Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of Fringe

I used to hate having fringe because..
1) I look fat with that hair style. My face looks 10 time larger than how it used to looked large.
2) It is ALWAYS on my face!
3) Which contributes pimples! I hate pimples the most next to ants.
4) Also contributes oily face.
5) I sweat more and easily with hair on my face cause no wind can reach the covered areas wtf.

The list could go on and on and the main reason is, my hairstylist would cut it way too short. Plus, she will cut it either not straight enough or too straight and short that i really look like those Kampung girl wtf. Dahla I don't looks White(angmo) enough. Got sepek(small)eyes some more! *shakes fist*

was how i looked like a month ago, or was it two months ago?
Long and unruly hair. But no two tone! And it was shorter then~

and this is what i look like now, with my signature one side eyes pose, but failed!
No more long fringe to cover one side of the eyes and the fat face! Teehee

I rock! You Gotta Be Loving Me! Teehee!

Haiya, actually i am getting older so i want to stay young then cut this coconut head! LOL
Nais or boohoo?? KINDLY leave your comments okie?! Thanks


p/s: LOL! Vain post I know!


ftw said...

nais... but i luv ur last look & stail... naiser

Victoria said...

ftw:: hahahaaha its the same look and stail. but maybe the photo quality there better.thanks

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