Monday, October 12, 2009

College 2nd Year 2nd Semester:: Entry One


In a blink of an eye, its my second semester for my last year Diploma!! How time flies faster than the speed of light(trying to be all techno wtf)! And don't you all just miss that scene above?! The "I-am-so-bored-please-give-me-holiday-now" cause teachers are being a bitch and asked us to do thing thatIwe don't like doing, such as splitting into groups and discuss about question that we have YET to learn wtf, so annoying.


Then it rained and it got so nice that i was actually stoning in lecture class thinking about my bed wtf. Yes Amelia, i stoned and i was thinking about bed at home! LOL
So buay paiseh.
Skipped class,lecture class on the second week of college. This is noted for future reference and for myself to look back and to laugh at what i do during my college days.

Below are vain picture you do not want to see but i would wanna see so i would still anyhow upload it here. Teehee wtf.

And once again besttie got new hair! And i got lalang wtf.

We actually went for bikini search wtf but can't get any nice one cause i badly need a new swimsuit and i would love to own a bikini. That sounds wrong but yea...

Can't get what i want but i am still as happy as i can be!
*this is taken while we are on the way there, then i dose off wtf. for a good 44 minutes!*


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