Thursday, October 15, 2009

Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash.

I know that i am late in posting this but being late is what i intend to be. So what you are gonna see here is more of self take pictures of how i enjoyed my night with other bloggers, meet new people and how red i went wtf.


Yes~ This is the whole lot of bloggers that we managed to gather together to take a groupie before heading into Bar Celona for the DUBB event.
*from left behind*
Samuel, Keith, Xiang, Dusty, YellowBox girl, Amanda, Yu Liang, Jacquelyn, Jessica, June, Myself, Ying Zi, Lady Gaga wannabe,
*the four squatting stooges wtf*
Jackie, Chris, Jeffro and last but not least, Simon Seow.
*fuhh~ catches breath*

We then headed off inside and the event started with loud bings and bangs that heated up the floor as this group of yellow color wearer with gigantic drums stepped onto the stage, following below are the hawt hawwt hawwwt b-dancers! Aww~ how i miss b-days!!


As soon as the ice breaking performance which ended with b-boys break dancing to the floor and b-girls heating it up ever more by shaking their thang', the attendants were emceed through out the whole night by Liang and Honey Madu.


Games such as lap dance, collect the most cips, screaming "I Will Follow You" with the most eccentric voice, guessing number games etc followed ahead when the emcees loosen up the crowd's stiffness before enjoying the rest of the night.

And it bored me. Like seriously. I was yelling "I WANT CLUBBING! SIAN" all the time till i feel agitated by myself wtf.

Bo pian because it is a Digi event so Digi priority, so we bloggers cam-ho. Till they gave us nice songs to shake our thangs'.


Chris, Ying Zi, June, Myself, Nigel and Jessica.


Jessica, Myself, Samuel


Samuel, Jessica, Myself, June, Ying Zi and Nigel.
Why am i the shortest laa~ And why so few cam-ho kaki!


Samuel(again), Myself and Ying Zi.
I was not tipsy and i was red because it is kinda hot there, nearby the speaker, under the disco ball wtf.


June(sg blogger who had awesome blonde hair besides XX), Myself and Samuel.


Last but not least, a picture of the very red me with Samuel. All my pictures contains Samuel because he was my photographer for the night, cheh~ no la, he is the only one who sent me all the photos which had my face in it. That explains the so many picture of him with me and other bloggers.

I then spotted Joey G! And i went craze!! And i wanted my picture to be taken with him!!! So Samuel pushed me to him wtf.


And got my picture taken with him!!!*giggles*
Thanks Sam for the "push" wtf.

Then it was Joey G who saved my day from boredom when it was his turn to turn the table to the most danceable songs and there goes my night, grooving to good clubbing songs turned and DJ-ed by Joey G.

Overall, i had a great time and it was great knowing more bloggers and photographers.
by Aaron Sim

*photos credit to Jessica Tan from
*photos credit to Samuel from


Jeffro said...

LOL i only see myself once...
then tarak.. Boooo~~ DUBB was boring + sux.... without ME! =P

ftw said...

nice pix n u seem reddish. not an average drinker...ooops! :P

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


Victoria said...

Jeffro:: yea bored man! and dunno where the hell are you okay!

FTW:: hahahaha i red cause i hot man~ i can drink. wanna try betting drink with me! LOL

Jess::hugs hugs!

ftw said...

o i c, underestimated u liao. ok..ok..should try 1 day. well, hv a great weekend!

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