Wednesday, October 14, 2009



More like cardboard.

I know this drink is suddenly a total hit in Kuala Lumpur for god knows why. Okay~ I should say this brand name of ice blended drink.

When ever i think of ice blended drink, the first that came to mind is our Malaysia's famous Ice Kacang. And that taste sinfully heavenly! Surely it does not taste like cardboard. Then it revolved to what known as Slurpee by 7-Eleven, which i think is a bit crappy too due to the weird flavors and us being kiasu, we usually mix the two-whatever-flavor they offer side by side at 7-Eleven. When ever i has it, i will have this thought ,"Oh fuck, it's either a jackpot or a total fml thing!" cause some times it taste weird doing combos.

Then it was some ice blended drink too which they say it's ice cream, trying to fool our tastebuds la, as if we no tastebuds to tell us the texture of the drinks like that wtf. Cut story short, it was an awesomely hot day today and so i tried Cup-Bon.

And it flew away with my money wtf. Totally worthless. Tasteless. And whats more to say, Malaysians can totally survive on shits if you had it to them.


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