Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every Opportunity

Now i am blogging live wtf from TARC's library, at one of the few existing computers which is abit awkward to have i think around 10 all placed in on row with our back facing the main door where everyone who walk past behind me can peak at what i am typing now and i just stopped for like 10 seconds cause there's this whole bunch who walked behind me and stopped for like 0.01 second to look at what i am doing wtf. Annoying bitches.

Wednesday is suppose to be a non class day but TARC just had to worked up our ass cause we will surely will not come due to it is only a lecture class, but this is totally awesome and her class is unmissable cause she's awesome like that.

Woah all class mates here so i can't blog like how i used to ok chiow bye.

Finally reached home where i can sit back and relax and type to my heart and brains desire, and most importantly I do not have to be overly conscious of when does some random people walk past behind me and secretly peek and pry at what i pen down here.

I just feel.. weird? When people look at me DOING a post.
I know people DO read this too when i post, but when you all read the POSTED ones, I don't feel weird anymore wtf.

Okay~ what i wanted to say is that from now till don't know when i will get a new laptop, i will take every and any possible possibility i have to go online to blog. The spirit of writing and yapping a lot is still there yo, matter of fact it, the spirit grew larger as days goes by wtf.
Been looking through a lot of pictures of the NNawards and was very happy that the other bloggers did a good review of it and it feels like i was there myself too.

Besides that, I have been asking around ALOT for opinion on what type/brand of laptop should i buy. Personally, I don't quite like brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Fujitsu, Compacq(thats all i can think of now)mostly because of their designs which is not eye catching and the price of it which i think is not worth it. I would very much love to try either Ben Q, HP and Acer. I know i dislike Acer and here i say i do not mind trying it out is because there are alot of people recommending me to it.
Any great advice any one wants to share with me?? Please leave a comment below and I appreciate it alot cause i know nuts and monkey balls about laptop and overall, The Technology.

I still question myself till this day, this question,
"why the hell am i majoring E-commerce and Marketing?"
and i never found the answer to it.

Back to assignments with WordPad cause i am so creative like that wtf. XOXO all.


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