Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I Like

Hey, a happy post today. Been grumpy and lost for the whole week because nothing comes around. But i am still smiling so yea, i wont die and fade off like that.Raaawr!

Totally love the top. Kinda wooly and i think it's cashmere cause it's a bit prickly but warm enough and cooling enough at the same time.

I have always love hoodies! And i think i look okay in them and i totally love the hoodie below!! AAARRGGHH!!!

Love it!!! But the price is like a damn eye opener okay.*sigh*

Usually, you will NEVER EVER see me in this but hey, i think the dress is damn awhsum cause i don't look that fat here!! Teehee!


To see more you all can add me on my facebook. And while i am doing my post and talked about my fb, it is really annoying that EVERYONE adds me. Being that it doesn't mean that i will add EVERYONE into my account. I used to, but i am very picky at people that i approve now after being whats said as, FB harassed wtf.

It is really annoying when you're nicely Cafe World-ing, thinking hard what dish you wanna cook because you just don't have a million thousand of cw cash like that, and when you had finally rationalized everything and was about to click the Burger to cook, suddenly the annoying sound of *tuk tuk* from the fb's chat box rang indicating someone wants to chat.
Humanly(unless you're not),I click onto the chat box(and leaving my Cafe World unattended)and see names that i do not know who they were and replied a "hi" if they said "hi". A lil' chat wouldn't bring me harm cause that's what FB are for, to know more people.

What i hate most is that this anonymous people will start to command me to self intro. HELLO!! I do not need to self intro myself to someone i just knew for the last 0.01 second and there is a "Info" wall okay where i diligently filled up all the "know-me" things. I took time to DILIGENTLY filled it up, so why don't you anonymous freaks take some time off and effort to find out about the people that you so called wanna "be friends" with?!
Though i used to "approve all", i will NOT approve those with no profile pictures. Who knows right! You might be someone WANTED like as in those you see in police offices and i might be dragged into the case of being a culprit wtf.

Sadly, i terpress "confirm" at a guy named Roy Lee(with picture)and he sent me this instantly..

Roy Lee 27 October at 23:34
my name is roy thank you you accept me as your friend i really appreciated. ok let me intro myself i am roy from kajang. last time i study business in ucsi, cheras perdana. Age getting older and older. and friends getting less and less. i hope to take this opportunity to know more friends over here. I hope u really can be my friend. Just want my friend’s cycle become bigger. I really have a sincere heart do be friend with u hope that we really can become true friend. hope to hear from u soon …

And i did not reply to that cause i am speechless. This guy is way too funny for me to flame back and totally waste of time to flame him too cause i sense desperation. C'mon, he got like more friends in his list than mine, so its either he stalked all then all ignored him or got scared of him, and now he is finding new victim.FML.

OOhhhh~~ He now sent me a chatbox that goes something like this~

hello my name is roy i from kajang mind to be friend de

Firstly, pathetic!! Within half an hour, he sent me a weird and long and "i-do-not-wanna-noe"story in my inbox and half an hour later(cause i did not reply)he chat boxed me.*shakes head* Seriously, go get a life people.

Secondly,go learn your damn chaubeh english. Learn till its some Victorian style or British accent or whatever than come back to me for your trial test wtf. I detest you.


Ken Wooi said...

aiya.. some guys are despo..
dont bother them la.. =P


Aidi-Safuan said...

wahahahahaha....juz delete him lah.hihi

ftw said...

nice pose, look good feel good! finally some shine after rainy...hahaha

Victoria said...

kenwooi:: hahahahahaha yea yea despo but i was feeling very irk up last night la so lets see what he wants today. like i say, fb is the place to know more people.

aidi: yea i will thanks fer the opinion

ftw:: have you ever heard of "make believe"??
i look like that but does not mean that i will feel that way. thanks fer the comment on the pix

Unknown said...

Sound very weird in term of pronunciation . Anyway just close one eye on this dude. On the other hand, it mean more guys ...... u knowlah

ftw said...

well, what more can u ask?... tis is Victorian style...n just like d famous song..."i did it my way"

Victoria said...

Spec: obviously the engrish is all wrong okay. totally from some china dude. yea imma close one eyes and let the profile rot in my fb.lol

ftw: LOL!!! That made me laugh.

ftw said...

hey guess wat? found d lil' (@,@) in fb win shpng post pix 3...mmmm nais!

Victoria said...

ftw:: hahahahaha thanks thanks.add me la

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