Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guide On"How To Be An Office Nerd" Ala NigaHiga!

This is yet again another post of us lame-ing around, this time around, inspired by NigaHiga. There is no video done as we are only "inspired" and not one of the farktard plagerizers, so we did it the picture way!

1) You have got to master the art of Sitting Up Two Legs & Type With Pinkies liddis~

and put a bowl there for god knows why and smile this really evil "i-wanna-touch-you" smile!

2) Nerds like to direct attention to themselves cause they LOA(lack of attention)like that, so the next step is to master the art of Talk Loud Loud & Point Kau Kau.

the Talk Loud Loud. To make it more real, you have to show teeth.

the Point Kau Kau. To make it more real, wear a damn aunty nerd specs and no LV purse okay! LOL

3) Last but not least, nerds are also afraid to get accused for not doing anything. So to complete the whole Art, this is the last one and you're on your fine way to being The Nerd. The last one is Stack High High So People Notice.

*i did all those data entry by myself okay*

Now if you would follow and live by those steps, you're very soon reaching to the level that I and Jeff is at now. Any inquries or something did not turned out nicely, no one on this blog should be blame cause retardness and smartness of adapting is uncureable and ungiveable. IF you can't acheive the cuteness and the cantikness of the main actor and actress involved, then sorry to say, go plastic surgery la.

p/s: nothing is harm in the making of this post
p/p/s: jalan cerita yang dipotraykan disini tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau dengan yang mati.
p/p/p/s: I know we lame.


Seraph said...

I wanna be a nerd too!!!! =D

iyouwe.info said...

nice! i luv ur post! funny

kenwooi said...

haha.. that's funny..
especially the first one! =)


Joyce said...

haha, i like your pointing pic~~ XD

~XiAnG~ said...

If i wear those thick frame glasses...i look super nerdy one..thats why i wear frameless..lolx

Jeffro said...

IMMA NERD!!! Wootza!
Pro weih~~

Victoria said...

Seraph:: sayang!!! come la! but you got class so kenot! aww~ we do during outing la! me and jeff got all the plans figured out already!

iyouwe.info:: thanks!! this idea is from Jeff! go check out his blog! he Lame King!

kenwooi:: hahahahah cause we too damn bored thats why.

joyce:: thats total random babe!

xiang:: fuah i never ask u wear what kinda sepcs weh! hahahhaha joking la~ and who dun look nerd with that man~

Jeffro:: LOL! you pro or i pro? my words chunted or not?

Jeffro said...

Hahaha.. Of course u pro..
*bows down and steps aside*
All hail pro nerd, Victoria! =D

Victoria said...

Jeffro:: hahahah we continue tomorrow!!! lol we make kau kau best!

Jeffro said...

LOL.. i thinking what else i wanna do.. =P

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