAVE NOT WATCH OK!Facts about Victoria no.2: obviously she stays at home a lot cause no money what turf. LOL

I had then now finally come to realization that i am single and you all had been deceived by my status in my Facebook! Lol~ I was then blinded and emo-fied for quite some time due to unwanted circumstances that just had to push it's way towards my weak soul what turf and now dumped me on the stairs of Twilight leaving me restless and senseless!! Lol~ and i am also here to tell you that, ignoring Victoria is a damn hell bliss! Moving on~
Facts of Victoria no.3: she jumps from one topic to another topic which is totally irrelated and will irritate the shit out of you.

I am actually planning to have my own blogshop but i fail to find wholesalers of nail art what turf. Got la, but all from Japan! I forgot all my Japanese la kns! And i laughed my ass off last night when i was trying to figure out what the translated page of the Japanese website was saying and another realization, Japanese people SUCKS in english!Fuu~ Luckily i have great command of English and my grammar ain't that bad.*straigthens shirt* And my nails are so long now that it is really hard for me to type cause my nails kept getting stuck in between keyboards and i have to go "ouch" and dig it out what turf lo~ But i like!! Lol~sounds so wrong.
Facts of Victoria no.4: she forgots her Japanese and she love her nails more than her life!

I will still faint at the smell of coffee! I hate coffee! But my brother is like sitting right beside me sipping his smelly coffee! what turf, go drink somewhere else la~*shifts lappie to room*Ah~ better! But so hot! My room no air-cond what turf!*lesigh*
Facts of Victoria no.5: she hates coffee and if you give it to her, she will pour it down your anal!LOL~

Besides blogging, i am now still going gaga and aww on the pictures that Mike took on a few Nuffnangers. Wait i go see see the pictures... and here are some of my favorite and no i am not tumpang-ing Mike's photo for glamour and ALL CREDITS TO MIKE FOR THIS PICTURES WHICH I LIKE SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO POST IT HERE.

*damn poser*

fuu~i like this the BEST!
Actually i still have a lot that i like cause this three are like born to be shoot at! Lol~ ok so go feast your eyes here. Facts of Victoria no.*i lost count*6: she totally digs photography.

*peeks at vids*
Ok, finish loading so i am going to go nap awhile then watch! lol~ Bye all for now~
Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sae-i Da-h Kh-won-Nd


After swimming and a quick one too and i realized how dark my eyebag are now! Shit! This is with no flash no makeup no photoshop(i dont btw), just a little help from the sunlight! Like SK II embracer what turf! I got one even worse!

I want to regrow my hair! Yeah! Behold people! You all have never see me in long hair which i think i look better in short, nevertheless, i want to embarrass myself having long hair and look like some China girl! Lol what turf.

I sprained my feet! Damn! No more dancing for the next month! T-T


I like what i did to the eyes today! Finally mastered the art of drawing eye liner! Lol~
And because i think i did good and i like it, i wish to annoy you all and let you all see again..

SEE!!! NICE RIGHT~! LOL~ please don't go boo and curse me for being vain! Cause i am born vain! Lol~ And see my flawless skin! Lol~ no photoshop no nothing no makeup, well except for the eyes part, no foundation no nothing! NADAH~ Yes, i damn proud of my skin!*beams*

Except for the eyebags! Lol what turf.!

Went to Sae Da Kwon at Sri Hartamas for Korea today cause it's nephew's birthday tomorrow!! AWW!! Incase you don't get how to read Sae Da Kwon nicely, let me teach! Bwahahah! Sae is said like how you say "say" but instead of ending with y which sounds "ay" you end with e which sounds "ei". Da is Da la what turf and Kwon is saying the word "won" with a major emphasize on the K and the "on". Which made it sounds like "Sae-i Da-h Kh-won-Nd" Lol! Get that? Lol~Moving on~

the menu which has Mandarin, i think print on it in which i don't know what it says. Tell me someone, or somebody or ANYBODY! I got puzzled due to the Chinese character! Sure this is some get-lost Korea restaurant! Lol~

the food. Eh, i eat like this at home too ok, nothing special what! And yes, if you're wondering, we had been eating the style of Korea at home. God knows why but i think some knows why! Lol what turf i am talking~

Ok seriously, this rice is nice! This is the Korea version of Beggar's Rice like how the Chinese had it but we eat this with KimChi! I love heck over heels in hell for KimChi man, i meant girls and anything between! Lol~ If only i know the art of preserving my own KimChi vege then i can live on those for the rest of my life! what turf~

And the rest of the food were all consumed by me cause i was so hungry and taking care of the two beloved nephew! Me first time being aunty ok what turf, must sayang them till i die! Hahaha~
Ok, now the Stand Out post! Sigh, how am i stand out to you people? Can you all tell me about it? Give me some ideas or even better, give me a small essay about it and i publish your link and name in my blog can? Lol~




Today was a real sad day and i wish to keep it a secret. I only allow those that i think theey know my story. Sigh~
This is encrypted:
Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Wind Is Back!


Woke up with the sound of gushing winds and thunderstorm at around 2a.m this morning and was petrified to see that as if a tsunami is washing over us, the rain and all the water just awestruck me but i went back to sleep anyway! Lol~

Slide down the bed reluctantly this morning 4 hours later, and i nearly puke when my mind came across the word "WORK". Now i believe why Ken say that i am stupid to even go back there for job for the second time. The pay seriously, not as fantastical as i thought it were and the due time is a hack on my neck. Not forgetting the "four corners of the world" that i am only allowed to see and face to the whole day. No~ Not for this outgoingyoung girl here! But the weather today is AWESOME!! Rashes all gone!! Yeay! My friends say that i am a baby cause i still develop rashes under unconditional weather changes! Lol what turf you all!




Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LG Blog Launch Got Invaded - Devil's and Angel's Night Out!

Yes! You have no need to rub or eyes or reload this page again cause i ain't deceiving you and this ain't a prank! The company that has always been known for it's significantly classy and desirable gadgets such as Lg Arena, their Black Label Series are a swagger, not forgetting the KG800 which is widely known as LG Chocolate and much much more. Renown too for their manufacturing of television, they have now find time to have a blog and you can visit them here,LgBlog(and see us bloggers there)

Why, you asked?

On the 8th of May, LG had an event named Lg Blog Launch and was held at Metropol Gourmet Bar at Menara Hup Seng. 50 pairs of exclusive invites were given out to all fellow bloggers and all we have to do is to either dress as a Devilish or an Angelic blogger! And then get ourselves rewarded! Aint life's good with LG??^^

As i was the invited guest of Jloi to this party that's full of devils and angels, it is better to be safe and to register to under what category i am in just in the book of "Devils or Angels??". And then we were given balloons containing a lucky sheet for lucky draw but alas, i was not one of the lucky ones. Yes, Imma Devil bloggar and Jloi is the Angelic one! Pfft!

At the registration counter and this two awesome dude in front of us are Zues(in white) and OBC a.k.a OCBC what turf! Awesome dudes! Friendly as they can be! And yes, OBC is registering too just in case he got lured by some hot chick devil to hell and have a good time and Zues can't find him anywhere! Now we don't want that to happen huh? LOL~

The Twilight to heaven or hell and in this LG Blog Launch case, heaven AND hell! Now, told ya that life is great with LG. Even this kinda hard decision has been made by them for you! Now you could enjoy hellish hell in the blissfulness of heaven and the purity of heaven in the valleys of hell! Scratches head? No? Good, we shall now continue.

Before the event kick start, there were a hell of good time taking pictures with people that i know and with people that i don't know but now know! Lol~ And i had compiled it all into one frame so as to not make this post super long like tissue roll what turf!


from left to right and up to down


from left to right and up to down
*psst why the hell my pictures so small??*
I don't know who but please tell me if you read this|The Yatz|LittleCicak|RobbChew|Simon|IceSeraph(Samuel)|Some bar guy|Zues|Jloi(on my left)
*click to see it in large*

Then the event started off with a brief speech on and about the event and history of LG by Managing Director Mr TY K.O himself and the launching of the blog straight from a laptop, also by Mr Managing Director himself.

See all the cameras! Fuu! Signs of recession ka?LOL

The launching.

The MC for the night is the lady above which i don't know her name and there are a few celebrities that were invited for the night too. Namely SerenaC and William Puah(i think that is his name).

The night is well yea, overly too young and so things got hit up with competitions of whom being the well dressed angels and devils, the confused devil and angel status are up for grabs too! Lol~

After all the hu ha which i did not participate in, well, i participated HELL LOT in something! Whatelse! Party and ass shaking lo~Lol~Want to see??*winks*


*half of my face what turf*


I got my hugs! Lol what turf~Let see the gay factor!




See that! That explains all!
now won't you give me some?Lol~


p/s:if i left you out feel free to voice it out on voice of expression!
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